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  1. If your desire to keep the temp. below 200, I think the best place is to place the cooler after the radiator.
  2. There is a huge stanch of these fake gold coins. So much so, that many investment companies refuse to have them verified.
  3. If you want your speedometer repaired, just find an old car salesman. They "repaired" almost every speedometer in every one of the cars that they sold!
  4. A friend of mine in the glass business wanted to have 20 windshields made for a 1975 Chrysler convertible. The factory told him that for every one made in 1957, one was broken in the process. No way would they even try to fill his order! They are almost imposable to find. He has two of them and will not sell them to anyone in case he ever buys a 300. as he is a 300 nut.
  5. The frame on 55's were often rotted. Tap the bottom of the frame under the doors and the front crossmember. The "wood trim is VERY hard to find. ( A 55 front cross member is made of unobtanium.)
  6. Attention to detail is very evidently there. I would really like to know what it is though.
  7. Some people just couldn't wait to try out the new road.
  8. I think some of the designers here are the ones that designed the platypus.
  9. Ed, we are still accepting members in the Strokers Hot Rod Club. 😁
  10. I was once advised to use this bill of sale, BILL OF SALE 5/14/2002 One 1968 Ford, VIN... Sold to,___________________________ I acknowledge that the car is sold as-is, where-is, without any warranty or guarantee of fitness, and that I have inspected the car and I am satisfied, using my own judgment, that the car is satisfactory for the use that I am going to put it to. Signed, ____________________________
  11. according to Google, ... Whenever a copper or copper-rich alloy is likely to come into contact with atmospheres containing (1) ammonia, water vapor and acetylene, or (2) lime-sludge, water vapor and acetylene, or a combination of these two, there is the probability of acetylide formation and danger of explosion. The action is aided by the presence of air, or air with carbon dioxide, and hindered by the presence of nitrogen. Explosive acetylides may be formed on copper or brasses containing more than 50% copper when these are exposed to acetylene atmospheres. The acetylides produced by act
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