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  2. I just finished a frame off restroration of a 71 Chev Impala convertable. Been sitting in my shed for 22 years. In 1995 I finished my 32 roadster that I purchaced in 1959.
  3. I took my 32 Ford roadster for a ride on Sat. and yes, it did rain. (but who cares?)
  4. I recieved an e-mail in responce to my ad looking for 31 Essex doors. He had them for "$1040,will deliver world wide". I asked for a photo and an address so that I may send someone to look at them, I guess he didn't have a camera as he never responded.
  5. I tried the pad, the sign paintes and the roller methods but nothing makes the detail original lines like my method of sanding with 600 paper.
  6. Mike, If you are going to refinish the plate yourself, First primer it and sand the letters and raised parts smooth. Then paint the plate the colors of the letters. After it is dry refinish it with the background color. Don't put on too much paint. Then when it is dry, block sand the raised letters very carefully with 600 wet sand paper. Take your time and the correct lettering color will soon show. After you are done, you could clear it if you wish with patience, it will look like brand new and no one will be able to tell that it has been painted. It will take about 4 hours each plate. Roger.
  7. I am in need of a pair of doors for my 1931 Essex. Any condition will be considered. I would be interested in buying a rusted out body in order to get the doors. Roger 413 592 6001 e-mail
  8. A while back some one was looking for an antique towing winch/boom. I was rummaging around a old car dealer in Palmer Ma. and I noticed a beauty in the shed. If that person is still looking, give me a call and I will tell you how to find it. Roger 413 592 6001
  9. That would be the year when they put caster anbd camber into the front axels. I don't know the year, but my 1924 Auto Car definatly did not have it. You had to turn the steering wheel just as hard to come out of a corner than when you went into it.
  10. About 5 years ago I tried to sold a 58 merc 4dr. ht. 40,000mi. with a rebiult engin and new tires and paint, good interior,Never rusted! I felt lucky to get $600.00
  11. If you wish to keep your original cost of the car low, chose a 4 dr. car. They are not that desirable and may be more plentiful. The down side is that they cost as much to restore and are worth a lot less when you want to sell it.
  12. There is one sitting in Southhampton Ma. indoors just waiting for someone to talk the owner into selling it. It will take a lot of talking though, he has refused $20,000 for it years ago.
  13. Many paint manufacturers will give you one if you would be using enough paint. The down side is that there are many permits required to spray paint autos and I don't think you would be able to get them in order to work legally.
  14. John DeLorean was the man behind the Pontiac GTO. He first built one for his self then urged GM to build 5000 limited editions. Then he got dealers to order more than 15000 and that made GM put it into full production
  15. I'm curious, how large of a wave will they take? Do they retain positive buoyancy if the interior is flooded? Do they have a bilge pump?
  16. Try, Roger
  17. Try, Locomobile Club 3165 California Street, San Francisco, California, CA 94115-2412, USA Tel: + 1 (415) 563-1771
  18. A friend of mine had a 1954 ford with a factory installed clear window in the hood to show off the "New V8 Motor". He wishes he had it now.
  19. The blue background makes it harder to read in my opinion. Roger
  20. I tried to free up a 1972 402 Chevy that sat indoors for 20 years, I had driven it in at that time. I was able to turn it over about 1/3 of a turn before I stopped trying. The problem was not in the cylinders as I thought, but in the #1 crank bearing. The lower 1/2 lost all oil and the crank was rusted on the bottom only. Turning it over damaged the crank to a point that it will have to be ground.
  21. There was such a junk yard in Chicopee Ma. two years ago. I went through it and there was nothing what so ever that was salavage able. All the cars were either rotted or had been steped on so much that none of the panels were of any value. These were all "special" cars that were put aside to be sold when the Junk yard owner was about to retire. Back in the 70's I wanted to buy a packard that was there, He said that I could come back in 30 years and then he would sell it. He ended up with one cent a pound for his collection.
  22. I don't have the frame for sale but I will sell the complete drive line and suspension, inc. a motor that looks "rebiult???"
  23. I am in the market for two front doors for my Essex 6,two door sedan. I will consiter good or bad ones, also rear doors may be useful for my project.. Thank you, Roger 413 592 6001
  24. I recently purchased a 1931 Essex 6 and on the back of the transition there is an aluminum round extension with a short gearshift stick sticking straight up. Does anyone know what that controls? Thanks, Roger
  25. I have a 1929 Essex 2 door sedan. I would like to know what other year doors would fit on this vechicle. I wish to make it into a 4 door by adding two front doors and lengthing the chassis. Would anyone have two doors in any condition that they wish to sell? And are some Hudson doors the same? Thanks, Roger