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  1. 1919 Vim Type S21 pictures and wallpaper
    1919 Vim Type S21 pictures and wallpaper
    1919 Vim Type S21 pictures and wallpaper
    1919 Vim Type S21 pictures and wallpaper


    1919 Vim Type S21

    1919 Vim Type S21 1919 Vim Type S21 1919 Vim Type S21
    1/2 Ton Truck
    The Vim half-ton truck was the product of a firm, the Touraine Company of Philadelphia, which found its touring cars difficult to sell. They assembled trucks from purchased parts including Northway engines from 1913 to 1915.


    The company became the Vim Motor Truck Company in 1915 and produced trucks until 1923. Sales were in excess of 13,000 trucks per year from 1915 to 1917, but dropped off rapidly after that. Vim built their own engines known as Philadelphia for a time. Post-War models used Continental and Hercules engines.
  2.  One way to eliminate the tape line is to overlap the tape on a sharp edge or high crown and fold back 1/2 of the tape.

     That will make an air dam and not to much paint will get in there. Then lightly buff the line.

  3. 1 hour ago, George Cole said:

      I like the idea of painting edges and undersides, assembling, and then sending the assembled car out for final paint.  

     If you do this, the paint will not "wrap" around the fender but will stop at the fender welting and could start to peel back. The fender welting area will not rust but peeling still could occur.


     On newer vehicles, we place a very small cord under the windshield rubber to lift it off of the surface to allow the paint to go under the rubber.

  4.  When I repaint a car as described in your question, I prime all the parts and car individually. 

     Then I try to hang all the parts and paint them at the same time as the car. That way they are all the same color as texture, temp, humidity, and lighting all influence the final color.

     The second reason is because masking is never perfect and shows signs of a repaint. Also the areas at the fastening points are well protected by paint.


     ALSO,  Take note that you can never leave an edge of the new paints stand alone to the weather (not under something like a seam or fender welting) Because it will start to peel back from the edge.

     That is why you MUST remove all chrome and get the paint under it.



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  5.  As a body shop owner, knowing all the things that can. (and do) go wrong, sent it to Maco. 

     An inexperienced painter can make a 1 hour job, last 3 days of 8 hours, and then get a $#!^y job.

     Save your health, patience and money, send it out!

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  6.  In Ma. 

    Regular reg. $60, renewal $60.

    Vanity   $30 plate $20  Renewal $80.

    YOM $30 Plate$20 Renewal $50.

    Yearly insp. $35.

    Yearly excise tax $25/$1000, based on cost when new, decreasing for 5 years to 10%. Min tax is $5.


  7.  When I first went into business I took in a few projects that I could work on when I didn't have any work to do,

     After a few years I got tired of walking around them and set a policy that when a car comes into the shop, it gets worked on every day until it is done.

     I'm happy, my customer is happy and I have the space to take in anything on a moments notice and work on it.


    PS, when the vehicle is done it is picked up and paid for or storage charges start to accrue after a reasonable time.


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