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  1. I bought an engine once from a junkyard. I thought it was an engine when I looked at it, but I had to have it! Upon getting it home, I decided that it was in fact an engine but what kind? It had copper lines soldered together to form the intake manifold. It had an external cup, cast into the oil pan that has a shaft that went up and down from an eccentric outside of the block that turned out to be the oil pump. A round thing on the side of the engine turned out to be the "timer". The drive was off of the front and had a weird motor mount that held the engine in a downward angle. I assumed that it came out of a boat. I looked it up in a book that described engines of the past that contained 500 engine names. I determined that it was a Simplex? The description stated about what it looked like, but they didn't know who made it, when, or where, I asked a few friends about it and a friend of a friend showed up and offered me $200 for it. I wanted it to go to a good home so I sold it.
  2. I would sell it to the first person that shows up with the cash. The first person has only expressed a desire to buy. The second said he would buy. Both have had had equal opportunity to buy. Explain to both, first come first served. If I had a dollar for everybody that said they would buy, but did not, I would be rich. I once bought a house, knowing full well that the owner was considering an offer by a second party. I stated that I would pay the asking price, nothing immoral here.
  3. It has a set of jump seats in the back. It is 14" longer than a standard 4 door. It would be called a 7 passenger if you had a jr high football team. (but not adults with the girth of my friends) ?
  4. About 14 years ago I purchased a 31 Essex 2 door sedan for $2400. It had no rot and was in decent shape. I purchased it in order to have a project that would keep me busy in retirement, This is how it looks now. (disclaimer, It is not exactly the way Hudson made it.)
  5. Why do people always leave the hood's and doors open in a junkyard?? Don't they know that car will be worth thousands in the future? OOops, I didn't notice the date of the pic.? Oh well...
  6. I registered a home made trailer in Ma and the RMV gave me a small plastic sticker with a "vin" on it to be attached to the trailer. I don't know what to do if the sticker ever comes off or someone steals it and removes the sticker. ( I did, however weld my SS# in an inconspicious area on the frame.)
  7. I am not against restro rods,(I have a few of my own) I think that the finished project would look nice in this forum but the build could be better viewed and appreciated in the HAMB forum.
  8. I have often spoke of removing rust from steel by using molasses and water. (1 pt.molasses, 9 pt.s water) This is a youtube post where they say that they are using sugar in their tank. (molasses is sugar, isn't it?)
  9. It's good to see any survivor on the road. The brush job is a nice touch for something that runs, but is not a candidate for an immediate restoration. ?
  10. Per, Haggerty, If it was a driver, about $5000, (with better upholstery) (to the right buyer)
  11. Resto mods, if built correctly are much easier to drive and repair. I have built several of them and have never had a breakdown. People look on with amazement when I pass them at 65mph+ with my very stock looking 4 door 31 Essex. My 38 Buick rides like a Cadillac, it should, as it sits on a 88 Cadillac chassis. I do agree with an above poster that there many restro's that are a piece of crap that are on the market that were built with used parts and not installed correctly.
  12. Gloss paint will shed the water and dirt much better than dirt grabbing flat.
  13. It would be a stronger wire but it would not improve performance.
  14. I have found out that Northern Classic Trucks went out of business in 2017. They used to make body parts for 41 Ford COE's and others. Does anyone know if his tooling has been bought by another person and are those parts available? ⚒️
  15. My deed includes a gunbarrel as one of the corner markings.
  16. Custom made tee shirt sales will bring in a good profit to your show. Best sales are XL and L,
  17. It is easy if you use certain tricks. Multiple layers of masking tape on edges (placed first on a piece of cloth to reduce stickiness) Placing your fingers between the bumper and your precious paint. (fingers fix themselves, but not paint) Help from a willing assistant Taped up paint sticks for spacers when adjusting openings. AND, good common sense ,watching every corner and crevice. Chips always happen before opps's, don't let them happen. It's just like your wife having a baby, the first one has you all nervous, the third and forth, you just take another drink on the golf course and continue playing.
  18. Several years ago, I repainted a 1941 fire truck for a local college to be used for alumni rides. They requested that I remove all the chrome that had been painted gold. When I had it all off, a little paint remover showed that it all had been painted during the war so as to not shine during blackouts. The chrome was in perfect condition! And, the truck ran in like new condition.
  19. When I paint a car, all the parts are hung individually and painted inside and out. The body is painted completly striped down. This way there is no paint on the frame, fasteners and the body to fender attachment points are painted. The only problem this way is sometimes there is a slight color and texture difference between panels due to the humidity and drying times. (paint the doors and fenders standing up, not flat) Just be careful when reassembling so that you don't scratch it.
  20. Different cars bring different people, do as suggested and have a space for original antiques ( before 1938) and a different space for 1939 to 1970 original and/or modified). Give awards in each space. Not "best car", but "most admired" or "peoples choice" $10 per car is a normal admission charge. Set the time between 9am and 2pm, with the trophies presented at 1;30, nobody wants to spend the whole day there Space the cars 6' apart. Try and have it at a place where food is normally prepared, such as a veterans club, make your money by a percent of the sales. Or, maybe make an arrangement with a food truck. Don't waste money on a DJ or band.
  21. Start with your budget. Just getting a car roadworthy after it has been sitting for a while will cost $1000 to $10,000. Restoring it will mean disassembling everything that you have done so far, so if you are paying for labor, add that cost to the restoration. Leave the chroming, tires and interior to last If you are doing it yourself, start with the frame and suspension, they are relatively inexpensive. Do the body work next, your labor won't break the bank. Next if the engine is frozen, buy a rebuilt, don't send it to a machine shop. Same for the trans. Paint is next, then interior. (you can drive it without the most expensive chrome) Instal the chrome as the wallet allows. If you end up selling it before you are finished, the best time is before you start the body work as most buyers will question the quality of the work and will plan on doing it over from scratch. You will get the best return on the money spent at this time, especially if it is before you put on the Bondo!
  22. I have a car that would run fine at low speeds but at high speeds it flattened right out. It turned out that I had a "ball" of crud in the fuel line and it passed gas until it got sucked up in a restriction in the fuel line and shut down the flow.
  23. Whatever you do, take plenty of pictures when it is in the hands of the shipper, with a background showing the location, and send the pic's to the customer by email.