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  1. I am converting my 67 GS 400 to disk brakes on the front and not sure the stock chrome 14" wheels with drum brakes will work with the back set on disk brakes. Any one have experience with this. I have heard I might have to use 69-72 Chevelle wheels which were 14" with disk brakes. While I can buy new 14" OEM wheel copies from OPGI in either 6" x 14 with 3.5" back set or 7" x 14 with 4.15" back set not sure either of these work. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. I know I am bringing up the rear on this because others are always looking for one of these AM/FM radios but I thought I would try the BCA world out there and see what I could find. I have done the ebay and google searching with no luck so I thought I would post here. Open to any suggestions on where to go hunting. Thanks
  3. Found this post and it helps. I will attack the wipers tomorrow
  4. OK, have not had our 89 Reatta that long but went to replace the wipers today and could not find a way to release the pins from the wiper blades. No help in the book in the glove compartment. I have not done a search here or on the web but thought someone could give me the solution in a few words. Thanks
  5. Well I typed in Chuck and found four of the five cars I put in. Generally got 2-4 thumbs down but lots of thumbs up.. They really like the 67 GS 400 with 40+ likes and only 2 thumbs down. I think someone is hung up on putting thumbs down on everything, sorta warped personalty.
  6. i too have travelled to Carrier, OK and bought Riviera parts from Ken and have order parts over the phone to have them shipped to me. Ironically I just emailed him about 67 Skylark GS 400 parts for a car I just bought in Iowa. if he has several of the parts I am looking for and several 67 Skylarks that I could scour and strip then I am going to drive the 5 hours to Carrier, stay overnight like I did before and have some fun while I spend some money.
  7. After swearing I was not going to buy anything else last week I went to Iowa and bought a 1967 Buick GS 400. Car is nice driver but I want to upgrade it and I am looking for recommendations on parts sources and 67 GS 400 folks who I could contact with questions etc. I want to bring the car up to judging quality but probably will not invest the dollars to make it a 400 point car. Car is well optioned except for factory disk brakes and no A/C. Being in Texas will probably put Vintage Air in the car. I am looking for a rear bumper in nice shape or source for exchange that does nice triple plating chrome work, nice dash pad, restored steering wheel, really nice dash bezel, and nice door arm rests, Thanks in advance for any info provided.
  8. Hi John, glad to see another Texan with a 1932 67. Look forward to seeing your car at a Texas gathering perhaps Salado or other regional event.
  9. Hi Mark, it seems Dianne and I will not be bringing the 32 to Oregon due to the distance and the mountains, BUT we have choices. In a weak moment we bought an Senior Gold 1989 Reatta with 22K on it in SouthBend the Sunday morning after the BCA meet. Since I had sent the 32 from Southbend to CT by separate transport for some tweaking before Hershey, I could not come back to Texas with an empty trailer! Also have my eye on a 1967 GS 400 that I think I need for daily trips here and there. I am selling my two 1973 Rivieras to make room for the GS 400. We thought a fun trip to Oregon in the Reatta makes sense. Chuck
  10. When my 1932 67S Buick was finally restored I realized to protect it while travelling I needed an enclosed trailer. I did a lot of research on a lot of brands and decided Pace American was the quality level I wanted. I lucked out and found a 2008new one at a dealer who was hurting for cash and I bought it in January 2009 $4000 under the 2009 price. It is one of their models used by guys that race so it has cabinets in the front, a generator space in the front, extra 6" in clear height space, and fully finished inside with aluminum, vinyl floor, lights, etc. I had the "escape" door added by Pace because I do drive the car in the trailer and it is great for getting out of the car and not damaging the paint. Pace went under during the economy downturn but I understand the original owners have restarted the company. We have towed the 32 Buick in the trailer all over the country and made all BCA National meets since 2009 plus a lot of AACA meets and a few Concours de elegance affairs. We tow with a F250 super duty Ford diesel crew cab and it is great for pulling the almost 10,000# load. I would recommed no less than the 24" length and the V nose is a bonus I wish I had. Chuck Nixon
  11. Anybody thinking of driving from Texas/Oklahoma/Arkansas region? Chuck Nixon
  12. Here is a 1964 Chuck NIxon Fort Worth, TX
  13. Dianne and I are coming to the event and bringing the 32 Buick. Looking forward to it and will mail registration tomorrow. Got a room at the Fredericksburg Inn, expensive since we missed the deadline. Chuck Nixon
  14. And here we are at the 2009 BCA National in Colorado Springs Chuck and Dianne
  15. Hi Gert and all the best to you and yours in 2012. Many years ago I was in the Air Force and stationed at Oxnard AFB. It was declared excess and closed in October 1969 and I stayed behind as the Commander of a closed Air Force Base while GSA fought it out with Ventura County who wanted to make it the county airport. I left in May of 1972 but while there on nights and weekends I restored my first antique automobile, a 1929 Model A Ford Huckster truck. It has a Martin Parry commercial body from York, PA and is one of 2 or 3 I am aware of. It is a long story but when I see you are in Lompoc that brought back memories of our stay at Oxnard AFB as we travelled there several times to enjoy the scenery and strawberries. Chuck
