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  1. I have a 1948 cloth headline that is not torn. (yet). I would like to know if there is a spray that will strengthen and possibly color a headliner to resist deterioration. On My 55 Chrysler, I sprayed on a vinyl paint, dryly, that stiffened up the fabric and added some color to it but it doesn't look that good. I am hoping to do a better job on my next car. I have heard of fabric stiffeners that are used in the arts and crafts to make permanent creased and folds in cloth. I am wondering if that has been used for this purpose"?
  2. Anyone knows that the quickest way to smooth over a parking lot is to pour 6" of concrete over it and smooth it to a level surface. (Of course that will crack too!)
  3. We use a product called Icing. It is a very fine plastic filler for very minor imperfections. it is used to fill in where the "bondo" stops and the metal starts.
  4. I have a 871 Detroit 2 cycle that uses that much oil and I subscribe to that "oil change" schedule! (except mine loses 3 or 4 qts. a 1000) I have never changed the oil. 👍 The blower boxes on both sides of the engine actually have drain tubes on them directly on to the road.
  5. A friend of mine had a car that had so low of compression that it was very hard to start. He sprinkled a can of abrasive cleaning agent (Ajax) into the carb to "hone the rings". I often wondered if it did the job, and what effect it had on the bearings due to blow by. Has anyone ever heard of this practice?
  6. Finally. A massive tire size chart with both metric and inch tire sizes listed to easily compare every tire size in one spot. Here are two tire size charts that list every tire by wheel size or by diameter to make your search as simple as possible. Each metric tire measurement shows both the metric tire size and the inch equivalent. To calculate a metric tire size into inches you multiply the first number by the second number devided by 100 which gives you the sidewall height in millimeters, divide it by 25.4 to convert it to inches. The overall diameter is then the wheel diameter plus 2 sidew
  7. I beg to differ with this scenario. When I used to use a phone while driving, it was to answer some question or to give difficult answers to a problem. I found that I was concentrating on the call instead of my driving and several times I had to make a sudden driving correction in order to avoid an accident. I stopped using the phone way before it was made illegal in my state. I don't see how hands free talking would solve the problem. Talking to a person in the car is different, you are not in deep thought while chit chatting and can stop or hesitate at any time a
  8. My brother bought that guarantee about rust proofing for his brand new 70's Ford. Several years down the road when it rusted out, the company refunded his money per the fine print in the contract. So, the company got to use his money for several years at no cost. (I repaired the rust damage and found absolutely no rust proofing in that area! They just drilled holes in the door jamb and installed those bright yellow plugs.)
  9. I read their terms and conditions and it looks to me that they can substitute different parts , as available, whether they meet your approval or not. So much for the hole in Matt's Lincoln block. (350's are good replacements, as many people use them" Of course, I may be wrong, as I did not have my lawyer study the contract of term and conditions. ðŸĪŠðŸ™ˆðŸ™‰ðŸ™Š
  10. 1956 F750 converted to a ramp truck The cargo is a 1941 COE Ford converted to a tow truck.
  11. If you are looking for a dipstick, you are in the right place.😈
  12. Check with a tow truck supplier. They have signal lights that tow truck drivers attach to the towed vehicle that are wireless.
  13. There have been subject lines recently that do not properly describe the content of the post. It is much like how the news is being hyped, causing the readers to read a story that they probably not read san the hype in the the subject line. If you want others to read about your 1937 Wisbang, don't start your post with "Guess what my best friend and my wife bought!"
  14. Lebowski , You definitely have to update your avatar. The color of your hair seems to be slightly different than your photo.🧔ðŸ‘Ļ‍ðŸĶģ
  15. Automotive batteries by size. https://www.batteryequivalents.com/bci-battery-group-size-chart.html
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