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  1. There is another use of a CORE charge when it comes to late model trucks. There is a CORE charge on aluminum fuel tanks. I have to cut our the fill cap assembly from the tank and return it to the dealer in order to get my heavy core charge back. Not that they are going to re use it, but to make sure that the tank is destroyed in order to prevent further use of it. 🀬 This is a practice on many brand new ( not rebuilt) parts. I had never heard of a core charge on brand new oem parts before.
  2. Thank you Flivverking. I take it as 2 degrees according to the markings on the dampener.
  3. I have looked in many places for the timing specs on my 48 Chrysler 8 cyl. and found as many different answers. Does anyone have the actual specs from the factory other than the dwell? Thank you, Roger
  4. Could someone tell me the 48 Chrysler stright 8 #1 spark plug wire location in dist. cap?
  6. I agree with Mark. I would never expect to get high buck without removing the car out of the garage, wash it and have a suitable background before I ever attempted to photograph it. By looking at the car in question, it gives me the opinion that the owner has no intention of being gracious or negotiating the price. (Very arrogant in my opinion.)
  7. 1931 Essex radiator, the core looks good, no dents. The top tank has several cracks in it that I noticed when I tried to pressure test it, but no water was noticed any where else. Located in Chicopee Ma for pick up. $35.00 Sent a PM to me. Roger
  8. I inquired about a replacement one and a vinyl one is $136.50, and a cloth one is $449.99. I think that a re-dyed one would look better than vinyl and it might be worth the gamble to see how it comes out.
  9. I have sprayed a headliner with vinyl paint before and like you said, it looks artificial, however, after multiple dry coats, it did cover the stains. It was OK for an inexpensive "restoration" but I am looking for a better way to do it in this car. I currently looking at FABRIC SPRAY DYE from https://www.fabricspraydye.com/ It is used on furniture to somewhat renew faded colors. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Roger
  10. I would like to spray a headliner on a 48 Chrysler that is faded and discolored. Has anyone had an experience in doing this? I am afraid to try and wash it for fear of tearing it as it is not sagging or ripped now. Thank you, Roger
  11. This is one of a series, "... that built America" They are very interesting and informative. Other programs involve Trains, Steel manufacture, Electricity, Foods and others. Well worth watching! πŸ‘
  12. I guess that some people expect absolute perfection at driver-car prices
  13. I fail to see the reason behind your statement. A 1956 car is considered to be a "modern" car that is perfectly capable of driving at highway speeds.
  14. I installed a 38 Buick coupe on an 88 Cadillac sedan frame and it was easy for me as there was no floor or bottom of the sides in the 38 to worry about. Everything had to be made, lots of welding and as noted, many a times lifting and re trying the fit. I am capable of welding, cutting bending and wondering what to do next. If this is your first time, FORGET IT . For tools you need, plasma cutter, 8' sheet metal brake and shear, cut off off saws, grinders, mig welder, more clamps than Harbor Fright stocks, misc. hand tools (at least $2000 worth) and don't forget the almighty hammer! (at least 7 different types) πŸ› οΈ ( Oh! I forgot a couple bottle's of Excedrin!)
  15. I have welded many a tanks with the above procedure because of a puncture, BUT, leave the water in the tank! After washing out the tank with a strong detergent, leave the water in the tank! Roll the tank over to get the hole at the very top level of water and put more water in through the hole, leaving only a very little air space where you are going to weld. The tank can not explode because there is no air/gas mixture in it. Be careful though, as small flames WILL come out of the hole while welding. Of course, you can not weld rust so it may be better to purchase a new tank for future safety.
  16. Get a glue sheet from Walmart. They will get stuck on it and you can have the satisfaction of throwing that little rat in the trash.😈
  17. Disconnect the line under the car and after removing the gas cap, blow low pressure air into the line. This may clear out the line. As for replacing the rubber hose, purchase high pressure fuel injector hose and secure it with 4 clamps placed 2" apart on the steel line.
  18. I turned mine by inserting a bolt through with a tight nut and turned it in my lathe. The drill press with a disk grinder with 36 grit would work just as well.
  19. I wanted the under side of my car to look real nice. I sanded, ground, polished and painted to perfection... and I never saw anyone at any car show look under the car. So much for original appearance! The biggest question you should be asking is, Will my family be safe from fire! πŸ‘ΈπŸ€΄πŸ‘³β€β™€οΈπŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦―πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ???
  20. When all else fails, try restarting your computer.
  21. The problem with cheating in order to get a title is that if you are ever caught the car will be impounded until the legal owner claims it. (and the legal owner is not you!) If you ever get it back there will be many $ worth of storage charges involved. ($1000's) πŸ₯΅
  22. I went through the trouble of replacing my non working 55 Chrysler radio with a wonder bar radio and when I was done, all that I could receive was two stations. Both of them were not in my liking so I never turned it on again. Don't waste your time, install a hidden FM radio somewhere and enjoy. πŸ‘
  23. Those tires look more than 6 years old. Better change them. 😁
  24. Studys have shown from 2.5% to 10% savings of about 2 mpg.😐 My new car has it and I don't mind it. By the time you lift your foot off of the brake, the car in front of you has just begun to move. If you are going to drag race your car, I would recommend to shut it off. By the way, the engine is programmed to stop at a certain timing point and restarting requires almost no use of the starter. 😠
  25. That was easy, they were a favorite for hot rodders in the Late 50"s
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