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  1.  I have a late model 1950 Lincoln OD trans in my 32 Ford coupled up to a 283 Chevy.

     The late 50 does not have the large bell housing and only required sanding down the bell housing hole by hand on the 283 in order for it to fit.

     I fabricated a simple adapter in order to bolt it up.

     I eliminated the electric kick down controls and use only a switch and one lever in order to operate it.

     The over drive unit that bolts onto the back of the trans. is of similar design to all OD's in use at the time. (I think that it was made by the same company)

  2. On 6/18/2012 at 3:46 PM, kbeach said:

    My goal here is to protect the original upholstey in my Chev. It's a 57 with 43,000 and I am afraid if I start driving it the meterial will come appart due to its age.

    Still looking at Jo Ann's as a possibility.


     It is probably no use to put clear plastic on the seats of an old car.

     I had a 63 Falcon with perfect rear seats, I sat on them once and the fabric completely broke apart due to dry rot.

  3. 12 hours ago, joe_padavano said:

    but at the end of the day, this really is just a kit car.


     To call this piece of art a "kit car" is an insult to the builder.

     It is a one of a kind fabrication of an original car that resembles another. 

     There are few people on this web site that could even come close to his skill and dedication to the hobby as this man.

  4.  The best way to paint anything is to have every thing removed so that the paint can get around corners and under all attachments.

     Your car will greatly lower the expense of sanding, primeing and spraying the final coat with out all the chrome, windows, etc.


     It is not necessary to strip off the paint of a car for a nice paint job, and the materials cost could be well under $1000.

     There are shops (like Maco) that specialize in only repainting cars at a reasonable cost, and good looking too. You may have to nib and buff, but from 20', they look like a million dollars.


    PS, I specialize in high end painting and I recommend Maco to my customers that have a small budget to work with.

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  5.  I once repaired a truck for a company a few thousand miles away.

     He paid for it with a certified bank check for $10,000. 

    It bounced, so I called the bank and they told me that the customer stopped payment on it.

     I asked why he stopped payment and they said that they don't know.

     That saved my ass, as by law, the bank must have received a reason why they were instructed to do so by law. They had none, so I received another one that was good within days.

     Now I only accept Cash on delivery.

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  6.  Speaking of spammers. I recently placed several ads in Craigs list and every time I received a reply by E-mail via CL wanting me to further describe the product.

     When I replied, they did not contact me, but I then received a bunch of E-mails now that they know my E-mail address.

  7.  In regard to high pressure tires, I once owned a 1924 Auto car and the tire pressure recommend was over 100 lbs, so I filled them and put the truck into storage right next to my 58 restored Mercury.

     The next spring I noticed that the tire had exploded and the air pressure caused the door panel of the Mercury to cave in 4".


  8.  I offered a cranky old man $25,000 for a car once and his heirs sold it for $6000 right after his death.

     Sometimes you cant get them to take their fingers off from around their cars.


     Another local man would not sell anything, as he was keeping them for his retirement.

    He finally sold them for scrap, as they rusted into the ground.


     There is no help for some people.

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  9.  I go to a small radiator locally and he never seems to have any business. I commented on it one time about how he could make a living on the little business that he has.

     His comment floored me, he said that he only does it as a side line, his real job is flying 747"s for a living!

  10.  The safest way I think, is to go to your bank and hand the teller a deposit slip for the money and have the buyer hand it to the teller.

     The bank will then count it and verify that it is not counterfeit (the counting machine does that).

     You will then sign and hand him the title.


      The only other safe way for both party's is for the buyer to open an account in your bank and he wires the funds into it. Then both of you go to the bank and withdraw the cash or check and deposit into your account. It will require two trips but it could be worth it for both party's.


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