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  1. Google search = BF Goodrich Blackwall 40x8 10 Ply | Coker Tire › Tires › Brands › BF Goodrich $859.00 - ‎In stock BF Goodrich Silvertown bias ply tires were original equipment on many American cars and trucks that we now consider classic or collector vehicles. Coker Tire's ... 40x8 BFGoodrich Truck Tire - m. e. MILLER tire › Truck Tires › Antique Truck Tires › 9.00-24__(40x8) 40x8 BFGoodrich Truck Tire. Bias ply, all position "Oval Block" tire. 40x8 is the old number size, today is 9.00-24 and fits on a 24" rim. Used on many older Fire ... Note, I doubt that they are less than 6 years old, as recommended by many, however I am running tires that are 25 years old on my fire engine that my tire store says they are OK because they are bias ply and I never go over 50mph for any amount of time.
  2. By spraying it with carb cleaner you now have a much better looking carb, but you have done nothing for the running condition of it. Looking down into the carb, have someone step quickly on the gas pedal, if you do not see a squirt of gas, your accelerator pump is not working. That is what gives the motor the extra gas it needs to start. You also may have low compression, sticky valves, slow cranking or weak ignition.
  3. I once repainted a plate for a friend. It was a labours job, when I was done, I fastened a nut and bolt to the holes to scratch the area to "prove" that it had been on a car. I then scratched the edges and added a few small chips,then I rusted up the scratches. It truly looked like an used original plate. It pasted state muster then... the owner painted it silver to match his car. That was the last plate that I ever did for him.
  4. Ma. did this and now it is almost impossible to build your own car as you please.I vote NO to any attempt to change car laws.
  5. I have a 68 year old dragster that looks original but does not run. Friends want me to put in running condition for a cackle fest but I think that it is a waste of time. A lot of work and money for some noise for a few minutes. I just enjoy looking at it and occasionally showing it. Ps, I wanted to run it in an old dragster event but they said it goes too fast.
  6. I am looking for shocks for a 58 Metro and I can't find a listing anywhere for them. Does anyone know where I could find a set? Thank you.
  7. I am working an a 1958 IH Metro for a charity and I can't find a listing for the shocks anywhere. I even emailed Monroe and no reply. Is there a Metro forum site that could help me? Thank you.
  8. Lines and lines of description but only 5 important words, "Did run 5 years ago" Also no reserve, but. "Starting bid US $999.00" ???
  9. It seems to be that people in France want their antiques to look like antiques, unlike in the US, everybody repaints then and make them look like new. I personally enjoy an old tractor that looks like it just came in from the field from plowing, rather when it came off of the showroom floor.
  10. Make sure your car cover is tied down. I had one stolen that was on a car. I found a very small piece of it under the floor so I pulled on it. It seems that a groundhog thought it would make a nice winter bed so he confiscated it for his home .
  11. Not exactly true. Your insurance company has the right to take it for salvage, or to deduct it's salvage value from the payout on a total if you wish to retain it. (their choice) In Ma., they must get three salvage bids in writing to set the salvage value.
  12. 35. (:-o) I guess that I will have to spend more time in different countries.
  13. At about a $40,000 value for the car, give it to me and I will fix it and have a real steal.
  14. I envy you, no insurance, no E10 problems, no run down batteries, no storage problems, etc.
  15. I had a haze on a new windshield and I washed it with lacquer thinner. Seemed to do the job after a rain X app.
  16. After cleaning out a gas tank, you will need a inline filter. I use the clear plastic ones where you can see the build up of rust in them. You will be surprised how often you will need to change them. Instal them on the line between the tank and the fuel pump.
  17. 16ga. for the sides, 1-1/4" tubing for the rail, 1/8" plate for the bed. 2" square tubing for the pockets and side posts.
  18. NEVER use pvc for air lines. It can explode and shatter you with pieces. Also, in case of a fire, it will melt and feed the fire with a blast of air that will look like a blow torch. I used pvc under the concrete floor to save money and someone decided to tighten the pipe that came up from the floor. It shattered the plastic under the floor and made the line useless. (had I welded a piece of steel across the pipe that was embedded in the concrete to prevent it from turning, it would still be working.) PS, water will also collect in the under ground pipe due to condensation. Water, air and elect. lines should always be installed so that you can service them and add extra connections as necessary.
  19. I looked this up on google. I know nothing about it except what is listed there. AND...
  20. When I was "restoring" my 31 Essex, I bought a trunk like the one pictured above. When asked by my workers what I was going to do with it, I said I was going to put it on the back of my Essex. They asked in disbelief, "your are going to put in on the back of a car? That's stupid" I said TRUNK? doesn't your car have a trunk? where do you think the name came from?
  21. If you see it in Graigs list, it should be nearby you in order to drive over and inspect the part/car. (preferably in a public area) Only problem is, you should take a friend (preferably a muscle man) to prevent someone from stealing your money.
  22. 53 New Yorker , I love the pic's of your 48 chrysler. I am looking at one now that is a 7 passenger. My friends are trying to talk me out of it as the cost of restoring exceeds the finished value by 2X. Please give me some encouragement to buy it!
  23. trfindley , Is your principal structure a garage or a house?? Think about it. A friend in Fla built a garage/ barn and ran into a lot of trouble when he tried to use it. It was on farm land and the town decided that it was a garage after it was built.