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  1. Earlier I posted that my 84 Ferio would not start after a few years sleep. I thought it was an injector problem and spent a lot of time checking out the electric system. Then someone suggested that I check out the fuel system. Well the problem boiled down to the fuel pump was eaten up by E10 gasoline. All the rubber parts turned to mush. I installed a new pump and got it running now. At first it did not want to take a higher rpm, but after a few starts and REINSTALLING the air cleaner, it runs well now. I don't know whether the computer sorted out the fuel mixture after a few starts or the vacuum line that goes to the air cleaner was the problem. (even though I had plugged it up to prevent a leak) I did note though, that a "Box with vacuum lines" that attaches to the side of the air cleaner seamed to make a difference if it was laying on its side, or vertical.
  2. Spraying industrial Imron is different from other paints. To start with it is as thick as molasses before adding the activator. Then you would swear that the black paint you bought is brown and does not look like it would ever cover the gray primmer.🤯 Your next thought is that it will never spray in an HVLP gun. Then, your first coat looks like transparent brown!😮 You do have to apply it fairly heavy in order to get it to level out. The second coat amazingly turns black! As I previously stated in another post, that you must blast it in the cracks, that would be on the first coat and maybe turn up the pressure to accomplish this with the spray pattern cut down from a fan to a point. As usual with any paint, allow time between coats until it tacks up. A third coat will make it shine like a mirror and fill in many rust pits.😎 After a few weeks it is tough and chip resistant.💪 In my first post, I stated that it is not necessary to remove the grease. I will change that statement to, First pressure wash to remove excess grease and loose mud and rust that is on and inside the frame. (A powerful blaster will remove hardened grease from the outside of the frame.)
  3. When I paint a frame. I blast the paint into all cracks and crevasses. DAM THE RUNS! (They are just added protection at no additional cost) You can wipe off the runs after a few minuets and re-coat. I am painting the frame to prevent rust and rot, not for beauty's sake. When you sandblast, the blasting media gets into all the cracks and unless you blast the paint into those areas, rust WILL develop there and spread. I blast and paint commercially and have done hundreds of frames and I know what I am talking about. Use Cromax Epoxy DTM (direct to metal) #2540S (gray) and Imron Industrial paint. If you must have a semi gloss or flat finish, use Imron 9T20 Flattening agent. (but it makes cleaning the frame harder, other wise, just a hose does pretty good) Ps, industrial Imron does not contain Isocyanates.
  4. STEVE POLLARD , Check for a supplier that sells decals that you paste over the faded paint. I bought a set for my 56 Belair but they are a real PITA to install.
  5. Black Beauty blasting leaves a very rough surface that will shread a cotton rag and snag it
  6. ryan95, Everything you suggested is corect except washing it with wax and grease remover, it is not necessary if you did a good job blasting it. (and you will get fuzzys from the rag all over it)👍 You could sand it after blasting with #80 sandpaper on a DA if you want a real smooth finish. I would spray it upside down, that way you can get all the places that you will see once it is back on the car and have a nice smooth look. Place it anout 3' off of the floor on jack stands and you will be able to get everwhere. Ps, apply the paint lightly over the VIN so that you can read it. (Imron will fill a gopher hole if you put it on heavy enough) 🦔
  7. I think the builder was uncomfortable of Henry Fords comment " Why would anyone want something other than the Model T"? I guess we can be thankful that the builder of the car had other thoughts,like, The Citroën Twelve, also known as the Citroën Traction Avant, debuted in 1934.. The Twelve would go on to become the world’s first mass-produced front-wheel drive car I guess that that guy was crazy too ?
  8. At joe_padavano's sugestion, I supplied 12volts directly to the fuel pump. There was no sound or pressure on the test gauge. As to those many that have said in other threads that E10 does not dissolve fuel hose or destroy fuel pumps, let me wrap this fuel hose over your mouth and then tell me that again! The hose came apart in my fingers (inside and out side pics of the hose) and notice the gummy stuff on the bottom of the fuel pump. I think that I made a mistake buying the $17 pump. I noticed that I had replaced the pump years ago and that one was not E10 resistant. The new $17 one is probably not resistant also.