  16. Thanks and yes, two side mount spares which came with the model 67 and a trunk rack on the back. I finally found the correct trunk at Hershey this past October and it is being restored and painted the correct body color. Should have it done and on the car by the AACA Grand National meet in Shelbyville in June and then on to the BCA in Charlotte. Chuck Some additional details:
  17. Web site blocked on my computer with Windows 7, won't let me open it. Chuck Nixon
  18. I agree with most of the comments throughout this thread. In my case lack of availability of personal time, lack of knowledge of the 32 Buick series and the available resources for parts, correctness etc. led me to let the restorer in Connecticut completely restore the car. I too had 15-20 photos, a descripton of the work accomplished during the week and an invoice each Sunday night for 3.5 years and yes we blew the estimate many times over for valid reasons. I call the car my "Rolling 401K" and I will NEVER get back what I have in the car but we did not go into it with the thought that we needed to spend only what it was worth. The restoration is stunning, we have had it Meadowbrook Concours and it has won national AACA awards as well as BCA Senior Gold plus the Spirit of Buick Award from Nicola Bulgari all since March 2009. Now having said that we never expected to be in the position to have a car that nice when we started. I will say we have had a ton of fun showing the car and meeting new friends in both BCA and AACA around the country and we continue to make plans to show it in 2012 at Shelbyville, TN for hopefully its Senior Grand National award and then on to BCA in Concord, NC for another week with BCA friends. I have other cars that are originals, drivers, and restored and they are all fun and have their own story. Life is good and we are blessed to have such a fun hobby and great people who are a part of it. Chuck Nixon 1929 Model A Ford Huckster (complete frame off rebuild 1969 - 1972 while in the Air Force) 1932 Buick Model 67 1965 Corvette Coupe 327/365 hp 4 spd with A/C 1969 Chevelle SS Convertible 396/325 hp, 4 spd with A/C - frame on restored 1973 Buick Rivieras - have two drivers in nice shape 2006 SSR Chevy truck 2007 Corvette Indy Pace Car replica - 1 of 500 (won it with a $100 raffle ticket at National Corvette Museum in July 2007)
  19. Gehlhaar, Mac Blair will be the expert for the answers you need. He played a significant role in the restoration of my 32 Model 67 through answering questions and providing parts. The restorer, Jesse Morton with Academy Restorations, worked on my car for 3.5 years and we restored it to original. John Scheib was instrumental and linking me up with the car after the owner died and the widow found the car in a warehouse after 35-40+ years. Mac, Jesse or John can be of a great help to you. Great looking car, great to have it back in your stable. Chuck Nixon Fort Worth, TX Our 32 in Maxfield Blue and Maxfield Blue Dark
  20. See my ad in Buy/Sell/Wanted. Gernerator quit in my 1932 Model 67 Sedan. Service manual says 31 or 32 model 60/80/90 generators are the same. All leads appreciated. Chuck Nixon
  21. I need a generator for my 1932 model 67 series Buick. Service manual says 1931 and 1932 generators for models 60/80/90 are the same. Need one working or one that can be rebuilt, what have you and how much? Send me a PM or Thanks in advance Chuck Nixon
  22. I need a generator for my 1932 Buick Model 67. Buick says 1931 and 1932 60/80/90 series generators are the same. Either working or needing rebuilding wha do you have and how much? Thanks in advance, Chuck Nixon
  23. I have had the G-Floor diamond plate pattern in my new garage for about 15 months now. I bought three 10' x 24' rolls and put them down side by side. The only downside I have found is they eventually shrink a bit so the joints that were tight side by side now have about 3/16 - 1/4" opening between the edges. It is not real noticeable and one could pull the floor together and have tight joints again but I have three car lifts sitting on the flooring so I cannot move it easily. Also if you have an oil or transmission leak and don't wipe it up within a few days it will leave a light brown stain when you do wipe them up. I have not been able to remove the stains but I have not tried lacquer thinner yet. I think the color from the oil seems into the vinyl and I don't think it will come off. Newer tires will also leave brown tread marks but they do that on epoxy floors also. All said and done I really like my installation because I was covering a 50 year old slab from a previous garage that had begun to spall plus adding a new concrete slab next to it. This way one cannot tell where the old is and the new begins. It is very easy to sweep, vacuum or mop depending on how much dirt and dust gets in your garage. If you don't have any thing sitting on top of the vinyl you can drag them outside, wash them and then put them back in place. The vinyl lays very flat naturally. We sprayed rubber cement six inches on either side of the joints and then jammed the edges together to a tight joint and rolled the vinyl. I don't think the rubber cement is necessary because on one edge joint we did not spray cement and it lays perfectly flat today. Let me know if you have more questions and we can talk further. Chuck Nixon
  24. Pete, I am going and showing the 32 Buick all week under the restorers tent and at the showfield Saturday. Since I am batching it I will have time to walk the corral and lots of the fields so I will take the Nikon and plan on photographing all the buicks I can find. Lets talk soon. I am flying to Boston on Monday, Oct 3rd, grab the pickup, head to Connecticut and pick up the trailer and will arrive in Hershey Wed afternoon. Plan to leave for Texas with 32 in the trailer on Saturday after the show field closes. Chuck