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  1. Thanks for that info. I had never considered the lack of spare parts on the fall of the government.
  2. JACK M, I see your point about shiny clear coat. If patina must be cc, a semi gloss finish could be better.
  3. Jack, I think that the truck brings back memories and makes me feel good. I have many cars, some stock, some modified, they all bring pleasure to many. Is my 55 Ford a waste of time because I have a 302 in it?
  4. I use Axatla (DuPont) industrial Imron and it is NOT thin. In even it fills in light rust pits in the frame. It is very chip resistant. It is very funny stuff though. The first coat looks brown and is transparent, the second coat covers, and is BLACK! Put a third coat on a frame and it looks like you spent weeks sanding it. (always use a primer first.) You may have used Transtar, (a PPG company). We were given a gal. by the rep. and he had to give us two more to get the job done where one Gal. of Imron would do.
  5. Any good body shop could do it. Sandblast with fine sand, epoxy seal and finish with Industrial Imron. (Or powder coat)
  6. I modified this Essex and I was asked to bring it to the local Essex meet by the Local President. When I got there half of the people would not talk to me. I needed some parts and although I was told one guy had them he said he didn't.
  7. What? Ralph Nader didn't notice the rt. rear wheel off of the ground in the sales video? Definitely out of control (at least by his standards)
  8. I started driving when I was 15. When I took driving lessons at age 18, (my fathers idea as he wouldn't let me drive without the discount that the state offered for it) the instructor let me drive about two blocks and said that the other kids needed more time driving than me.
  9. I found this one in an old junk yard, I think I paid $130 for it.
  10. Just a side note for those that want to obtain old used leather to repair a old original interior, Look in Craigslist for a old sofa or leather chair in the "Free items" You can find just the right wear pattern for your project.
  11. My 1932 Huppmobile that I paid $35.00 for in 1958.
  12. I tried to find out how old they are, and what percentage goes to charity, but so far not much info available. Note to The Mother Roadster Foundation. More info would help your ticket sales.
  13. Thanks to all the replies, I went ahead with the heavy oil, time will tell.
  14. I am considering filling one end of a frame with 600 weight oil and let it flow out the other end in an attempt to slow down the inside rust on a frame. Has anyone had good results doing this?
  15. I set up a F350 with a heavy trailer using a load leveling hitch. I ended up with both the trailer and truck level, and the truck down 1" evenly on both ends. This made for much better steering. I still remember the ad for load leveler using an Olds Toronado driving with the rear wheels removed. Now, that's weight transfer!
  16. The prices on cars that have just been pulled out of the weeds where they have rested for 30 years are the ones that really get me riled up. They appear daily on Craigslist, and I wonder if they actually sell, or is it just a price that is put on them just before they go to the crusher. I would like to make an offer on some, but I don't feel comfortable offering only 30% of the asking price.
  17. I couldn't afford to buy one so I made one.
  18. I agree with Rusty _OTool, "By the way this board has a very high standard of literacy" I enjoy this site because the posts are written very well, as compared with other sites that I go to. When I post, I always read a second, or third time, to be sure my message is correct and it is easy to read.
  19. Whatever brand you use, use TRAILER TIRES" not passenger. radials. The radials will make it sway.
  20. I biult a trailer from a 24' truck box using torsion axles. The axles go thru the frame to keep the box low. The wheels go inside up to about 6", lower than most rocker panels. I installed a trailer truck jacking leg to raise the front of the trailer quite high in order to make loading easier. Under the back I install curved skid plates, good for driveways and backing up. The only mistake that I made is that I should have used an alum. box instead of the heavy FRP one.
  21. Clear title? If the NY paperwork is not made out to the buyer that is going to be requesting the title, lots of luck. Can you say Title Skipping?
  22. I solved the mouse pee problem. I place small urinals in all of my cars. Now if I can get them to flush...
  23. Even if you are able to remove all rust from the tank, unless it is coated inside, it will produce fine rust in the fuel. A filter is going to be necessary. Note, I once had a tank that had been coated on the inside and all the product gummed up and sealed the outlet over the years.