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  1. I am sure that the price is $39,000 or more. I have seen it before and the price is astronomical!. The good thing is that it does work well. From a google search, "Cpjus" is a Fraudulent Online Store - Stay Away - Online Threat Alerts › Phishing - Scamming - Fraud - Identity Theft Nov 24, 2018 - "Cpjus" at is a fraudulent online store. ... If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at
  2. I thought that Halon gas was declared illegal as it displaces oxygen and will suffocate persons if used in an confined space. It is though, the best fire stopper that I have ever seen in a demonstration where a room filled with an explosive vapor was set on fire. The halon was introduced in the other end of the room and you could see the halon meet the flame front in the middle of the room and extinguish the fire instantly.
  3. Types of fire extinguishers explained,
  4. regard your question, Only for use on small fires: No mounting bracket: Water based foam can freeze in winter: Best Fire Extinguisher For Cars Auto Fire Extinguisher Discharge Range UL Numeric Rating H3R Performance HG100C 6 to 8 Feet 1-B:C First Alert FIAFESA5 6 to 8 Feet 5-B:C Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 10 to 15 Feet 2-A:10-B:C Buckeye 45100 4 to 8 Feet 5-B:C Read More
  5. When you replace the glass, make sure that the DOT stamp is on it and visible when installed. Interesting note, The man that invented safety glass was killed in an accident when his head went through the plate glass on his car that he didn't bother to replace.
  6. That is a great idea, I think I will buy such a machine and put all my cars in it so that it won't be such a trouble to get one out for a sunday drive!
  7. A list of AM stations in the US by state.
  8. The American cars will sell quickly as a starter car for many who could not afford the high cost of shipping from the US.
  9. "What have you ploughed up?" Not the spelling police, but I have made the same mistakes in the thread heading that you can not correct once you notice it. Admi. take notice.
  10. But the drivers are considered "actors" requiring a union card.
  11. A friend of mine is renting out three cars to a film company. The terms of the contract inc. $2,000,000 insurance, pickup and delivery by Intercity Lines, hotel and food, $500 for each car plus traveling expenses. The owner may not drive the car because he is not a member of a union union, but his wife and daughter can as they belong to a union. There will be an agent of the insurance company on the scene to observe and pay for any damage.
  12. John_S_in_Penna, It is in Fact a 71 Impala convertible 402 engine, auto with AC. I have been asking $18,000.
  13. I found this car under my christmas tree on Christmas day 10 years ago.
  14. Not all old tires must be discarded. See, Although not in the above content, It seems that the largest problems occur with radial tires that may have not been checked for air pressure, bubbles and cracks regularly. The radials also do not have the compounds in them to allow them to age gracefully. They usually give a few miles warning before they blow. (one or two) A side note, Salt flat racing tires are usually 10 or 20 years old as US tire makers no longer make them.
  15. I have a 71 convertible for sale that is a good restored driver except it needs a top. I think I have it priced right but no takers. I am wondering if most buyers of this type of a car just want to buy a car without ever working on it v/s a hands on type of a guy.
  16. The part of restoring cars that I like is repairing parts that are drastically destroyed. My door hinges on my 38 Buick were so rusted that all that was left on one side of the hinge was the brass bushings. I removed the bushings and installed a section of 1/8" brass pipe in their place and proceed to mig weld up the missing area, letting the steel flow up against the brass. My intention was to drill out the hinge after welding, but when I removed the pipe, the original bushings fit right in and work good to this day. A very satisfying past time!
  17. I was looking for a grill for a 31 Essex and one came on ebay and I bid sky high and got it. A person in New Zealand emailed me explaining that he was bidding on it and he thought he put in an outrageous bid. He offered me much more than I paid for it and I refused. He then wanted to but my old grill and I told him, as scarce as these are, I would never be able to find one if I get in an accident so it is not for sale. ( I still feel bad for not selling it to him.)
  18. Too many personal stories. Stick to the facts and make it short and sweet. After a while, I was skipping whole paragraphs.
  19. mikeyz123, You have received many comments and a lot of possible problems with your car. The head gasket may be the only major thing wrong with it. You should consider all answers and only act on them if you can get someone to confirm the problem or you will be chasing your tail forever and chance destroying something , or at least spending time and money on something that does not need repairing. Now that the head is off, spray penetrating oil on the valve stems as they open when cranking over the engine. This will only cost a few $ and "if" your valves are sticking, it "may" correct them. You can also inspect the valve seats (the round circle that the valve hits when it closes) It should be shiny all the way around without any gaps or burned areas. A can of Rislone or other additive to improve engine performance could be added to the oil when you get it back together. Remove and clean the battery cables at the battery, engine ground and starter, this may help it turn over faster. Don't forget to charge the battery! Clean and gap the spark plugs. Consult the book on the correct order of the spark plug wires
  20. You may have been reading a book on general repairs to cars. The book that I recommended is specifically for 49 Chryslers and should tell you about everything in the motor. It is a reprint of the Chrysler Motor car co.
  21. How do you send private messages? Thank you.
  22. The bolts that are pictured hold on the intake and exaust manifolds, they are not the ones that I mentioned to access the lifters and valve stems. STOP!!! BUY THE BOOK. Before you waste a lot of time and break something.
  23. If you think that you have sticky valves, you can spray penetrating oil down the valve stems while the valve is open. The side of the engine has a cover that encloses the lifters. Take that off and spray the lifters and stems of the valves. It may help if somebody cranks the engine over when spraying the lifters. This advice is general in nature and your engine may be different. Not to insult you, but it seems that you know next to nothing about engines. You could do more harm than good. When I was 18, I knew nothing about automatic transmissions and when I broke my reverse band on my 55 Chrysler, I bought the shop manual and studied it. Low and behold. it turned out to be much simpler than I had imagined. There was a simple trick that I never would have thought of on my own. I didn't even have to remove the transmission that I was going to do! Buy the car makers manual, study it before you make an oops!
  24. I can see where lightning will be a problem with this in your garage. I would plan on placing one or two 4" fluorescent lights outside of each window bay.