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  1. When I am bored and don't know what to do, I get in my car and drive to the end of the street. At that point I must go right or left. I make a quick decision and then I keep going. I always find something interesting to do.
  2. NAPA is a good source for older parts if they take the time to look it up. Go in person and introduce yourself and explain how you need the parts and you will be back for more. Or you can go to napaonline and look them up your self.
  3. If you are planning to operate it during the winter months, you could offer low cost winter storage for your "museum". You will get a lot of cars, but maybe not too many paying customers to view them. Paid weekend indoor cruse in's with a snack bar could work?
  4. I have a convertible that I primed and painted the inside floor. I then applied a thick layer of a rust preventive that is made to spray on the underside of commercial trailers. It does not fully dry and heals itself if scratched. I then cut appropriate pieces of house roll roofing and laid it down stone side first into the wet material, covering it and another light layer and then thick paper. This gives a "mass deadner" to the sheet metal and quiet's it.
  5. Please reread my post with additional warnings. While it may be technically possible to remove the oil pump drive like I mentioned, but it may not be practical in everyday life. I don't want to get a home hobbiest in a lot of trouble, so if you do not know Hemi's, don't do it.
  6. You can remove the distributor and then the distributor drive gear and oil pump shaft (one piece) and then use a drill with the proper extension and lube the engine with the oil pump before turning over. The intake manifold may have to be removed and re-timing of the oil pump drive to the camshaft. Not for the amature machnic! Also fill the cylinders with a light oil and maybe penetrating oil mix, first without the spark plugs in. Let it soak for a few days for the oil to go past the end gaps on the rings. Suck out extra oil before cranking. You might also try to turn
  7. I first thought , what a waste of time when you will probably use it a few times.. Then I thought about all the time spent restoring cars that just sit in the garage most of the time. 🙄 (It is a nice shelf ornament though!)
  8. AH, pink, pink, pink. Many years ago I pasted a junk shop and there was a pink barbie doll fiberglass Corvette electric car just right for a little girl to drive around her driveway. I almost bought it for $50.00, BUT, PINK? My manley instinct would not let me do it. Now you would never guess what they are selling for now!
  9. Patina is the way to go. Even though extensive new metal was installed on the body and fenders, after wetting the new metal several times with bleach, the car looks like very old repairs. I regularly wipe it down with WD40 and automatic trans oil.
  11. Ah, go suck a pine tree! (Sorry, I just had to say that, please forgive me)🤭
  12. BASIC FACTS ABOUT HALON 1 What is Halon and How Does it Work?Halon is a "Clean Agent." The National Fire Protection Association defines, a "Clean Agent" as "an electrically non-conducting, volatile, or gaseous fire extinguishant that does not leave a residue upon evaporation."Halon is a liquefied, compressed gas that stops the spread of fire by chemically disrupting combustion. Halon 1211 (a liquid streaming agent) and Halon 1301 (a gaseous flooding agent) leave no residue and are remarkably safe for human exposure. Halon is rated for class "B" (flammable liquids) and "C" (electr
  13. I am sure that the price is $39,000 or more. I have seen it before and the price is astronomical!. The good thing is that it does work well. From a google search, "Cpjus" is a Fraudulent Online Store - Stay Away - Online Threat Alerts https://www.onlinethreatalerts.com › Phishing - Scamming - Fraud - Identity Theft Nov 24, 2018 - "Cpjus" at www.cpjus.com is a fraudulent online store. ... If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at support@cpjus.com.
  14. I thought that Halon gas was declared illegal as it displaces oxygen and will suffocate persons if used in an confined space. It is though, the best fire stopper that I have ever seen in a demonstration where a room filled with an explosive vapor was set on fire. The halon was introduced in the other end of the room and you could see the halon meet the flame front in the middle of the room and extinguish the fire instantly.
  15. Types of fire extinguishers explained, https://www.bettendorf.org/egov/docs/1160167747_549163.pdf
  16. regard your question, Only for use on small fires: No mounting bracket: Water based foam can freeze in winter: Best Fire Extinguisher For Cars Auto Fire Extinguisher Discharge Range UL Numeric Rating H3R Performance HG100C 6 to 8 Feet 1-B:C First Alert FIAFESA5 6 to 8 Feet 5-B:C Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 10 to 15 Feet 2-A:10-B:C Buckeye 45100 4 to 8 Feet 5-B:C Read More http://home
  17. When you replace the glass, make sure that the DOT stamp is on it and visible when installed. Interesting note, The man that invented safety glass was killed in an accident when his head went through the plate glass on his car that he didn't bother to replace.
  18. That is a great idea, I think I will buy such a machine and put all my cars in it so that it won't be such a trouble to get one out for a sunday drive!
  19. A list of AM stations in the US by state. https://radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/page?p=states
  20. The American cars will sell quickly as a starter car for many who could not afford the high cost of shipping from the US.
  21. "What have you ploughed up?" Not the spelling police, but I have made the same mistakes in the thread heading that you can not correct once you notice it. Admi. take notice.
  22. But the drivers are considered "actors" requiring a union card.
  23. A friend of mine is renting out three cars to a film company. The terms of the contract inc. $2,000,000 insurance, pickup and delivery by Intercity Lines, hotel and food, $500 for each car plus traveling expenses. The owner may not drive the car because he is not a member of a union union, but his wife and daughter can as they belong to a union. There will be an agent of the insurance company on the scene to observe and pay for any damage.
  24. John_S_in_Penna, It is in Fact a 71 Impala convertible 402 engine, auto with AC. I have been asking $18,000.
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