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  1. A friend of mine was stationed in Alaska in the early days of the cold war and one day he called me to tell me about a plane that they tracked on radar that was going faster than anything they had ever seen. ( first supersonic spy plane) They called NORAD and they said,"we got it, forget you ever seen it"
  2. Parting out a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria. (Bad frame)Complete car with many extra NOS parts and aftermarket parts.Parts sold individually or as desired.Motor sounds good.Trans shifted good (on jack stands)Good radiator.Excellent used spare parts, (hood, fenders, headlight doors, etc Send a PM with parts desired.
  3. I just sold a convertible with a weak top {buyer knew it} and he sent an open car carrier to pick it up. 1500 mile trip and it went right into a heavy rain storm. I doubt if it made it without dousing the interior. (or worse, the top flapping on the trunk's paint}
  4. I purchased a car online (eBay) and it turned out better than what I expected. I spoke with man and asked many questions, I also wanted to see a pic. of his drivers licence. I went on google maps and looked at his house. Everything looked and sounded right. I was looking for a project to completely restore, and I was satisfied with the purchase. However, if I was expecting a good driver, I would have been very disappointed.
  5. I did a 38 Buick on to a 88 Caddy frame. The frame was too wide so I welded in 6X2x1/8" tube inside of the rails and then removed the original rails. The wheel base was within 1" so I split the diff in the front and rear. The body, of course, needed a lot of modification, especially at the rear cross member.
  6. My head is still spinning with the angle of the second pic. 🙃
  7. I am currently looking to purchase a 1932 Ford roadster. I would prefer to buy a new one for $460 list price but I may have to get a used one, if I can't get a good deal on a new one. 🙄
  8. To me, the "texture of the paint is more important than the color. Modern paints have a luster or shine that is different then enamel or lacquer. Getting the exact color or hue is impossible, do to the fact that many pigments are no longer available. I would be happy with a color that is as close to original and then buff off the artificial shine. PS. color chips are not the perfect match as they are inks or paint on paper, that does not reproduce as well as on metal. Another point that I would like to make is that colors change with time and the sun. I had a fleet customer that complained that the color was off on a truck that I just painted. I walked him out to the parking lot and pointed out several trucks that were factory painted, and the ones that I painted, and none were the same exact color!
  9. This is the car that I am discussing. I hope that I am not offending anyone by posting it.🙄
  10. Well today I have good news and bad news. The bad, I drove it around my yard and it did what Fieros do best, it caught fire. The good news, only burnt the spark plug wires before I got it out. (I always carry my trusty fire extingusher) That was the last straw, I am now going to install a 4.9 Caddy engine in it after perusing the Fiero site.
  11. When we used to run a dragster in the early 60's, we could not afford oil pan gaskets so we used twine covered with Form-A-Gasket. We first installed the bolts then put the twine in length wise and then tightened the bolts. It never leaked like the cork gaskets. (AA Dragster blown)
  12. For fire safety I would recommend a pass door in the rear end of the garage.
  13. After spending a lot of time diagnosing the electronic and fuel system, I was told that it may be stale gas that is causing the problem. I drained the 4 or 5 year old gas and put in 5 gal. of fresh gas. IT IS NOW RUNNING!!!😀😁👍 It took a few minutes to settle down and idle smoothly but the smoke and horrible smell is now gone. I was able to bring the rpm up to 3500 rpm for the first tome and it kept running! I an still getting a code 35 and the idle is 200 rpm too high but it does run.
  14. This is why I have an electric pump on most of my cars. Turn on ign., wait until the pump stops, and the car starts right away.
  15. What a coincidence, I took apart my sticky ratchet and lubed it yesterday. I was going to throw it out but it turned out to only had some sand in it.😊