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  1. Water on a small fire is good. Thats why I always have two 5Gal buckets of water at all times. BUT, If you pour it on burning gas on the floor, goodby garage! I also have three dry chem. and one large co2. My number one fire putter out is... A spray can of glass cleaner! for smoldering welding and small carb. fires . Quick, handy and cheap.
  2. Not being an expert, but with some fire fighting training, a water system could spread gas on the floor and intensify the fire. A halon system would put out the fire in seconds but I'm not sure it would be legal for a house. An alt. to halon is Novec 1230 "What is Novec™ 1230 fluid? Novec 1230 fluid is a sustainable fire extinguishing clean agent that helps protect high value assets. It is a waterless fire suppressant designed to replace high GWP HFCs like FM-200®. How does Novec 1230 extinguish a fire? Novec 1230 fluid stops the combustion process by absorbing heat. As part of an advanced fire suppression system, it quickly extinguishes the fire. Where can I buy Novec 1230? 3M manufactures Novec 1230 fluid, but the actual sales and installations of the systems are through our OEM partners and their global networks of distributors. View the list of approved systems manufacturers for Novec 1230" It may be cheaper to build an unconnected garage instead.
  3. You have just entered the Twilight Zone of the registry. Very little is known about this place, as not too many have ever left after entering there. All the passageways seem to be circular and all end up in a dead end. The doors always open up into a long dark passage with a clerk sitting at a desk that always answer NO! Sometimes it is possible to have an intelligent conversation with someone, who always answer NO anyways. There are people that can over ride the NO, but they are very hard to find. In Ma., there is a question "is the car from NY.?" I am yet to find out why they ask that question. Good luck. You have a better chance of receiving your death certificate before getting a corrected title! (;-0)
  4. Who needs a rotisserie? (note the chainfall holding it up)
  5. You are off to a good start. I never had a lesson on repairing cars but I have a fleet of restored cars now that I did myself. You have an advantage that most of us have never had, the internet. You only have to know the correct questions to ask it!
  6. Whenever I replace rusted brake lines, I always step as hard as possible in order to try and rupture any weak components. Once after finishing a job I did my test and imeaditly blew another line. Had to start all over but better there than on the road.
  7. Do you issue flack jackets to the new moderators? (;-)
  8. It looks like Victoria is pretty good at splitting nuts!
  9. It really works if you apply it heavy enough so as to run down to your mouth. (;-)
  10. I had often wondered what you would do in a rainstorm with those cars. It seems that you would get just as wet putting on the cover than if you just drove it. (;-)
  11. The wax method works like magic. I tried it, it works. You can't believe how smooth the wax makes turning the nut!
  12. " Restoration" is a good question. There are companies out there that will take any cracked, scraped and bent alum. wheels and "restore" them to "like new condition". However their process is VERY debatable as to the finish product in safety terms. Many times they will simply put them on a lathe and turn them down until the scrapes are gone and the outside surface runs true. Others will weld the crack or just weld a piece into them. I have had customers come to me and ask if I could weld up pinholes so that they hold air. BEWARE!
  13. My car has matching numbers, 4 wheels 4 seats 4 cylinders 4 hub caps 4 bumper guards 4 instruments in the dash AND, 4 people with lots of cash trying to buy it. It must be something special! (;-)
  14. If the collection was to be sold and split up, would not more people be able to see the individual cars and appreciate them across the country, rather them being kept in an unadvertised museum? When I show my Essex, people ask me who made it. When I say Hudson, they ask well, who made Hudsons? At least now, a few people in my area know about them.
  15. I once purchased a 71 Cadillac that had been submerged in fresh water and had dried out on it's own in the salvage pool. When I got it, I drained the oil pan (there was no oil, just water), the distributor and the carb and removed the spark plugs. I then filled the complete engine with hot water several times, inc the dist.and the intake manifold right up to the top of the carb. After draining I installed oil and new filter and cranked it over. (WARNING! dont stand in front of the spark plug holes. Don't ask me how I know.) I then started it and let it idle for an hour or so with a cardboard over the radiator to get it hot. Then changed the oil and filter. I never had any trouble with it since. Only the printed circuit board in the instrument panel and the radio needed changing. (The clock didn't work but 4 years later it started and kept time.) I did remove the carpets and dried them and put them back in. Never had a wet smell.
  16. ATLAS was never as good as ACME products,
  17. Re; Black out's, An interesting find that I made concerning vehicles during the war, I was repainting a 1939 fire truck for a local college and they asked me to remove the headlights, sirene, windshield trim etc. so that they may send it out to be chromed. I noticed that they were all painted gold many, many, years ago. A little paint remover showed that they were perfectly preserved chrome, probably from very early in it's life.
  18. Duer, Please show us a different picture of the car, or is your camera broken?
  19. The "car show experts" will be quoting these "facts" for years! Get ready for the BS.
  20. Try the FREE listings in Craigslist. Stay away from the free boats, they are nothing but a hole in the water that you throw money into.
  21. Steve-V, Don't pay attention to the small talk from small persons. I know very well why you don't advertize the make and model. If I wanted to negotiate a price on a car, I would not advertise it's location to the world either.
  22. The rust can be easily removed from inside the tank with a mixture of one part of molasses and 9 parts of water. First wash with a solvent or detergent that will remove the gas residue. Then fill the tank with the molasses solution and let it sit for 2 or 3 weeks and then flush out with a pressure washer as well as you can. The screens may hinder the removal of the crud and the tank will start rusting immediately. It may be a losing proposition in the end. You will need a good gas line filter and it will have to be replaced often. I use the clear plastic ones so the dirt can be seen.
  23. I heard that 50 lawyers got seriously burned trying to get the VIN's and owners names and addresses off of the cars before they were destroyed! (:-)
  24. If you were really born 5000 years ago, you only have 40 descendants that survived you. So What DID Happen 5000 Years Ago? ‘Ancient Patriarchs’ continues: ... Ancient history began much more recent than that, especially when you realise that a mere 4.500 years ago a horrendous global Flood struck our Earth, as duly recorded in over 700 global Flood legends! This Deluge totally wiped out the first Human Era which had spiraled into utter debauchery, cruel violence, and some say, genetic tinkering, a multiplied re-run of which we are experiencing today! ark-wave Only 8 people survived that first “law-less” pre-Flood era! As Indian records state: MaNU and his 7 Rishis (8), or Satyavrata and his 3 sons Sharma, Charma, Pra Yapethi and their 4 wives (8), while we Chinese have Flood survivors Fuxi, Nüwa, and Shen-Nong, plus 5 emperors! (8), the Miao Zu people have Nuah, his wife, and three sons Lo Shen, Lo Han, Yaphu, and their wives (8), Sumerians say: Oannes and his 7 Sages! (8), while the Egyptians count the Ogdoad (8) or 8 ‘Khemenu of On’, while Moses’ Genesis counts Noe, his 3 sons (c)Ham, Shem, & Yapheth, plus their 4 wives, to 8 survivors! Pretty uncanny, ‘ey?
  25. Are you really wondering why your electric system in not working? Come on, it's a Lucas system!