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  1. On 9/18/2019 at 5:22 PM, hidden_hunter said:


    My 22 Cadillac actually kinda has bucket seats :D I can't think of anything in it you could easily secure to, and the seat is only connected to the car with a bunch of wood screws


     I would bet my life on the fact that I could find a safe way to install seat belts in your car. (But definitely not to the cars frame, such a car could easily have the body torn off of the frame, leaving you looking rather stupid sitting on the frame when you were torn thru the body.)


     I have installed AND/or used seat belts into every car that I have owned for the last 61 years.

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  2.  People ask me why I don't sell some of my cars.

     I answer "well they don't eat, so I can afford to keep them"

     If I sell them, there goes all my memories and all I have left is some money that will be foolishly be spent on food, clothes, rent and other unimportant things and will soon be gone.


     "Having 15 cars is much better than having only 14 cars.":)


     One last word for those that say you should sell your cars so that others can enjoy them. Why would you want to take away the last bit of joy that an old man has?

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  3.  I have a car trailer with steel diamond plate.

     I painted it, and sprinkled Black Beauty Blasting media on it followed with a second coat.

     My theory is that the sand may scratch of the raised surfaces of the diamond plate but will never scratch off of the low surface.

     It is impossible to slide your foot on this surface, even if it is wet with water and oil!

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  4.  If you have access to the car in the pic. you can have it scanned with a camera that many auto paint suppliers have that will give you the "closest match possible".

     You could take the pic, to the store and see if that would work and have them mix up a pint and you can spray it out and decide if that is close enough.


     Online color matches are not close enough for a match

     The paint stores will have master color chips arranged by color and different hues that do not necessarily go to any certain car.


     The paint store should have spray out papers that are black and white. Spray the color until you no longer can tell the black and white areas. It may take 3 or 4 coats.

     Take them out into the sunlight for best viewing.

  5.  Hagerty is  a guide only.


    The selling price that a person asks  relies on many factors, as does the price that buyers are willing to pay. Real and perceived value are two different ways to measure the value of a product, with the differences between them based upon desire and availability.


     (Alcohol, in the case of major auctions, and the wealth of the buyer, also affects the price considerably.)



  6.  I am having trouble with my 84 Fuel Injection.

     It ran well when I parked it over the winter and would not start in the spring.

     It seems that there are few people that know how to diagnose the problems with the FI.

     I thought it might be the mice but I see no evidence of that.

     I think that is in a bad connection in the wiring harness from the ECM to the injector.

     Trying to follow the wiring to locate an open circuit is a night mare in the confined space of the engine compartment.



  7. Well Harold , it seems that you will be the first to brake one or many of there rules. let us know of the fine, excuse me, the service charge.  😉


     Actually, according to my reading, it seems to be to protect the reader and seller from spammers. But also prevents anyone from re posting there sales offers in different web sites.

     I have seen many re posts in specialty web forums that actually help buyers looking for specific cars.

  8.  Remember Chicken Little!  THE SKY IS FALLING, run for cover!


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  9. 54 minutes ago, Mark Gregory said:

    Someone mentioned to me you can switch the gas pistons for diesel pistons . They did it on an old engine they could not find the correct size gas piston . I do not know if they needed an over sized piston or what . Has anyone else done this ?


     There is so much technology in piston design that you could never find a diesel piston that would correctly perform in a gas engine.

    This myth probably started with the diesel Oldsmobile engine that looked basically like a gas engine converted to a diesel.