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  1. They do indeed make very good jumper cables. Just touch the bumpers of the two cars together and place the jack on top of the positive battery terminals and you are go to go! Note, does not work well with modern plastic bumpers.
  2. In William Gedney's Kentucky I can see the despair and torment in the faces of the mothers along with the love for her family.
  3. I once attempted to remove the pistons from a 364 Chrysler engine. After years of soaking with penetrating oil, I sawed a hole in top of the piston with a hole saw. I then proceeded to break away the rest of the top of the piston. I then took a cutting torch and melted away the sides if the piston making it into two pieces. I cut the piston rings in to two pieces. Then I tried to drive the pistons out from the bottom with a drift on the remaining piston sides. I did finally get the pistons out but damaged the rods in the process. To remove the cam, I had to use a 10 ton ram to push it out. I did save the block and the crank though. (Maybe) I suppose that I could have used gentler ways, but I do have other blocks and this was just a trial to see if I could do it.
  4. The purpose of many "stupid" scams is to find people that are stupid that they can then send a rely sophisticated scam and collect big time.
  5. I just bought a 2015 Silverado 1500. I ck'd the towing specs with the oem manual. I then went on line and found out that towing specs have been recalculated different in 2019 so that it will tow more than the book and the door sticker said. Please check with the latest towing specs to get the legal towing limits.
  6. This is the Rt. side of a 24' truck body that went inside of a 52' trailer when the driver side swiped the trailer
  7. I put mouse poison in every car and on the floor. Most of my cars are in individual storage containers and separated so no fire can spread My toy box is kept at 45 degrees with 2 cars inside to putter with. I start them once or twice and let them run for a few hours to dry the exhaust system. On a nice day, I exercise them, they are happy to see all the thumbs up from the other drivers. (Especially the convertibles with the top down!) Even at 0 degrees, it is easy to keep warm with the proper coat and hat.
  8. I am sure that the person was talking about a "classic" car, that is what the general public thinks all old cars are. I also wonder what was the reason that he spoke of his many troubles on his first (and only) post on this site.
  9. Hmm... what make engine can I get to match the color of the wheels?
  10. Someone will correct me if I am wrong (please do) but I am under the opinion that bias ply tires that are only 25 years old or so are safe tires as long as they pass a good visual inspection. The 6 year tire replacement "rule" is for radials that are fairly modern that are being made with different rubber compounds that do not hold onto the steel belts very well. (Please feel free to contradict with real facts.) Please note that the DOT has not set any year length on tires. (to my knowledge)
  11. It must be the fumes from the glue that they sniff! I had an upholster install a seat bun that was on an angle and when I complained, he told me that I was too fussy and my kind should not come back any more.
  12. I would bet my life on the fact that I could find a safe way to install seat belts in your car. (But definitely not to the cars frame, such a car could easily have the body torn off of the frame, leaving you looking rather stupid sitting on the frame when you were torn thru the body.) I have installed AND/or used seat belts into every car that I have owned for the last 61 years.
  13. DON'T START TALKING COMPUTERS IN THIS SITE You will loose 50% of the readers and confuse the other 49%. The other 1% actually found this site by accident!
  14. People ask me why I don't sell some of my cars. I answer "well they don't eat, so I can afford to keep them" If I sell them, there goes all my memories and all I have left is some money that will be foolishly be spent on food, clothes, rent and other unimportant things and will soon be gone. "Having 15 cars is much better than having only 14 cars." One last word for those that say you should sell your cars so that others can enjoy them. Why would you want to take away the last bit of joy that an old man has?
  15. I have a car trailer with steel diamond plate. I painted it, and sprinkled Black Beauty Blasting media on it followed with a second coat. My theory is that the sand may scratch of the raised surfaces of the diamond plate but will never scratch off of the low surface. It is impossible to slide your foot on this surface, even if it is wet with water and oil!
  16. If the threads are NPT, put a wad of grease on a tap and turn it in until there is pressure felt, then give it a turn (dressing up the threads) and back it out. The grease will hold onto the chips. Use a new plug with Permatex. All done!
  17. Be thankful that you do not live in Guatemala, there is no post office there! On packages that cross countries borders, they may sit in the shippers warehouse for a certain number of days in case that customs want to inspect it.
  18. I wear a ball cap with the visor on backwards. It keeps the hat on. and the neck warm.
  19. If you have access to the car in the pic. you can have it scanned with a camera that many auto paint suppliers have that will give you the "closest match possible". You could take the pic, to the store and see if that would work and have them mix up a pint and you can spray it out and decide if that is close enough. Online color matches are not close enough for a match The paint stores will have master color chips arranged by color and different hues that do not necessarily go to any certain car. The paint store should have spray out papers that are black and white. Spray the color until you no longer can tell the black and white areas. It may take 3 or 4 coats. Take them out into the sunlight for best viewing.
  20. That would make a great lawn ornament in the U.S. at a home owners association! 😉
  21. Hagerty is a guide only. The selling price that a person asks relies on many factors, as does the price that buyers are willing to pay. Real and perceived value are two different ways to measure the value of a product, with the differences between them based upon desire and availability. (Alcohol, in the case of major auctions, and the wealth of the buyer, also affects the price considerably.)
  22. If it is in a collection, leave the patina on. If it is on a restored car, polish it. (it didn't come from the factory with patina) Or if you prefer, as that say in the navy, "If it shines, polish it, if it don't, paint it gray".
  23. Does your primary car have to have collision in order to have classic insurance? I am wondering if the liability from the classic is paid by your primary insurer and then the "extra" is paid by your classic policy?