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  1. Caution Carowner Virus Is spreading. best precaution is to give your wife all your extra spending money. πŸ˜‰
  2. When applying paint stripper, brush on using minimum strokes. Then wait, wait and then wait again. Do not re brush until it is time to remove the stripper. Cover the wheels after applying stripper in order to prevent evaporation. The biggest waste of stripper in not putting on enough the first time, requiring a second coat.
  3. The only that I would but tools is in matching sets. It is difficult to keep order in your tool box or wall with different brands of tools. Make up sets of wrenches, screw drivers hammers etc. Sell them for less than 25% of retail. Have all sets marked with the price. Take odd tools of different sizes and sell them as a package Sell the tool boxes separate. (Snap on tool boxes are priced new in exorbitant prices) set a low price for them to sell. Sell expensive specialty tools individually. Mark the prices on everything, I will not ask prices at a tag
  4. I would have turned around to offer any help if necessary.
  5. A friend told me about this truck and that I just had to buy it. I resisted for about a week and then went to look at it. I said, "Why not?" Look how close it came to the crusher. I finally found a use for it, a car carrier and tow truck.
  6. I drove one quite a few years ago. I wanted to see how slow it would crawl so I put in the lowest gear facing up a pile of dirt. I got out and looked at the rear wheel, and yes, it was moving! There is one in a junkyard in Chicopee Ma. for anyone looking for one.
  7. Buy a gallon of WD40 and spray it all over the car. That is what WD40 is made for.
  8. If you donate it to a charity, it will most likely go to the scrap yard. (Unless they sell it to a friend, then they will get only $25 in a wink wink deal) There is a small market for trucks like this, it's just that there is not much money for a complete restoration.
  10. When installing a windshield, there is always the possibility of breakage, so no one wants that being said that "they" broke my windshield. There is also the loss of profit in supplying your own glass. 57 windshields are not as easy as later models and there is always the chance that a molding or clip is damaged. The old rubber is also a problem and the new rubber is another problem as it may be too big or too small.
  11. If you are trying to get a piston out of a master cylinder, insert a tap into the piston hole where the push rod goes and turn the tap, cutting threads. When the tap bottoms out, put it out with a pair of vice grips.πŸ˜ƒ
  12. The first thing that I do when rebuilding wheel cylinders is to remove the bleeder screw. If that is frozen so much that I break it, I buy new cylinders. It saves a lot of time.
  13. For security, park it up against a tree or other immovable object. Use a tongue lock. Park something in front of it. Remove one tire. Chain it to something. Pray that someone doesn't want to go through all that trouble to steal it.
  14. Ok, the car that I am wanting to know the value is a 1971 Impala convertible with a reman 402 (200 miles) auto, air, frame off restoration. Needs a top.
  15. I checked the guides listed above and found a difference of $11,000 on a car listed at $10,000 and a different site at $21,000 for the same car, same #3 condition. πŸ™
  16. In Ma., if you buy a junk car (or any car as far as that goes) off of a licenced dealer, you pay the sales tax on the amount of the bill of sale. πŸ™‚
  17. I have been trying to sell a car that has a guide price between $16,000 and $22,000 (4 or 3 value). I have offered it at $18,000 and have not received any offers. I really think that is a high #3. Does anyone have an opinion what the selling price has in common with the "book" value
  18. I think it is called an apron?
  19. I agree with you but I was commenting in a post about a 2020 fire engine! πŸ˜‰
  20. This brings up the question, Has anyone added a modern lithium battery to an electric antique car for better performance?
  21. I am not one for dusting, but it makes a great wash rag with a handle. I use it all the time.
  22. Could you explain what the "Percentage" is figured on? ie: 24% of what? members, respondents?
  23. Try Denny's Drive Shafts. Excellent work.
  24. Don't change you forum handle, If one is good, two would be better! ☺️
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