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  1. Nikodaemos, If you want the styling of a 30's car and want to drive it on the highway, look into a retromod, an early car with a modern engine etc. It wont come cheap though.
  2. I bought a 76 Elcamino brand new. The only body part now, that came with the car new, Is the cowl, the inner rear bed panels and the roof. I am now storing the second of two parts car for future use.
  3. The car must be running, clean and accessible for viewing if you expect to sell it for its true value. It is hard to fall in love with a car stuffed in a small garage that hasn't had a bath in years. Most people can not see a diamond in the rough and will pass. It is normal for a buyer to take 4 to 5 thousand off of the asking price if the engine is not running (just in case). I had a car stored away for years that I wanted to sell. I towed it out of its dark cave and washed it, The vinyl interior looked a pretty shabby so I scrubbed it and it came out like new. the end result was that I fell in love with it and completely restored it for myself!
  4. I was once working on a very expensive truck and I asked my insurance agent to add a temporary 10 million dollar policy to cover me. The agent said it would be too expensive, so he told me, to have the owner of the truck add me to their policy as an additional insured. There was no cost to the owner to do so.
  5. Been there, done that, never got my plate back!
  6. I have had experience with two trailers that I varnished. Both looked exceptionally good at the car shows. However... in practical use, they are slippery and you must be exceptionally careful not to mar the surface in loading anything but a car. This limits what cargo you can put in them . I use aluminum ramps and can not slide them on the floor without damage... I know because a friend helped me load once and the scars are still there. A little oil and rain will go a long way (you will slip all the way out if you step on it)
  7. How many remember the 2' "T" wrench for removing head bolts on a flat head. (as far as that goes, who remembers flatheads!)
  8. Current Values #1 Concours$61,200 Condition #1 vehicles are the best in the world. The visual image is of the best vehicle, in the right colors, driving onto the lawn at the finest concours. Perfectly clean, the vehicle has been groomed down to the tire treads. Painted and chromed surfaces are mirror-like. Dust and dirt are banned, and materials used are correct and superbly fitted. The one word description for #1 vehicles is "concours." #2 Excellent$42,400 #3 Good$24,500 #4 Fair$11,500 Hagerty's price guide
  9. As a newby helper in a shop, I was sent to get a reed stretcher. I promptly went for it. I walked around talking to different friends and after an hour or so of goofing off, I returned with the statement "John is using it now, he told me to come back in an hour. They never tried that one on me again!
  10. The angle braces on the rear body to the bumper indicates that the rear post are rotted away, enough so that the tail gate would not close securely. The running board to the front and rear fenders is another place that rots where the two meet. I actually like the patina which could be protected with a coat of trans fluid mixed with WD40. (75% WD40) Any voids in the body can be protected with the same mixture after they are blown out with air and dried out.
  11. The 19,000 asking price is a little more than what I paid for my 32 Hupmobile that I bought a few years ago for $35. (a few years ago is when I was 18 years old in 1957).
  12. Ah! have times changed, I was driving in my new 76 ElCamino and I stopped at the highway exit for a light. A lady came along side me and that I shouldn't have my dog in the pick up bed as he might jump out on the highway. I responded (not very political correct now) if he does jump out, it will be the last time he ever did that! 😨
  13. Scrooge McDuck had the best idea when his money ship sank, fill it with ping pong balls! 😁
  14. A better description and pictures may help.
  15. I wonder if they are going to make special screw drivers to fit the Philips AND the slot for better grip?
  16. Not to long ago I came across a list of cylinder rubber pistons listed by size, available from NAPA . They had all sizes for a very low cost. The list was not easy to find, but if you can find it, you could rebuild any wheel cyl.
  17. I found when pulling out a car that is stuck in the mud for a short distance, that if you place a old tire over your trailer ball and then connect your tow chain thru the tire that it makes a real smooth tow without the snapping of the chain when it gets loose and then tightens up again.
  18. Just a tip on buying an older car with a perfect interior, Sit in the car, especially the rear seat and check out the flexibility of the fabric. I once bought a 1960 Falcon with a perfect interior. When I sat in the rear seat the fabric just crumbled into pieces. The foam in the seat may also crumble after a few uses.
  19. This reminds me of the time that I had to put a very large load packer garbage truck up very high on jack stands in order to remove a part from the Allison transition from the bottom. It's scary to see such a large truck with the wheels almost two feet above the ground. I did have 20 ton stands under it though. Ps, after putting a car up on jack stands, the first thing I try to do is knock it off of the stands. If I am able to do this, the car was not safe enough to get under it!
  20. Have a sigh shop make you a dozen of the stickers while they are at it and don't worry if gas loosens up one or two a year. They are defiantly "Cheaper by the dozen"
  21. I took my 31 Essex for a short drive yesterday. No less than 6 people went out of their way to look at it.
  22. I have called my paint manufacturer many times in order to get a match for paint on older cars. The trouble is, that older paint colors can not be made now, because the tinting colors are no longer available. The best they can do is give you a paint number that is the closest match that can be mixed nowadays. A good painter MAY, be able to tint it to a closer match and maybe add a flatting base to make it look presentable. Be prepared to pay $$$ for a few hours of tinting and spray outs.
  23. I would not be concerned about a set of unknown bonded brake shoes. In one of my rescued trucks, it had a brand new set of bonded shoes that fell apart when I took off the drum. I would never use anything other than new in a brake system.
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