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  1. 2 hours ago, Xander Wildeisen said:

    My ex wife bought some gold coins once. When gold value was going nuts. I sat there looking at the coins in the sealed plastic container. Reading the rating information about the coin. And I thought I wonder how many people have coins like this, sealed in a container, because you don't want to touch it. It will hurt the value. And I wonder if some of those coins are real. Or just a replica. With a good resale value. Who's going to open the container?

     There is a huge stanch  of these fake gold coins.

     So much so, that many investment companies refuse to have them verified.

  2. A friend of mine in the glass business wanted to have 20 windshields made for a 1975 Chrysler convertible.

     The factory told him that for every one made in 1957, one was broken in the process.

     No way would they even try to fill his order!


     They are almost imposable to find. He has two of them and will not sell them to anyone in case he ever buys a 300. as he is a 300 nut.

  3.  I was once advised to use this bill of sale,


      BILL OF SALE  

     One 1968 Ford, VIN...
    Sold to,___________________________
    I acknowledge that the car is sold as-is, where-is, without any warranty or guarantee of fitness, and that I have inspected the car and I am satisfied, using my own judgment, that the car is satisfactory for the use that I am going to put it to.  

    Signed,  ____________________________

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  4. according to Google,

    ... Whenever a copper or copper-rich alloy is likely to come into contact with atmospheres containing (1) ammonia, water vapor and acetylene, or (2) lime-sludge, water vapor and acetylene, or a combination of these two, there is the probability of acetylide formation and danger of explosion. The action is aided by the presence of air, or air with carbon dioxide, and hindered by the presence of nitrogen. Explosive acetylides may be formed on copper or brasses containing more than 50% copper when these are exposed to acetylene atmospheres. The acetylides produced by action of acetylene on ammoniacal or alkaline solutions of copper(II) salts are more explosive than those from the corresponding copper(I) salts. The hydrated forms are less explosive than the anhydrous material ... In contact with acetylene, silver and mercury salts will also give explosive acetylides, the mercury derivatives being complex ... Formation of silver acetylide on silver-containing solders needs higher acetylene and ammonia concn than for formation of copper acetylide. Acetylides are always formed on brass and copper or on silver-containing solders in an atmosphere of acetylene derived from calcium carbide (and which contains traces of phosphine) .

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  5.  I advertised a 56 Ford as a parts car and when a man showed up, he handed me the money even before I had opened the door to show it to him!

     There must have been some unobtanium in it.



    I looked up unobtanium in google to make sure that I had spelt it correctly, this is what I found,


    Unobtanium (pronounced un-ob-tain-ee-um) is a highly valuable mineral found on the moon Pandora. Humans mined unobtanium for energy generation, as the RDA was suppressing the development of alternatives on Earth.


    Who knew that Google had a sense of humor?😁

  6.  Although your concern is fire safety, another concern (especially when miles from shore) is that most universal fuel pumps do not like E10 gasoline.

     I have used them for years, and have had to replace them also for years!

     The E10 turns the insides into a jelly type mush and they fail.


     I looked everywhere for an E10 compliant universal pump with no luck.

    So  I recently purchased 5 pumps and will carry a spare one ready to plug in when (not if) it quits.

  7. On 1/1/2021 at 8:36 PM, edinmass said:

    I recommend attending a local community college while working at a restoration shop. The talent needed to run a business, and restore cars is a very rare combination. There are lots of good restorers that are poor businessmen.....they work very hard......and barley make a living. 



    I think that this is the best advice on how to be able to open your own shop by far.

    I have hired persons in school autobody shop programs, and I feel that they receive much less actual hands on training than you could get working for some one, that has in his interest, that you learn your job in order to pay for your keep.

     A working shop has employees that will gladly teach someone that really wants to learn.

     So, go to a business school (so that you will know on how to financially manage your own shop) and get actual hands on experience from a working shop.

     While working in a shop, having business training, you could actually be put in a management position which will help you tremendously.

     Good luck and work hard!

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  8. 1 hour ago, Paul Dobbin said:

    Roger, what the H^^^ is that?   Is the chain part of the steering or braking



     Paul, please don't come up with the idea of using the chain  for steering the car. ( I am highly open to hair brained ideas and I don't need any more problems to employ my engineering skills to.)  😉


     Although it did work pretty good on steam powered tractors...Hmm...

  9.  Paul, the chain draped over the body is used to pull the wheeled dolly that it is sitting on.

     This is what I started with a few years ago. Then I lengthened it to make a two seater. That is where I am installing the engine now.

     The engine replacement came about when we we having coffee on our usual Sat . morning meeting. A friend came up with the wild idea and I said "Why not!"


     Moral of the story " Do not listen to people with nothing to do"




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  10. On 12/31/2020 at 10:55 AM, padgett said:

    Put it in the front ? (TH700R4 is for a front engine rear drive). Archie kit mounted a SBC transversely in the back.

     Ok, nobody guessed it, I put it in the middle. ( I had previously lengthen it a little bit) I built this a a driver not a race car. Who said that I was bored? 




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  11. I tried everything on a hemi Chrysler that had sat outdoors without heads and oil pan inc. acid, penetrating oil, and other things.

     I finally got the pistons out using a cutting torch and a BMFH!


    I actually used a hole saw and then  I melted the pistons into 2 parts and I still had to use the BMFH! I saved the block and crank though.

     Even with all the main caps off, I still had to pry the crank out with a crow bar.

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