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  1. Maybe this is a opportunity to send a certified check for $50.000 with shipping included and ask for my change back? You know how valuable those roadsters are! LOL
  2. I helped set up a 12.000lb trailer for a friend with a 2002 Ford 450 dually. I put about 2000 lbs on the toung and then sent some of it to the front wheels by way of a load leveler hitch. The truck was perfectly level when I got finished. It rode well and had good steering all the way across the country. When we hit a bump, the whole truck went down, rather than the back end.
  3. I wanted to bring my 71 Chevy Impala Convertible to the muffler shop on a Sat morning before they closed. I own 6 vehicles with a trailer hitch on them, To my dismay, only the 32 ford roadster was around that day. It got it there at about 20 MPH. Needles to say, I picked it up with a car trailer when it was done) It sure turned heads though!
  4. Piece of cake to find. There is one for sale at,%20make 1921 National US YC Sextet BB Tourer Pheaton EURO 36.600 Netherlands AutomusA
  5. Well we brought the Chysler back from Martha's Vinyard where it enjoyed about 15 years resting there. It had been started twice a year and driven a few times. We washed it it looks like a class 3 driver. It has a few spots where previous body work had been done 17 years ago. Does anyone have any intrest in it before it is put on e-bay?
  6. I have a project car going on and I am in need of a pair of doors for a 1931 Essex super six Sedan. I think that the doors off of a coupe or four door will fit. If anyone knows of a pair, i would realy appreciate it if you would please E-mail me @ I might be able to use rear doors and re-skin them if that is all that is avaiable. Thank you, Roger
  7. A friend is pulling out his T&C wagon out of the garage after its long sleep. I painted it about 27 years ago and it still looks good. We are going to give it a good wash and inspection and then offer it for sale. If you are interested, we will send pictures. It will be located in Springfield Ma. for inspection. Roger 413 592 6001
  8. I must be one of the old ones. A while ago I turned on the radio on my 58 Mercury and some young wiper snapper declares "it don't work" I told him to wait until it warms up. There was a look of utter disbelief on his face.
  9. I hope you have lined up a device to promote the rapid cooling of liquids for the research and development of ideas from associates!
  10. I would consider my self very fortunate to puncture my hand instead of the radiator. (I guess it depends what is more important to you.)
  11. I have found an easy way to stop "offers" of sale from scammers. I ask for a photo of the item, Then I ask for a photo at a specific different angle. If I get the second photo, at least I know that he has the item for sale in his possession
  12. I thing this whole AMPHICAR thing is just because you guys are too lazy to wash the whitewalls and do it the easy way
  13. Start with the average NADA price of $6,500. Add any new parts and labor to that. If they come up with a CCC price, tell them to "stuff it". CCC has a system where the appraiser can imput any price that he thinks it is worth, and the system will tell you where you can buy a truck at that price. The impression that they give you is that the program had determined the actual value of the truck, where in fact the appraiser picked a figure that he wants to pay. Remember, your policy is a ACV policy, (actual cash value) not the price that Happy Jacks Auto Lot has one for sale at.
  14. Re: Packard sign, I told my friend about the e-mails that I received today about the sign. He told me that he had seen a good condition sign selling for $15,000 at Hershey two years ago. This one is brand-new, no chips or weathering. It is located in Springfield MA. I will give his phone # to anyone interested. I though the price was a little high but who knows? This may be the ultimate final touch for a Packard toy box.
  15. While we are on the subject of signs, my friend has a Packard sign that is vertical and has neon lights on it (broken). It is about 10' high and 30" wide and 10? thick. It is a brand new and never used porcelain sign. He bought it 30 years ago and has it sitting in his garage. I?m trying to get some interest in it so that he can sell it. He is about ready to put it in storage, (what a waste)
  16. I once had a 65 Dodge Dart convertible and after looking at the low values in the book and not being able to find any replacement panels for it, I let it go to rust before I junked it. Now I realize that it should of have been protected from the weather as the well-protected ones are worth a fortune now. Ah!!, could-a, should-a, Wish I had...
  17. Go to e-bay autos and type in 1950 Pontiac bumper guard. There none now, but eventualy there will be one listed. (there are 8 bumper guards listed now for different cars.) If you are looking for tail lights, there over 10,000 listings every day!
  18. NADA lists the Ford Courier 1/2 ton pick up at between $1650 and $6300. This is in poor to good condition, not a show quality truck. On e-bay you could get between $3.00 and $20,000, depending who is sleeping or Schlepping that day.
  19. Larz and Isabel Anderson began their love affair with the automobile before the turn of the century. In 1899, soon after they married, they purchased a Winton Runabout, a true horseless carriage. From 1899 to 1948 the Andersons purchased at least thirty-two new motorcars, in addition to numerous carriages, creating America?s oldest motorcar collection. As the cars became obsolete, they were retired to the Carriage House. By 1927, the Andersons had opened the Carriage House for tours of their "ancient" vehicles. (Known today as the Lars Anderson museum of transportation)
  20. I believe that the Lars Anderson Museum Of Transportation in Brookline Ma. is the oldest auto museum in the USA. It was open in the early 1920's. When they opened, ?they some cars over 25 years old? as stated in the newspaper of the time.
  21. I'm not to good at judging Packards but, from what I learned from this site, I know that you should not put a 350 in it! (under penality of death)
  22. Make sure that you buy a compressor that is cast iron and runs at a low speed. Some compressors are rated at 3600RPM and will self destruct in no time at all. Others are rated at peak HP. That is the most HP that it will delvelope before it burns out! Also check to see if it is rated at 100% duty cycle.
  23. I have an Onan Marquee generator in my motor home. At the time I bought it, it was the only generator that was allowed to run in Yellow Stone Park. Very quiet.
  24. If it is restorable, it would be worth at least $5000
  25. For the price that you are paying for storage, you could register it and drive it! Storage on the street is free! Put some new gas in it and enjoy it.