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  1. I am having trouble with my 84 Fuel Injection. It ran well when I parked it over the winter and would not start in the spring. It seems that there are few people that know how to diagnose the problems with the FI. I thought it might be the mice but I see no evidence of that. I think that is in a bad connection in the wiring harness from the ECM to the injector. Trying to follow the wiring to locate an open circuit is a night mare in the confined space of the engine compartment. Roger.
  2. Chances are that your tires are 2 or 3 years old now and that will effect the price. Maybe 50%, then add shipping, and you may be lucky to receive 20% of your cost.
  3. Well Harold , it seems that you will be the first to brake one or many of there rules. let us know of the fine, excuse me, the service charge. 😉 Actually, according to my reading, it seems to be to protect the reader and seller from spammers. But also prevents anyone from re posting there sales offers in different web sites. I have seen many re posts in specialty web forums that actually help buyers looking for specific cars.
  4. While my 84 Fiero didn't actually break in half, it was in two pieces during reconstruction of my toy.
  5. How did those people survive? There was not one warning sign not to cross in front of traffic, no guard rails protecting people from trains, not even a stop sign to guide traffic! Oh, wait a minute, there was common sense, something that is lacking today.
  6. Remember Chicken Little! THE SKY IS FALLING, run for cover! 😨
  7. I have used the speed wrench in the late 50's but nothing beats the large "T" handle with the fixed 2' extension for removing Ford flat head bolts.
  8. Ah... I was looking forward to buying a nice 10' X 15' tent for my kids in the back yard. 😁
  9. I found first gear and a heat lamp works well.
  10. I suppose that if you were a maliciously clean person, and, as in those days rest rooms were not as frequent as today, a roadside pit stop would make the sink convenient.
  11. I have successfully used fiberglass to seal gas tanks from the outside. I wash it out with detergent, then fill it with water. (to prevent the sparks from exploding the tank) I sandblast the bottom and then drain the tank and dry the bottom quickly to prevent rust over. Then I use random woven fiber glass to cover the whole bottom. If brushed out nicely, it is not noticeable. I have tanks 10 years old and still OK. I have also "sandblasted" the inside of the tank by filling with water and putting in sand and gravel and then using a pressure washer. (It does not work well if the tank has baffles.) The tank will however, start to rust again quickly requiring a sealer. Rust can also be removed by filling the tank with a mixture of molasses, mixed with 9 parts of water. (clean first with detergent and follow with a pressure wash.Takes 30 days or longer) Molasses is $10/gal, purchased at a feed and grain store.
  12. I had an Onan that was gas and I converted it to propane. It started quicker and ran quieter, but with less power. You could convert it back to gas with only a carburetor. When I bought mine, it had a burnt out spot on the armature that would not let it start in that position. It was caused by the automatic starting system that tried to start it with a dead battery. It was easily soldered and worked well thereafter.
  13. I did my 55 Newyorker under hood in flat/semi gloss and it is a bi..h to clean. The next car that I did was in high gloss imron, that washes very easily.
  14. Even a Road Runner knows not to mess with Wily Coyote.
  15. Not built by the factory but extended 32" because I don't like 2 doors..
  16. It is possible to get a title for "undocumented cars" in Ma. by buying a bond and getting a "bonded Title". (At least in theory at the wile of the registry)
  17. I have a late model 1950 Lincoln OD trans in my 32 Ford coupled up to a 283 Chevy. The late 50 does not have the large bell housing and only required sanding down the bell housing hole by hand on the 283 in order for it to fit. I fabricated a simple adapter in order to bolt it up. I eliminated the electric kick down controls and use only a switch and one lever in order to operate it. The over drive unit that bolts onto the back of the trans. is of similar design to all OD's in use at the time. (I think that it was made by the same company)
  18. It is probably no use to put clear plastic on the seats of an old car. I had a 63 Falcon with perfect rear seats, I sat on them once and the fabric completely broke apart due to dry rot.
  19. I guess that no one will like the El Dorado that I converted. The car was 2 years old when I cut it in 1/2 and welded a tandem axle camper on the other end. It rode like a dream and stopped faster than the car would have.
  20. I have a lot of rot in my 1955 Ford crown Victoria and I am going to make two new frame side rails. I have looked every where for the frame data chart without any luck. Would anyone have one that they could post for me? Thank you, Roger
  22. There were no after-mart gas tanks for my car, so I filled it up with water and sandblasted the whole under side, and then fiber-glassed it. It is still holding very well.
  23. When I see cars burning out like this, I feel embarrassed, thinking that someone driving by would think that I would have something to do with this. Too bad that there was not a cop on the scene.
  24. The best way to paint anything is to have every thing removed so that the paint can get around corners and under all attachments. Your car will greatly lower the expense of sanding, primeing and spraying the final coat with out all the chrome, windows, etc. It is not necessary to strip off the paint of a car for a nice paint job, and the materials cost could be well under $1000. There are shops (like Maco) that specialize in only repainting cars at a reasonable cost, and good looking too. You may have to nib and buff, but from 20', they look like a million dollars. PS, I specialize in high end painting and I recommend Maco to my customers that have a small budget to work with.