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  1. There is a saying in the Navy that you must follow religiously, If it shines, polish it. If it doesn't shine, paint it!
  2. When I worked in a automotive paint store back in 1959, Dulux paint was sold as marine paint. only the label that was used said marine paint.
  3. " On 1/9/2020 at 7:03 PM, Matt Harwood said: I have decided that I need to own a Full Classic tow truck. Very much want something like these. Maybe I'll cut the back off my '29 sedan... " Not a Classic, but I always wanted a tow truck so I made my own. At least the wrecker boom is at least 80 years old.
  4. Back when Dulux was the paint to refinish cars , DuPont offered a "Brushing Solvent" to be used with it.
  5. A friend of mine would re primmer his Corvette a different color every time he outran the cops!😲
  6. Were you trying to turn it into a Porsche? 😁
  7. Many good thoughts here. I would follow all of them with the exception of dropping the pan before starting. (do it later after making sure the engine does not have to be removed) I would though, just before starting, crank the engine over without the plugs in order to remove excess fluid from the cylinders and to build up oil pressure and lubricate all bearings and valve train. ( don't start without confirming oil pressure.) While my thoughts about dropping the oil pan are optional, I must admit that on the last engine that I could not get started, after I dropped the oil pa
  8. More importantly, what do you have when the game is over? Just like rebuilding a car, the lasting value is in the enjoyment is in the doing, not the resale value.
  9. When I was 17, I bought a 32 Ford roadster. I kept a careful ledger on all of the costs,and have done so on all of the cars that I have restored since. But, the last three that I restored I never bothered to add up the costs. I don't sell any of them as they don't eat but I keep four of them registered on a revolving schedule because it's nice to drive them rather than to let them sit. As I just "celebrated" my 80th birthday, I am concerting selling a few as I may not have time to drive them all, and it would be nice for someone else to enjoy them. As the original po
  10. I was offered $500 for this Oilzum sign and I refused the offer. It fits right into my antique wall. From this pic, you can't see the rusted through holes.
  11. If you are buying 17th century furniture, patina is an absolute must. Anything refinished is valued way less. Cars though, are another thing. It used to be that you repainted a car to increase the value, that may not be the case if the car has been well taken care of and shows wear and tear from years of use. It may be that it only has surface rust, but is in super fine condition with out any body rot. That car will bring a premium over a very fine restoration. A car usually has so many dents and rot that it must be repainted so that used to be the norm.
  12. There may be a similar hoard in Palmer Ma. owned by Normand Pease, If he hasn't already sold it.
  13. I used to go there every morning for breakfast with Charlie cooking!
  14. This is an invoice from shortly after I went into business. I am still going strong today. (my prices are slightly higher today)
  15. But the baby to bed and if it wakes up, and it's a nice day, take it for a ride.
  16. All the new class 7-8 heavy trucks demand that you use a special coolant that is designed specifically for their engine.
  17. Not one person has commented on the workmanship of the car. It seems that if someone does not approve of his styling it is no good. I would like to see what they are capable of producing, even if it is restoring a stock vehicle on their own without professional help... (although professional help may be needed for some of the commentators here)
  18. They do indeed make very good jumper cables. Just touch the bumpers of the two cars together and place the jack on top of the positive battery terminals and you are go to go! Note, does not work well with modern plastic bumpers.
  19. In William Gedney's Kentucky I can see the despair and torment in the faces of the mothers along with the love for her family.
  20. I once attempted to remove the pistons from a 364 Chrysler engine. After years of soaking with penetrating oil, I sawed a hole in top of the piston with a hole saw. I then proceeded to break away the rest of the top of the piston. I then took a cutting torch and melted away the sides if the piston making it into two pieces. I cut the piston rings in to two pieces. Then I tried to drive the pistons out from the bottom with a drift on the remaining piston sides. I did finally get the pistons out but damaged the rods in the process. To remove the cam, I had to use a
  21. The purpose of many "stupid" scams is to find people that are stupid that they can then send a rely sophisticated scam and collect big time.
  22. I just bought a 2015 Silverado 1500. I ck'd the towing specs with the oem manual. I then went on line and found out that towing specs have been recalculated different in 2019 so that it will tow more than the book and the door sticker said. Please check with the latest towing specs to get the legal towing limits.
  23. This is the Rt. side of a 24' truck body that went inside of a 52' trailer when the driver side swiped the trailer
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