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  1. Here are the Buicks I took photos of while at New Bern, NC AACCA Grand Nationals this past weekend. I think I took photos of all those entered but may have missed a few. More to come in next post Chuck Nixon
  2. After a total trip of 2700 miles just returned from the AACA Grand Nationals in New Bern, NC and it was an awesome event. Over 500 vehicles attended and judged and a nice collection of Buicks of all ages. I have photos of all the Buicks I saw and need to post them soon. This was our first Grand National after winning our Senior at Hershey in 2009 and last Saturday we were fortunate to win a First Grand National award with the 1932 Model 67 Buick. Now we have to go to another Grand National in a year or two and see if we can win a Senior Grand National We have been invited to bring the 32 and show it at Meadow Brook Concours July 25th in Rochester Michigan on the grounds of Oakland University and then we head due west to Ames, Iowa for the annual BCA meet. Looking forward to the trip to the midwest as we have never visited there much and hope to do some sight seeing and museum trips between Meadow Brook and Ames. Chuck Nixon
  3. I feel your frustration about how to get to the showfield from the Chocolate field. In my case I drove our 32 Buick out of CF and up to the red light at 322, turned left went about 200 yds to the striped area in the middle of the road, then stopped, waited for North bound traffic to go by and did a U turn back to 39 East, turned right and was waved into the parade entrance and on to the red entrance to the show field. Buddies of mine came along about an hour later in a 1925 Buick did the U turn at the 322 light and promptly got pulled over and handed a ticket. There has to be an easier way to access the parade route. Chuck Nixon
  4. Barney, just got the car back tonight from Hershey. We will plan to come to Salado in April. I wanted to bring it last year but had a conflict with AACA Charlotte and the rear main had a serious oil leak which is now fixed. We want to share and show the car as much as we can to let others appreciate the wonderful designs GM and Buick produced in 1932. Chuck
  5. We were there with the 32 Buick model 67 Tues -Friday on the Chocolate Field and then on the showfield Saturday morning. We were fortunate to receive our Senior award. There were some beautiful Buicks on the showfield and I have some pictures I will post later. Chuck Nixon Fort Worth, TX
  6. Just bought a 24' Pace Daytona enclosed trailer and had Pace add an escape door. Also had a Bulldog electric tongue jack installed with a battery in the trailer and connected to the towing vehicle through the 7 pin hitch. Also installed a 5000# Superwinch and a few other tweaks. Just drove 2500 miles round trip with the trailer from Fort Worth, TX to Concord (Charlotte) N.C. for the AACA Eastern regional. Picked up my 1932 Buick Model 67 that had been shipped from Connecticut to Concord for judging for a First Junior award. We got the first junior with 399 our of 400 points and then I loaded the Buick in the Daytona and came back to Fort Worth. The escape door is a must if you have a show car and want maximum flexibility. My $0.02 Chuck Nixon
  7. <span style="font-weight: bold">Finishing a restoration on a 1932 Buick Model 60 four door sedan. Need the following: [*]Heat riser for exhaust [*]Radiator louver control(Sylphon control) [*]wiper motor [*]Grab ropes for back seat [*]Knob for trunk rack adjustment Call or email: Chuck Nixon 817 735 6030 office 817 233 1470 cell</span>
  8. As of June 17th I am the owner of a 1932 Buick Model 67 with 9566 Miles on it! Black car, several options, wood wheels with spares, no rust, car runs after sitting in storage since 1932/33. Widow did not know husband had the car (it was his father's we think. Car was in storage with lots of other stuff and when Widow and son/daughter went to see what was there found the car and lots of other stuff. I bought it from a restorer in Connecticut who will restore it after I see it first hand and decide what to do. I have attached a photo of the car above. Chuck Nixon
  9. I have a located a 1932 Model 57 just out of a barn in original condition. Can someone give me an ideal of what a range of what it is worth? Needs total restoration but all there. Thanks