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  1.  Before this post is taken down please read this quote, a favorite of an important person on this site.


    "Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee." - Proverbs 9:8


    I too, have been the subject of moderators on forums and some moderators will not listen to reason when they are questioned.

     I was banned once because I wanted to explain my post to him.

  2.  In some year(a long time ago) I had to get my truck driving license.

     You could get a grandfathered license if you have driven a truck before the license was needed. On the application for the license there was a question on how many miles you have driven.

     I put down 30 miles. When questioned, I told the inspector that my garage door was on the street and I had to drive onto the street in order to get to my parking area that was next to my building. I asked him if I needed the license in order to do so, and the answer was yes. So he granted me my license.

     When it came to another time to get a license to follow the federal laws, I took my written test for driving a tractor trailer. There was more time allowed for testing so I continued on other licensees. I ended up with an ANPTX, AND THEY DON'T MAKE THEM ANY BETTER THAN THAT, (EXCEPT DRIVING A SCHOOL BUS FULL OF SCREAMING KIDS THAT i WOULDENT DO FOR A $1000.)

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  3. The first (and only) time that I used a cover somebody stole it!


     I looked around and noticed a small piece of it under a truck body next to it. I pulled on it and low and behold, the whole cover was there being used by my resident ground hog as a bed!

     I did buy 2 new covers at a tag sale and I am reluctant to put them on my convertible as I am afraid that a mouse will think that it is a nice tent for the winter.  (My mustang top was down in storage and it now has a nice 5" hole in it.)

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  4.  At 17 years old, I assembled my 32 Ford roadster in my basement.

     I told my father that I would cut a hole in the foundation in order to get it out.

     It never bothered him, BUT!!! my mother absolutely did not like it when I carried the frame through the kitchen! I still have it! 

    32 Ford  Roedster 6  2015 009.JPG

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  5. 5 hours ago, Buffalowed Bill said:

    He likes the challenge, but once he finishes he needs to move on to another project. He claims that he doesn't want to get old, and that the work keeps him young.

     Exactly my  philosophy, I slacked off about a year or so ago because I have to many cars and I felt miserable.

     Now I get in about 5 hours of work daily, except Sat and Sunday.



     I noticed that my neighbors garage door was open and there were no lights on, so I went in to check on him.

     He was there and I told him why I was there, he replied that he was ok and and noted that he was 101 years old.

     I offered to close the door for him and he replied, " No thanks, I can handle it!"

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  6.  I visited a RR museum once and asked a greasy worker about something. He stopped working and explained a whole bunch of things before returning to work.

     He really loved trains and wanted to spread the information around.


     Thank you unidentified worker.  👍👨‍🔧

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  7.  I once went to Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing in the 90's and asked about donating a dragster that was the fastest one in New England in its time. (164 mph 8,34 sec on stright gas 1961)

     They told me that they would take it and probably put it on display for a while and then take it apart for parts!🥵


     Much later , at a car show, a representative of the Peterson Museum told me that they would love to acquire it as there are so few original unmodified dragster in that era.

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  8.  The one "expert" that you will have to convince is the lady at the counter at the DMV that is having a hard time all day telling customers why she can't process an application because of many different reasons.

     My plate was rejected by such a lady. When I asked for the supervisors opinion, she said "what did the other lady say', I told her that she said it was no good. Then it's no good came the reply.

  9. 13 hours ago, Bush Mechanic said:
    On 11/30/2020 at 8:18 AM, Roger Walling said:

     I don't know how far from original that you want to  venture but boxing the frame would help.   🤔

    Not sure what is meant by boxing the frame.

     Boxing the frame is a method to make the frame less flexible.

     It consists of welding plates over the inside of the "C" frame and turning it into a 4 sided tube.

     Ask any hot roder how to do it.

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