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  1. I watched a video of a man putting air into a split ring wheel. He used a lock on air nozzle and a long hose. He connected the hose to a tire infiltrator with a gauge on it. He was 30' away from the tire as he inflated it. He also had chains around the tire. INSPECT THE RINGS VERY CAREFULLY! I have seen tire split rings so badly rusted, that I would not even be sure they would be considered scrap iron!
  2. It's not time yet for a brake job, the other side still has some metal left.
  3. POR will only have a mechanical bond if not applied over rust. If you want to sand blast, spray water on it to allow it to rust and then apply POR
  4. Banning gasoline cars would do one good thing, it would get rid of 95% of the people.
  5. Early in my career I drove one of these three stick trucks. I wonder how the driver of the Model A would handle this?
  6. Pilgrim65 , You are the seller! You set the term of the sale!
  7. The problem that I have is at the local Corvette show is very few C1's and the rest are new Corvette's practically right off the show room floor.
  8. My post was not in reply to your original post but to comments made or inferred by others.
  9. To put that car on this web site is sure to rouse a few (or more) feathers. I had a similar car that was beyond restoration (money and labor wise) that I replaced the chassis under it and then sold it for above the price listed. The appearance was similar, and was a real attention getter. When I showed up at many shows, they wanted me to put it in the antique class. Because I like to weld and manufacture different things, it was just what I wanted and also just what the new owner wanted. he has taken many trophy's with it and loves to drive it. I only sold it because I wanted to build another car and I have too many others to store it. So to condemn a car because you don't like it, is like telling others that if you don't do it my way, it is no good, because I am the supreme authority on all cars.
  10. After reading all of the replies here , and because the person that sent me the email has not responded, even though he sent me a PM through this site, I now believe that it is some kind of scam.
  11. I just ck'ed my CL and there are no cars that are trash on there any more. Only cars that either run or could be driven with little work. I guess the days of putting up the entire junk yard one at a time are gone. 🖖
  12. Get it running, ditch the wood wheels( ☠️) and drive it!😊
  13. When I was 15, I bought a car and to get it home (only 2 blocks away) my father would not let me start it, but he followed me with his car when I pushed it with a few friends. Probably illegal, but also probable amusing to any police that may have seen it.
  14. mike6024 , Re. your pic., I would be more afraid of falling off of the mountain than the car falling on op of me! 😵
  15. I also try and knock the car off of the jack stands for safety. I also have a carpet on the floor which makes for comfortable working.
  16. I have never heard that you had to prove ownership of cargo on a truck when crossing state lines.
  17. I always thought that greasing the springs was a good idea, but I was told that sand would be attracted and would cause wear to the springs. I guess you are in trouble if you do, or don't.
  18. I like the way you cut the slot in the angle iron. There was no way to weld the key to the shaft.
  19. FYI, A tow dolly (for placing one axle of a car on the dolly) does not have to be registered if there is no car on it. If there is a car on it, the car must be registered. This in not to say that you will not be stopped by a policeman that does not know the law, thinking that it is a trailer. By law, it is not a trailer.
  20. I received this PM today. It looks like a scam. "Hello My name is mahdi I have physical disabilities . I'm going to buy a 1978 buick skylark 4 door.. but there is a problem with the car - a problem with the engine - There are problems with the electrician - I'm looking for a guide to repair the engine and wiring diagram. Do you have a pdf sevice repair manual for download? Could you help me?"
  21. I am pretty sure that you can get "non driven" insurance from some top companies. I was offered a stated value policy on my old time dragster a while ago.
  22. Sanding will not remove the rust from the pits. The paint WILL have a problem 3 or 4 years down the road. I have sandblasted rust (very carefully) and that worked out well. On parts that can be removed, a dip for 3 or 4 weeks in Molasses and water will remove every single bit of rust and give you a perfect metal to paint.
  23. I would never cover a car out doors. The wind will cause chafing on the paint.
  24. I have found two 9/16"-5/8" box wrenches on 46 Fords. Both were on the same bolt on the rt side lower radiator in a place that is very hard to reach.
  25. They are not parked, they are only admiring my car!