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  1. The only way to control pollution is to stick a balloon over the tailpipe when in a congested area and then letting the gas go when you are out in the country. I do this every time I go to church!
  2. Victorialynn, We don't have to pay attention to your posts because you are a women. (If you think the last post was long, wait till you see the responses to this one. (;-0) Ps. (my humble attempt on humor, don't shoot me. I love your posts)
  3. Re; heavy trucks. There was a push on non polluting trucks a few years ago. Now many trucking companies rebuild older trucks instead of buying new ones. The older ones re getting more valuable all the time.
  4. Of course if you ban the driving of ICE cars it will lower the value of collector cars as most collectors like to drive them. That doesn't require much thought.
  5. In Ma. storage may be charged even if the owner did not see your sign that states so. There is also a law making it illegal to abandon a motor vehicle. The owner can not renew his/her licence if there are charges pending.
  6. Speaking of towing, does your insurance company allow you to tow a trailer, with one of your classic cars in it, with a car insured as a classic car?
  7. I have an extinguisher handy on my bunch, but the largest one is at the entrance door. If you panic and run for the door, it is right there, and when you finally realize that it is there, you can reach it from outside and go back in and fight the fire. I also heep two 5 gal. buckets of water that will put out burning paper,cloth etc. The most important thing that I do is sweep the garage regularly and blow out all the dust and scraps of paper out from under benches and tool boxes, that's where the sparks from welding will travel!
  8. My school only had a teacher's parking lot and the only thing that was out of the ordinary is one day, My math teacher, who always wore the same old sport coat and baggy pants, had his old Hudson break down and had to drive his wife's car. It was a brand new 1957 Imperial and the tail fins stood way out above all other cars there. He took quite a bit of ribbing over that!
  9. Thank you but I have a replica of the flying goddess that gets quite a bit of attention. The car has been modified, It used to be a two door but I converted it into a limo. That's why I had trouble locating two more doors.
  10. Whatever you do, don't try and find a grille for a 31 Essex. After searching for 2 years to get a good one I splurged and went high buck for one on Ebay. After receiving it, a fellow in New Zealand pleaded to buy my rusted one. He was bidding on it at the same time and he hesitated when the price went up. I told him that I was keeping it in case I was in an accident. You will notice that I was missing the rear doors until I found them off of a Hudson in Denver. PS, the hubcaps are pretty cheap, I have about 9 of them, looking for the perfect ones.
  11. You might try this site,
  12. Around here you would get a summons for that "lawn art"
  13. Quote from a previous post, " Insurance wise they will probably total it. It may be able to be pulled quite a bit back into shape on a machine though if the guy buys it back and decides to fix it. " The term "buy it back " is not exactly correct. As it seems to be the truck's fault, that makes it a third party insurance company claim. As such, they can not take it from the owner unless he allows them to do so. Their liability in this case is to pay for the repairs up to the value of the car or to pay the decreased value of the car caused by the accident if the owner chooses to keep it and not repair it. They also have to pay all costs incurred by the accident,(towing, storage, loss of use of the car or rental of the same type of car and personal injury etc,) If the owner chooses to repair it and the cost exceeds the value of the car, he must pay the additional costs. However, if the claim is made to the owners ins. co., that company has the right to total it and take possession, or pay the value of the car, less the salvage value. The only thing in question is the value of the car. Different state law may conflict with this post. I am not a lawyer, so take this as my opinion only of Ma. state law only.
  14. "Are we pricing our old cars and hobby out of existence?" Way back when... The hobby was repairing them and having fun when we did it ourselves. The "repairs" were probably not exactly OEM but we had fun. New parts were not available so we repaired them and kept the cost low. After the war, (don't ask me which one, as there was only one) having a model A that was presentable was a nice car. No one took out a micrometer to check the wheel base or a microscope to the paint. Now, there are ready made parts, or for that mater, ready made cars. That is where the expense comes from.
  15. I have a few resto rods and I usually drive at about 10 mph under the speed limit because the ride is the thing, not the destination. If I were you, I would do no less than the same or stay off of the high speed roads.
  16. All that picture needs is a few cows to be considered a real good barn find! (;-)
  17. If you search Googel, you will find several repros of the Octoauto.
  18. I have had seat belts in every car that I have owned since 1958. I wear them in any car that I ride in and demand that the driver also wear his belt. I installed shoulder belts in my 38 buick coupe, my 32 ford roadster, my 31 Essex sedan and my 55 ford PU. I even installed hidden roll bars in the Buick and Essex It's never too late to instal them in your car. (except after you died in an accident) Ps, the little 3" washers are not enough, use larger 1/8" plates at least 6")
  19. I remember in the late 50's we went through Albany NY and every parked car had a kerosene red lamp hanging of of the rear bumper at night. I wonder how many other cities had this law and how long it existed until?
  20. A friend of mine is going to donate his 57 Corvette to his church when he dies. We have told him that the church would be better off if he sold it now for what it is worth, and then give the money to the church. What will happen if he donates the car and all the new parts that go with it to the church is that someone's friend will offer a few thousand for it and with a wink and nod cheat the church out of many tens of thousand dollars.
  21. The enjoyment is in the effort to restore, but then what do you do with them?, but save your efforts for another enjoyment, the sense of pride.
  22. This has the makings of a good sale, a unqualified seller and a qualified buyer. (:-)
  23. Would Battleship Steel sitting in salt water for 75 years be any good? Well if you were restoring a battleship with a hole in the bottom, I suppose it would come in handy! (;-)