  9. The stripes are black Gorilla tape. 😔 3 years and counting.
  10. I think that I have solved the problem. I have been looking at the electric system and padgett on this site told me that it is probably in the fuel system. After consulting the manual, I found out that the oil pressure sending unit starts the gas pump when it is closed after receiving oil pressure so I grounded the sender (normally open) and with a test light, I probed the pump wires and detected low voltage with out the pump running, so I believe the pump is frozen and only drawing current. I ordered a new pump ($17.50) and will respond with the results when I have installed it . Roger. Ps, I have done a few modifications on the car and the fuel tank could not be in an easier place to change the pump!
  11. I have been trying to figure out why my pulse injector does not work. (4 cyl. iron duke) If I spray gas into the air intake, it runs fine. Every time I ask the question, all I am told is how to diagnose it, but no one ever tells me what is actually wrong. Can anyone tell me what they have done to correct their problem? On bended knee, thank you, Roger
  12. Social distancing does not mean, hire the ones that have been shut down by the local authorities! Stay at home and live to work another day! 🤬
  13. The best way to dab paint is with the fuzzy end of a paper match. Dab a small drop in the center of the chip, let dry for a short time and add a larger drop. work the paint toward the edge of the chip but DO NOT go on to the surrounding paint. It can be wet sanded with 2000 later, by covering the existing paint with one layer of masking tape and using a sanding block. Good for 10' or closer; depending on how old your eyes are.😉
  14. I received a call from a person that had been interested in buying my car for a few years and the first of the month he was going to fly 1000 miles to make the deal. Now the deal is in limbo.😞
  15. My father had a 1938 Buick until he traded it in for a 1950 Olds. Then he bought a used 56 Olds in 58. I bought a 2002 new Mercury for my daily driver and still have it with only 70,000 miles on it. I figure it will be good at least another 5 years.
  16. Antique tow truck boom (860) 309-7954
  17. Do your self a favor and install dry wall on your walls before you do anything in the garage. It will present all your wall art better and prevent a major fire. I install my wall art with dry wall screws into the dry wall.
  18. Caution Carowner Virus Is spreading. best precaution is to give your wife all your extra spending money. 😉
  19. When applying paint stripper, brush on using minimum strokes. Then wait, wait and then wait again. Do not re brush until it is time to remove the stripper. Cover the wheels after applying stripper in order to prevent evaporation. The biggest waste of stripper in not putting on enough the first time, requiring a second coat.
  20. The only that I would but tools is in matching sets. It is difficult to keep order in your tool box or wall with different brands of tools. Make up sets of wrenches, screw drivers hammers etc. Sell them for less than 25% of retail. Have all sets marked with the price. Take odd tools of different sizes and sell them as a package Sell the tool boxes separate. (Snap on tool boxes are priced new in exorbitant prices) set a low price for them to sell. Sell expensive specialty tools individually. Mark the prices on everything, I will not ask prices at a tag sale!
  21. I would have turned around to offer any help if necessary.
  22. A friend told me about this truck and that I just had to buy it. I resisted for about a week and then went to look at it. I said, "Why not?" Look how close it came to the crusher. I finally found a use for it, a car carrier and tow truck.
  23. I drove one quite a few years ago. I wanted to see how slow it would crawl so I put in the lowest gear facing up a pile of dirt. I got out and looked at the rear wheel, and yes, it was moving! There is one in a junkyard in Chicopee Ma. for anyone looking for one.
  24. Buy a gallon of WD40 and spray it all over the car. That is what WD40 is made for.
  25. If you donate it to a charity, it will most likely go to the scrap yard. (Unless they sell it to a friend, then they will get only $25 in a wink wink deal) There is a small market for trucks like this, it's just that there is not much money for a complete restoration.