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  1. I am embarrassed to say that I have many of those tools in my tool box that I use quite often! A while back, a friend that is into national racing asked me if I could identify a screw head and I f I knew the name of the tool that is used with it. I calmly went to my tool box and handed him two different sizes of Clutch head screw drivers.
  2. If your Plymouth is anything like my 48 Chrysler, it has the spark plug wires going thru a metal tube to shield the radio. Plenty of chances for the spark plug wires to short out there. Try new wires, and maybe reroute them with spark plug wire stands instead of going thru the shield.( If you don't mind being not period correct) 😮
  3. Spray the ignition with WD 40. (or wire dry) Do inside the cap, plugs and wires and ck the point gap while you are at it.
  4. When I drained the oil on my 48 that had only 39,000 miles on it, I stuck my finger into the hole and notices a lot of sludge in side. I was surprised as the PO had taken meticulous care of it. I then filled the oil back up and changed the filter. After a long time getting it started, it ran smooth. I only ran it for about 10 minutes total. I then decided to drop the pan and clean it out. The oil was as black as coal. There was about 3/8" of sludge on the bottom and the oil pick up was right in the middle of it. It even left an imprint in the sludge. Moral of the story, ALWAYS drop the pan!👍
  5. I Tried to use pre made brake lines but I couldn't get the proper lengths, so I bought Nickel Copper line in a roll. The stuff is fabulous!👍 It straightens out easily for stright runs and bends real easily while you are installing it. The double flares came out perfect! I will never buy ready made steel lines again!🙂
  6. The front lines described above were easy for me with the radiator, bumper and gravel shield previously removed before I purchased the car. I after disconnecting the three lines, I unbolted the junction block and it made it easy aligning up all three new lines. When installing the 10" brake line in the front wheel assembly, I connected the lines first after a primary bending, to the two wheel cylinders and then installing the cylinders while bending as necessary. Of course with all this thinking that I had to do, I forgot to reinstall the two return springs to the shoes before I put the drum back on!
  7. Yea! I had the same problem with the crank pully. I used a large clamp and clamped it to the inside and out side diameter of the pully and was able to turn it over a few inches at a time. The problem that I had with the master cylinder is that the pedals are mounted on the master cylinder with a cross shaft that makes it very, very, difficult to remove them in order to get the MC out from under the car. After I removed it from the car, I had to heat the master cylinder with a torch and drive the cross shaft out. Before I put the new cylinder in, I honed out the cross shaft hole in the new cylinder so that I could slide the shaft in when it was under the car. I drilled a hole in the end of the cylinder and placed a set screw in it so as to to hold the shaft secure and tight when I was done.
  8. I hope that the engineers that designed the location or the brake lines and master cylinder in the 48 Chrysler have their special place in Hell, and their job is replacing the lines and MC.😈 It took me 8 hours to replace the MC and that was by cheating. The correct way to do it, I believe, is to remove the front carpet and the entire front floor board and remove it from the top. The front brake lines only took me 4 hours, and that was with the radiator, bumper and splash pan removed. I don't know you are supposed to do it with the above parts not removed! Tomorrow is the easy part, the rear brakes.
  9. I have heard that replacing the tube could be a nightmare? Will it come out in one piece? Easily? Roger
  10. Well after cleaning all the carbon of of the head and valves and much WD40 on the valve stems i replaced the head. It turned over slowly, about 2 times and started right up and kept running!!!. it ran real smooth and idled smoothly until I shut it off ! !😁🙂😁 I then got brave and started it again and backed out of the garage! and put it in first gear and drove it ! into my lift bay for a brake job.🛠️ There is much hope for the transmission as I heard the famous clunk when I stepped on the gas. On the lift, I noticed that there was still black paint on sections of the frame! The water pump was leaking, I am hoping that the packing will swell up and stop leaking.
  11. 60FlatTop, Your comments are correct as always, But, If we all replaced everything that gave us trouble with our cars, we would never learn how to repair them. It is very rewarding to adjust / repair things that went bang. 🛠️
  12. If you do that you will find the exact spot where it binds op on a sharp turn. Then back it off 1/8 until it removes the bind.
  13. This was probably a real story. I was at the mud flats at Bonneville salt flats and I watched a car driving through the mud. The rear wheel filled the wheel wells so much that the tires stopped turning. He then went and got his truck, the front wheels also filled up the wheel wells too. He left both of them and walked away!
  14. On many steering boxes that is the way to take the play out by turning the screw down until the play is gone. The problem is that if you take out all the play, you end up with a bind when you turn the wheel and get to the point where there is less wear in the gears. You have to accept a happy medium between play and bind. Another problem you may have, is that your steering box may not be centered. I am not a Buick guy, Wait for a Buick P.S. expert to advise you.
  15. I am missing a 1948 Chrysler wheel cover that is painted the same color as the whitewall and makes the white wall tire look about 6" wide. It has a dog dish hubcap in the center. Could someone please tell me the correct name for this item so that I may try to find one? Thank You Roger
  16. I was advised to use any spray can paint for a sealer? Would that be correct?
  17. Rusty_OToole, Watching that vidio of the 51 Dodge starting up gave me much needed enthusiasm. I am now confident that my engine will start! Ps, what did they spray the head gasket with?
  18. My first was a 41 Plymouth, The third one was a 32 Ford roadster that I still have after 64 years.
  19. The engine has only 39,000 on it. I cleaned the valves and seats with a 3M pad folded up twice, got under the valves and did the seat at the same time. Washed it down with plenty of penetrating oil and blew it out with air. I am going to wipe down the cylinders with Lucas, The real sticky stuff. That should seal the rings enough to start with 12 Volts. If that doesn't work, an early 392 with a 700R4 and a Ford 8" limited slip will take it's place. I really am doing my best to keep it original as a nice survivor. If it starts, the clunk-a-mantic transmission will be the next hurtle.
  20. I have the head off and I wonder if there is any way to make sure the rings are free other than penetrating oil and turning it over many times? I have also used acetone and ATF. Thanks, Roger
  21. Has this site been incorperated into the Chrysler site in AACA? http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/46-48Chryslers/
  22. I have asked many questions and have received as many good answers to my problems. Thanks to all that have read and responded! 👍🙂
  23. Ah, the magic of sleep. While I slept my strong solution worked all night and dissolved all the crud in the filter. I placed my 1500# pressure washer right into the fuel outlet fitting and blew all the crud out of the filter. The tank in now clean as a whistle . (except for the top where the pressure washer wouldn't go) I don't know if the water pressure destroyed the filter or not, but water flows freely out of the outlet fitting now. Now onto the next problem in waking an old car from a 60 year sleep. Roger
  24. Rusty and Brian, Thank for the info, I will remove the head. Roger
  25. c49er, thanks for the info. Last night while sleeping,(I do all my main thinking while sleeping, it saves time) I decided that the filter is clogged up all the way through it, where even if I could break it up, the pieces could not be removed and might flow into the fuel pump. So, I am going to drill a hole in the tank and solder in a new pick up tube. I heard of bulkhead fittings that can be installed from one side but I can't seem to locate one. Roger
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