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  1. One part of Molasses to nine parts of water make a good rust remover. I never tried it in a running motor but I did soak a block and crank that was out in the weather for years and it worked ! I think that it would not block up the heater and radiator passage ways as the mixture only strips the oxygen out of the iron oxide, leaving free iron on the surface that looks like black dust. With the action of the heat and the water pump, the "dust" would probably stay in suspension. (?) I would try it for the summer and see . The best part is that you can drain it on your lawn and not worry.
  2. I have an Essex door that is not a 1931. I am not sure what year it is. Where are you located?
  3. Blowing out the line might allow the gas to flow temporarily but any dirt that was in the line will soon return and cause trouble. (Been there, done that) Remove the tank and clean and flush thoroughly.
  4. It sounds good, EXCEPT FOR THE LAST PARAGRAPH, "I also want you to know that I will be adding the payment for inspection to the check that will be sent to you in which you will deduct your deposit and send the remaining balance to the agent who will be coming for the inspection," A definite scam! Besides that, it ties up the sale for someone with cash that shows up during the time that the bank OK"s the check.
  5. A friend of mine decided to put real wood mouldings on his car. He is a cabinet maker and after several tries to conform the wood to the car he gave up. It would have been too tedious of a job although the first pieces looked pretty good.
  6. This is the third car that I bought in 1958, the first two were beaters that I paid $15 for. It was all in pieces and I assembled it in my basement. I told my father that I was going to remove the cellar wall in order to get it out. It didn't phase him a bit. he was happy that I had something to keep me busy and a place to spend all my extra money on. I still register and drive it every 3 or 4 years.
  7. When I was doing my 31 essex, I bought a nice trunk and when It arrived, my men asked me what I was going to do with it. I answered that I was going to put it on the back of the Essex. They said no way, that is stupid! I said, did you ever hear of the word trunk on your car? Where did you think that came from?
  8. Was your driveshaft balanced when you welded it?
  9. Jack M, On your pinion angle, There should be an angle on it that matches the angle of the trans. If there is no angle or very slight, it would cause problems.
  10. That is just the way a restro mod should be presented. Perhaps a little heighter in the front end, but with that engine weight, maybe you should be forgiven. We used to call them Sleepers.
  11. Do not waste your time with the local DMV. Write a letter to the main DMV stating all facts and info.and request info on how to obtain a title. Send it registered mail with a signed receipt requested and inc. a SASE. The SASE may help with an answer quicker.
  12. Rusty, I kind off have my heart set on a 48 limo or an 8 Passenger sedan. I have a 31 Essex (2door) that I lengthened 36" and installed jump seats (actually the original front seats that fold forward) It seems to get a lot of attention when I drive it down the highway, keeping up with the traffic. Note the lower lamps mounted on the bumper that use the small dual headlight seal beam from the early 60"s. They are the only way to see where you are going. The original headlamps are totally useless and are like mounting a 4' fluorescent light on your car.
  13. Rusty, thanks for the info. on squeezing the 392 in. I hadn't looked at it that close. ( Now what do I do with the two 392's sitting in my storage?)
  14. I have found another 1948 8 pass. Windsor. It has the original seat covers that were installed when new. The chrome has been re-done and is in a box. It had been repainted about 25 years ago and it runs. I want to negotiate, but the owner (who will never do anything with it) does not want to sell now. The waiting starts ... (The other one that I looked at would look very nice with a 392 wedged under the hood) The owner wants $2000 for it. No title.
  15. From Readers Digest, " CLEANING & ORGANIZING 9 Cleaning Solutions to Get Mildew Out of Any Surface Trish Barber The tools and ingredients you need to rid your home of mildew for good. Your first plan of attack: takasu/ShutterStock When you want to remove mildew stains, reach for white vinegar first. It can be safely used without additional ventilation and can be applied to almost any surface: bathroom fixtures and tile, clothing, furniture, painted surfaces, plastic curtains, and more. To eliminate heavy mildew accumulations, use it full strength. For light stains, dilute it with an equal amount of water. You can also prevent mildew from forming on the bottoms of rugs and carpeting by misting the backs with full-strength white vinegar from a spray bottle. Plus, there are over 90 vinegar uses (white or apple cider vinegar) that can clean a lot more than just mildew." I used it to remove mold from the inside of my new convertible top.
  16. This is the site that you should go to,
  17. Everybody knows that when you buy a used car, you always kick the tires. 🙂 This came from solid rubber tires that you licked to make sure the rubber was on securely! 🤭
  18. Everything you ever wanted to know and more!
  19. When I rebuilt my wrecker boom, I thought it would be a good idea to replace all the sq. headed bolts and nuts. To my surprize, the cost was $1 each. about 10 times the price of hex gr. 5 bolts.
  20. When I bought a car on ebay, I asked for his address and looked it up in Googel and looked at his home. I also asked for a pic. of his driver's licence to compare addresses. I also spoke to him on the phone at length to see if he knew any details of the car in question. I was satisfied and sent a wire transfer. You could ask for a recent photo of the car in his driveway or garage with the door open, taken from the street.
  21. Not having a job can be a good thing. I used to light the gas street lamps, then I was a telephone operator, then a typewriter repairman. I also made slide rulers. Now I really don't want to train for any more jobs.😁
  22. Little 34 ford , You are a good man. Make sure the "owner" properly ID's how he lost it.
  23. Based on the weight of your rolling load and the slope of your trailer's ramps, you can find the minimum winch to do the job. But you should also remember that winches are rated based on the first layer of rope, where they have the greatest power. In practice, your winch will probably have more than 1 layer of rope on the drum when it is working and will be pulling at less than its maximum. Winches lose from 13% 25% of their pulling power with each wrap of rope on the winch drum. Because of this, recommends using a winch with a line pull capacity equal to that of the load being moved. You can increase the pulling power of a winch by using a pulley block. A pulley block can nearly double the winch's capacity by simply attaching the pulley block's hook directly to the load and the winch's hook to a sturdy mount near the winch.