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  1. I agree with Rusty _OTool, "By the way this board has a very high standard of literacy" I enjoy this site because the posts are written very well, as compared with other sites that I go to. When I post, I always read a second, or third time, to be sure my message is correct and it is easy to read.
  2. Whatever brand you use, use TRAILER TIRES" not passenger. radials. The radials will make it sway.
  3. I biult a trailer from a 24' truck box using torsion axles. The axles go thru the frame to keep the box low. The wheels go inside up to about 6", lower than most rocker panels. I installed a trailer truck jacking leg to raise the front of the trailer quite high in order to make loading easier. Under the back I install curved skid plates, good for driveways and backing up. The only mistake that I made is that I should have used an alum. box instead of the heavy FRP one.
  4. Clear title? If the NY paperwork is not made out to the buyer that is going to be requesting the title, lots of luck. Can you say Title Skipping?
  5. I solved the mouse pee problem. I place small urinals in all of my cars. Now if I can get them to flush...
  6. Even if you are able to remove all rust from the tank, unless it is coated inside, it will produce fine rust in the fuel. A filter is going to be necessary. Note, I once had a tank that had been coated on the inside and all the product gummed up and sealed the outlet over the years.
  7. The greatest power in government is the ability to transfer your call to another person, who has the same power. Try writing a letter some time.(if you have a year or two to waste)
  8. He may want to clean out the old iron but he is dreaming about the prices. (and do any of them have titles?) If he was serious about selling them, I would be there looking for a new project. I hear that a title in VT. could be had without too much work. (Register it in VT. and title it in your state ?)
  9. To find anything, google it! There are several wheels for sale there.
  10. The "paint solids" are plastic dust that fuse together with heat. They will also smear with heat. Think slippery!
  11. I have seen several photos of cars being towed by horses, but this takes the cake! Tow tk with horse.rtf
  12. I painted my steering wheel with industrial imron. I applied it real heavy so that it ran down and left a drip on the underside at each finger groove It really improved the grip with the extra depth of the groove. Try it, you'll like it!
  13. Update on the sale. Nothing has happened! The photographer's computer went to the great graveyard in the sky. After bringing it to the great wizard, he got back most of his stuff. Then... he got the flu bug that sent him to the depths of hell for a while. Soon he will get back to work on the sale. (reported in his last video Mar 26, 2018)
  14. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Use it or lose it!
  15. It will not remove grease or the rust under it
  16. Lighten up, it's only a gentle ribbing. PS, did you notice that he corrected it?
  17. Peter, your off to a bad start...note below forum listing. "Judging Info on open junkyards by, name, state with a description of content.'
  18. I would dip them in a rest remover and then ask them to buff and plate the areas that they can, and then mask and paint the rest.
  19. It is used when applying a second color right over the first for two toning.
  20. That C mack reminds me of a time when I painted one for a customer that wanted to use it as an advertisement. Much later someone asked why I hadn't painted the doors. I stated because there are no doors. He then grabbed hold of one and lifted it up into position! Opp's! Ps, I was rewarded for the paint job with a 1924 Autocar.
  21. The Uber company had turned off a part of the system. The driver was looking down at the time. The person appear so suddenly I doubt that an attentive driver would have seen her.
  22. I once bought a Pontiac Safari wagon for $60 that had all the bells and whistles. I used it for a year and was thrilled to sell it for $60 when I no longer needed it. At that time, Nomads were worth a lot, but nobody thought anything about a Pontiac! I still hate myself!