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  1. I bought a 55 Chrysler and tried to start the engine with no luck. I drained the oil and stuck my finger in the drain hole to feel for particles, All I found was sludge about 1 1/2" thick with a hole through it to drain the oil. After removing the pan, the sludge was completely surrounding the pick up screen and over the top of it, Deciding that it needed to be disassembled, I Removed the water pump, It was completely filled with rust, as were the holes going into the block. I removed the core plugs to find the block completely full of rust. Three months later I happened to turn the radiator upside down and was showered with water that did not drain even though the lower radiator hose was off. You may be wasting your time trying to start it and may do more harm than good.
  2. I don't have a single wentworth wrench and that is enough!
  3. If the tube that you buy is a little loose in the block, place a round shaft or 7/16' bolt in the end and hammer it on top of your vise to expand it. (hitting the sides will expand the dia. by thinning the wall thickness) Or you could add soldier to the outside and file to size. Leave the very end a little small in order to start it into the engine. Have you thought about copper tubing?
  4. $74
  5. Quote from Jack M "That looks fun." Thank you, It really is a very nice riding car. I lengthened it about 4' and the long wheel base is smooth. It drives just like you are riding in an easy chair without a care in the world. You can look down at the road right beside you and it doesn't feel like you are in a car. On another note, I hesitated to post the 38 Buick because I thought some self righteous person would shoot it down. And I really hesitated on posting the Ferio, however I was surprised that it was accepted so well.It is so nice to know that many people here have different tastes in cars. This site is the best one that I read every day, The post are written well and received by others in a gracious manner. Thanks to everyone who posts here for an entertaining and informative site.
  6. Yes it is towing a Fierro. The finished product below.
  7. The 39 Buick uses a chain drive in the wiper towers and they broke after I spent too much time trying to get them to work, so I installed 2 elect wipers on the roof.
  8. I achieved the rust on my new body panels on my 38 Buick by spraying stright bleach on them.
  9. This is my 38 buick when I was done "restoring" it.
  10. Does it really matter if the paint is missing. There are a lot of bald headed men on this site!
  11. I used nothing but WD40 0n this car. This is what it looked like when I bought it and when I finished getting it roadworthy after the WD40
  12. Now that's a decent size toy box. What made the large tire tracks in the snow? They look like turf tires on a tractor. I just put a $400 set of chains on my tractor, haven't had the chance to try it out yet.
  13. Don't forget that you can not back up a tow dolly more than 5' or so. I managed to do it for about 30' once but it took several tries.
  14. I love snow! I have always played in the snow with every car that I have owned. Once I drove in 3' snow until I could no longer go. The under side of the hood imprint in snow was all I could see when I opened the hood to see why it quit! It was packed completely in snow all the way up to the cowl. Did I say that I love snow? (:-)
  15. You can buy baseboard oil fired heat for motorhomes why not trucks. Ps, they already have small internal combustion units in trucks that keep the batteries up and the cab temperature nice and cosy when you are not driving.
  16. I have a hitch just like that, although I never knew it was for a hitch as the ball was not on it. I keep it in my metal stockpile for when I need a curved piece of steel.
  17. San Francisco 1906,
  18. I have that exact Heater Control Assmb., Part number 163725 (21-25A-27-28.) It has been hanging on my wall for years. It appears that it has never been installed on a car as there are no scratches where the bolts would have been tightened up. I have no idea where I got it from and have wondered what it fit.
  19. Do the guy a favor, list his address so we can buy a nice gem.
  20. I never buy anything that I don't need! The 8' cast iron brake that I bought, I really needed even though I had a steel 8' and a 4' brake. (not to mention the 25ton 8' press brake) The 8' drop shear was another one that i could not live without. (even though I have a 30" drop shear) The state highway plow was absolutely necessary, as was the 4' sq 2" thick steel work table with the 30" 1/8 cap. brake attached. The bucket loader complements the snow plow. It works much better than my fork lift in the sandy yard. As i said, I never buy anything that I don't need. (I am looking for a 4' finger brake though.)
  21. The strangest thing about this pic is that they didn't have the men in the white coats holding up the owner for the pic.
  22. 769 pounds is just about right for a boat anchor. (;-o)
  23. I took this one last night, it was a little dark,wait until the morning when the sun comes up to view it.
  24. Check craigslist under "FREE'. Look for old leather furniture, just what you want. (excellent price too!)