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  1. 13 hours ago, Rusty_OToole said:



    Whatever you do make sure there is no mistake about it. Use good jack stands. Don't take chances. When I raise a car up I deliberately push on it from different directions to make sure it is absolutely stable. If it is going to fall I don't want to be under it.



     I also try and knock the car off of the jack stands for safety.


     I also have a carpet on the floor which makes for comfortable working.

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  2.  I always thought that greasing the springs was a good idea, but I was told that sand would be attracted and would cause wear to the springs.

     I guess you are in trouble if you do, or don't.

  3.  FYI, A tow dolly (for placing one axle of a car on the dolly) does not have to be registered if there is no car on it.

     If there is a car on it, the car must be registered.


     This in not to say that you will not be stopped by a policeman that does not know the law, thinking that it is a trailer.


    By law, it is not a trailer.

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  4. I received this PM today.

     It looks like a scam.


    My name is mahdi

    I have physical disabilities
    . I'm going to buy a 1978 buick skylark 4 door.. but there is a problem with the car - a problem with the engine -
    There are problems with the electrician - I'm looking for a guide to repair the engine and wiring diagram.

    Do you have a pdf sevice repair manual    for download?

    Could you help me?"



  5.  Sanding will not remove the rust from the pits. The paint WILL have a problem 3 or 4 years down the road.

     I have sandblasted rust (very carefully) and that worked out well.

     On parts that can be removed, a dip for 3 or 4 weeks in Molasses and water will remove every single bit of rust and give you a perfect metal to paint.


  6.  When I park in a shopping mall, I always park as far away as I can and take up 4 parking spaces in the very end row in an empty area.

     I have has people park near me when I do. Not crowding, but in the next space. Never had any problems.

  7. 16 hours ago, Matt Harwood said:

    It's my personal choice to leave the cars unlocked--if someone wants in, they're going in one way or the other. Letting them open a door is far less damaging then having them go through a window or a convertible top or simply trying to get in by breaking an irreplaceable door handle or gouging up the paint with a screwdriver. Don't leave anything valuable or visible in the car and you'll be fine.

     I never lock any of my cars for the above reason.

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  8.  I have taken out two tanks that have been sealed on the inside.

     Both of them had soft and broken particles and one had plugged the fuel line up solid.

     I would never try to clean one up and seal it, better to buy a new one.

  9.  The best way to mount it is to place it on two pieces of wood (2 x 3's) on the frame and use 4 large U bolts that go around the frame. Blocks of wood in the frame web at the U bolts prevent the frame from deforming.

     The wood allows for frame flex.

  10.  I have a 56 Ford F750 fire truck that had a 302 Y block in it with overdrive.

     I installed a Ford 460 out of a E350 camper with an auto trans.

     Older campers are very inexpensive to buy and many have very low milage. I even got mine for free as the unit had extensive water damage due to a leaking roof.

     Plenty of power, my only regret is that I did not use an overdrive trans.

  11.  Thank you to everybody that commented.

     My trips would be short <30mi..

     The Chrysler has been completely rebuilt inc the rear of the frame, new radiator etc.

     I will take your advice.

     I was hoping to get an legal opinion but it seems that that has not been addressed by the law. Only newer vehicles with stated weight restrictions attached to the vehicle by the manufacturer.


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  12. 1 hour ago, Trulyvintage said:




    Could you be more specific ?


    What exactly is the tow vehicle ?


    What exactly is the trailer ?


    What exactly are you towing on or in the trailer ?




    The tow vehicle is the 55 Chrysler. I would like to tow a 2000 lb. trailer (6000 lb. max total weight)with a 57 Chevy on it.

  13. I have a 55 Chrysler (4500lbs) and I wonder how you would figure out how much you could safely tow with a trailer.

     I can't find anything specific but I did read that you should never tow a trailer that weighs more than the towing vehicle.

     But this seems to be contrary when using a truck?

     Of course I would be using trailer brakes.

     Does anyone have a concrete rule to go by?