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  1. You guys have got to get a new computer! I have cable and it took about 15 seconds to download the trailer.
  2. Note to Dizzy Dale, I meant to say that the roll bar is between the headliner and the roof. It is not visible. It is made of 1" x 2" square tubing 1/8" wall thickness. Not exactly NASCAR, but better than cloth.
  3. I am working on a 1931 Essex, and after looking at the canvas top; I have incorperated a roll bar into the roof under the headliner. I hope no one will mind this "unauthorized" addition. Ps, Seat belts also!
  4. New Law, pasted today in the State of La. (Crushing Cars) "Water-damaged vehicle" means any vehicle, other than an antique vehicle or a vehicle in excess of twenty thousand pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW), whose power train, computer, or electrical system has been damaged by flooding as the result of a gubernatorially declared disaster or emergency and that is a "total loss" as defined in Paragraph (11) of this Section. 18
  5. Wanted; 1931 Hudson or Essex front doors (with piano hinges) Roger Walling Chicopee Ma. 413 592 6001
  6. I had a neighbors goat that would come on my property, and I use to sic my German Shepard named Oliver on him to chase him off. For years after Oliver died, all I would have to say was "Oliver! the Goat!" and the goat was gone.
  7. You should make sure the correct VIN# is on all your paper work for your own peace of mind. 1 If your car is stolen, you won't be able to prove it is yours if the VIN# is not correct. 2 If it is wrecked, your insurance company will decline the claim because that is not the car that they insured. (That?s the first thing an appraiser looks for on a claim) 3 You could even have your cat towed by a zealous police officer because the registration does not match the car.
  8. Lacquer may be sprayed legally as a specialty coating now. The only problem is where do you buy it? It can be sold if you find someone who stocks it as a specialty coating. Spraying into a rag may be nice (but illegal) but by law, you then must put the rag into a sealed container for disposal.
  9. You must have bought an after market fender and noticed that it is very light weight. I weiged a new OEM dodge fender once and then weighed an a/m fender. The a.m fender weighed 4 lbs. less.
  10. November 21, 2005 Senate Passage of Louisiana Flooded Vehicles Bill Hurts Consumers BATON ROUGE, La. ? In a move that could prove detrimental to Louisiana consumers and insurers, the Louisiana Legislature narrowly passed a bill last night that would require all vehicles determined to be "total" losses as a result of recent flooding to be crushed.
  11. Some insurers, like Allstate and Progressive are reportedly crushing their totals. State Farm, however, is still wavering. In fact, it is fighting a bill in Louisiana that would force destruction:
  12. "Another way to prevent fraud is to put vehicles out of commission permanently, by crushing or shredding them. Most notably, Progressive decided that, because of concerns about contamination, vehicles from parts of New Orleans and all of St. Bernard Parish would be destroyed. The company estimates that about 4,000 vehicles will be destroyed, about 20 percent of 19,000 auto claims" QUOTE FROM NEWSPAPER
  13. I heard of people trying to buy classic and antique cars that were in the hurricane Katrina from the insurers, and they all said no they all will be crushed, kinda sad to hear.
  14. As everyone knows, If you buy oil from a retailer, you can bring back the waste oil to them at no cost. Maybe if a law was enacted that if you bought a gal. of paint, they would have to give you a pint can for the return of the waste? It could be built right into the cost of the paint at a retail rate.(or unlicensed buyer charge) I think that some states already do that for tire sales.
  15. Dear Restorer32, Boy are you being taken for a ride with costs like that! What is the $475 fee for? I'm prety sure that you can acculate up 2 (?) 55 gal drums before you have to get rid of it by law. There is no time limit as to how long it takes to reach that amount. Then you only pay by the gal (or a min. charge)at that time.
  16. Dave you made a very good point,"in a legal sense "Hazardous Waste" is something that can only be made commercially" Maybe thats why the EPA wants to keep it out of non comercial hands altogether. At one point in time, the EPA thought that water based paint would be a good solution to solvents in paint. Then they thought about it, everyone would then just wash their guns in the sink and place all the harmful paint in the rivers. There just doesn't seam to be an easy way to handle paint that would not hurt someone. Who ever thought that fertilizer would be a restricted item?
  17. What this bill is really about is the illegal disposal of paints and thinners. All paint spraying, whether commercial or hobby shop, exhausts the ?volatile organic vapors? (voc's) into the air we breath. The only difference is commercial shops eject it straight up at least 30 feet into the air which has a tendency to be dispersed and is not too objectionable to the neighbors. All commercial spraying shops are required to have a closed gun washer, and may spray only low voc paint. They also must keep records on their waste and be responsible for its proper despoil. Most hobby shops clean their gun by spraying thinner into the air and they have no legal way to dispose of their hazard waste. Is there anyone here that would like to explain what they do with their hazardous waste? How many have enclosed gun washers? I do agree though, that hobby shop persons should be able to spray their own cars. But if you think about it, you cannot legally work on your own AC units with out a license. What are needed are suggestions that would allow individuals to paint their own cars, not a condemnation of shops that are operating with in the law.
  18. Maybe this is a opportunity to send a certified check for $50.000 with shipping included and ask for my change back? You know how valuable those roadsters are! LOL
  19. I helped set up a 12.000lb trailer for a friend with a 2002 Ford 450 dually. I put about 2000 lbs on the toung and then sent some of it to the front wheels by way of a load leveler hitch. The truck was perfectly level when I got finished. It rode well and had good steering all the way across the country. When we hit a bump, the whole truck went down, rather than the back end.
  20. I wanted to bring my 71 Chevy Impala Convertible to the muffler shop on a Sat morning before they closed. I own 6 vehicles with a trailer hitch on them, To my dismay, only the 32 ford roadster was around that day. It got it there at about 20 MPH. Needles to say, I picked it up with a car trailer when it was done) It sure turned heads though!
  21. Piece of cake to find. There is one for sale at,%20make 1921 National US YC Sextet BB Tourer Pheaton EURO 36.600 Netherlands AutomusA
  22. Well we brought the Chysler back from Martha's Vinyard where it enjoyed about 15 years resting there. It had been started twice a year and driven a few times. We washed it it looks like a class 3 driver. It has a few spots where previous body work had been done 17 years ago. Does anyone have any intrest in it before it is put on e-bay?
  23. I have a project car going on and I am in need of a pair of doors for a 1931 Essex super six Sedan. I think that the doors off of a coupe or four door will fit. If anyone knows of a pair, i would realy appreciate it if you would please E-mail me @ I might be able to use rear doors and re-skin them if that is all that is avaiable. Thank you, Roger
  24. A friend is pulling out his T&C wagon out of the garage after its long sleep. I painted it about 27 years ago and it still looks good. We are going to give it a good wash and inspection and then offer it for sale. If you are interested, we will send pictures. It will be located in Springfield Ma. for inspection. Roger 413 592 6001
  25. I must be one of the old ones. A while ago I turned on the radio on my 58 Mercury and some young wiper snapper declares "it don't work" I told him to wait until it warms up. There was a look of utter disbelief on his face.