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  1. Hi does any one know where to get a license plate lens fo a 1933 dodge coupe?will take plastic till i find a glass one thanks Jim
  2. Thanks Harsh.that is for a truck ,not the same but thanks im still looking Jim
  3. Hi ,thanks I can not find that number in ebay store 453961107 . I did a search but does not come up thanks jim
  4. Hi, Do you have a license plate lens ? I might have a ring I will have to look. thanks jim
  5. hi looking for lens for license plate light ,any one know where i can get one?thanks Jim
  6. I believe the spit fire engine is a 41 would like to see if it fit my 33 dodge thanks jim
  7. dose anyone know if crysler made a spitfire engine and if it is the same block as dodge,are the parts interchangable ? thanks Jim
  8. Hi a good radiator shop should be able to recore and repair your radiator,they can put extra row in it to carry extra coolent for streetrods,they can change where the hose connections are also .good luck Jim
  9. Body shop recommends doing patches before you remove body,take care where wooden blocks and rubber pads are, make sure they go back at the same place take pictures so you know how they go.when you put body back on you may have to adjust it with shims to get door to close right.you will have to bolt the body down tight to make sure you have it right.I just completed my 33 coupe body, I put patch panel on before it was taken off .good luck
  10. HI I might have one of those ,I believe the number on it is 615 It will take a while to find it, let me know if your interested Jim elevdoc5@aol.com
  11. Hi ,you can get them at hardware store there 3/8 X 24 thread brass nuts. good Luck Jim
  12. sorry ,looking for wire wheel hubcaps Thanks Jim
  13. Hi,Im looking for hubcaps for 1933 dodge coupe or where i can have them repaired thanks Jim
  14. Hi you can try restoration supply company www.restoratonstuff.com ,or Restoration Specialties & Supplies Inc. www.restorationspecialties.com , if they dont you can sandblast s.steel It will give same affect. good luck Jim