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  1. Roger Walling

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    Whatever you do, do not sand the ways to remove the rust, use a rust removing gel with steel wool.
  2. Roger Walling

    What does original mean?

    No, I heard it on FOX network so it must be true. ๐Ÿ™„
  3. Roger Walling

    bad news for Nissan

    The ship is under tow back to Japan. No word on the condition of the fire.
  4. While camping in Maine, I met two men that were with their mothers. It was raining, so I suggested going to the local car museum. After a few minutes the men wanted to leave, they said that there were nothing but old cars there!. Their mothers, on the other hand wanted to stay and look at all the cars.
  5. Roger Walling

    seafoam vs stabil

    I purchased an old fire truck that has not run in many a years. It has an electric pump on it so I put the pickup hose in the can of seafoam and turned on the pump. This filled up the carb and I let it sit for a day. When I hooked up the gas and turned it over, it started very quickly and there was no need to fiddle with the carb.
  6. Roger Walling

    Just retired - need some advice

    When I am bored and don't know what to do, I get in my car and drive to the end of the street. At that point I must go right or left. I make a quick decision and then I keep going. I always find something interesting to do.
  7. Roger Walling

    1954 Dodge Royal Coupe with 9,872 miles

    NAPA is a good source for older parts if they take the time to look it up. Go in person and introduce yourself and explain how you need the parts and you will be back for more. Or you can go to napaonline and look them up your self.
  8. If you are planning to operate it during the winter months, you could offer low cost winter storage for your "museum". You will get a lot of cars, but maybe not too many paying customers to view them. Paid weekend indoor cruse in's with a snack bar could work?
  9. Roger Walling

    To use undercoating inside or not

    I have a convertible that I primed and painted the inside floor. I then applied a thick layer of a rust preventive that is made to spray on the underside of commercial trailers. It does not fully dry and heals itself if scratched. I then cut appropriate pieces of house roll roofing and laid it down stone side first into the wet material, covering it and another light layer and then thick paper. This gives a "mass deadner" to the sheet metal and quiet's it.
  10. Roger Walling

    1954 Dodge Royal Coupe with 9,872 miles

    Please reread my post with additional warnings. While it may be technically possible to remove the oil pump drive like I mentioned, but it may not be practical in everyday life. I don't want to get a home hobbiest in a lot of trouble, so if you do not know Hemi's, don't do it.
  11. Roger Walling

    1954 Dodge Royal Coupe with 9,872 miles

    You can remove the distributor and then the distributor drive gear and oil pump shaft (one piece) and then use a drill with the proper extension and lube the engine with the oil pump before turning over. The intake manifold may have to be removed and re-timing of the oil pump drive to the camshaft. Not for the amature machnic! Also fill the cylinders with a light oil and maybe penetrating oil mix, first without the spark plugs in. Let it soak for a few days for the oil to go past the end gaps on the rings. Suck out extra oil before cranking. You might also try to turn the engine over a little. both ways with a power bar on the crank nut.
  12. Roger Walling

    Tool restoration

    I first thought , what a waste of time when you will probably use it a few times.. Then I thought about all the time spent restoring cars that just sit in the garage most of the time. ๐Ÿ™„ (It is a nice shelf ornament though!)
  13. Roger Walling

    Tupelo Museum Closing, Selling Off Cars

    AH, pink, pink, pink. Many years ago I pasted a junk shop and there was a pink barbie doll fiberglass Corvette electric car just right for a little girl to drive around her driveway. I almost bought it for $50.00, BUT, PINK? My manley instinct would not let me do it. Now you would never guess what they are selling for now!
  14. Roger Walling

    Restoration vs. Preservation ??

    Patina is the way to go. Even though extensive new metal was installed on the body and fenders, after wetting the new metal several times with bleach, the car looks like very old repairs. I regularly wipe it down with WD40 and automatic trans oil.
  15. Roger Walling

    For those of you looking for