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  1. Hello from another 1932 Buick 67 S owner.  You need to contact Mac Blair who is the "32 Guru" and the recognized expert on all models of 1932 Buick.  He has had many of them and has several rare ones in his collection.  He has a stock of used parts and hundreds of new ones he had made and sells.  His email is  If you google Mac Blair 32 Buick Registry you may find his phone number.  My car has many parts from Mac that he supplied during the restoration,


    Good luck and happy to help with info if needed.




    1932 Buick Registry
    McClellan G Blair
    3000 Warren Rd
    Indiana, PA 15701





  2. Gotta love the conversion from film to digital, even though I have 3 perfectly good Nikon 35mm cameras.  Great stuff Eric, and really appreciate the time you are taking to sort, crop, photo shop, and post.  I took about 150 photos and some were the groups of models so maybe this weekend I can find time to download, sort and post if I find something that has not already been shown..


    In my opinion you are nominated and elected to be the official photographer for 2016 Allentown 50th celebration  :D 



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  3. I have a friend here in Fort Worth that purchased a one of a kind GM GTO  concept car with an LS2, front wheel drive etc. very similar in concept to the Rainer.  These cars apparently don't have a VIN and without a title or VIN they can be registered because they were never certified as meeting Federal Safety criteria.  Someone else on the Forum probably knows a lot more about this than I do.  I attended the Sam Pack auction earlier this year and he had at least 4 to 6 Ford Concept cars he had purchased from Ford over time and they were not to be registered or street driven.  Most had complete running gear but If I recall a couple did not.  


    To me it is a shame these one off cars cannot be registered and driven on the street, If I purchased one I would try everything I could to make it legal to drive.



  4. Marty the 34 is a beautiful car and my wife and I can relate on how the restoration got done and the end result.  I just wish we had spent what you did instead of the higher amount it took us to bring back the 1932 67S.  It was a complete car but did not have the TLC yours did and sat lonely, damp, and neglected for 40+? years in a leaking warehouse in Connecticut.  We too have gone the AACA awards route and enjoyed meeting all the great people and seeing the wonderful cars.


    If we did not have the 32 I would probably be longing for your 34;


    All the best,

    Chuck Nixon




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  5. I have too many cars and need to sell a couple so I am offering my 1989 Reatta Coupe with only 23K original miles on it. Bought it at South Bend, Indiana BCA national meet in summer of 2013 where it had been entered by the owner and won a Senior Gold Award in the 400 point judging. I have put less than a 100 miles on the car since we bought it as I have so many toys it has to wait its turn.

    Fully loaded, like new tires, if interested send me a PM and we can talk. I am taking it to BCA National Meet in Springfied, MS next week with a for sale sign on it. Paid $11,000 for it and would like to get the same back. Not many out there this nice.


    Chuck Nixon

    Fort Worth, TX

    Attached Thumbnails








  6. I have too many cars and need to sell a couple so I am offering my 1989 Reatta Coupe with only 23K original miles on it. Bought it at South Bend, Indiana BCA national meet in summer of 2013 where it had been entered by the owner and won a Senior Gold Award in the 400 point judging. I have put less than a 100 miles on the car since we bought it as I have so many toys it has to wait its turn.

    Fully loaded, like new tires, if interested send me a PM and we can talk. I am taking it to BCA National Meet in Springfied, MS next week with a for sale sign on it. Paid $11,000 for it and would like to get the same back. Not many out there this nice.


    Chuck Nixon

    Fort Worth, TX







  7. As I said Chuck it was hard to tell from the pictures, the offset didn't look right for the 67's.  That is only the 2nd black Sportwagon I have seen, the other on had the gold interior & wood grain.  I usually prefer the wood grain, but with the black on black the no wood grain really works well.

    And here is a nice 67 Sport Wagon for sale but it does not have nearly the options the one I bought has.  I do like the red color but the black is awesome.




  8. Thanks for the positive comments guys, in fact the wheels are 14 x 6 rallys identical to the rallys on my  67 GS 400.  I bought them new with center caps from OPGI.


    I would really like to bring the car to Springfield but the interior needs work and it does not come close to the quality of the exterior.  I need new seat covers on the back seat and third seat plus the folding hardware for both seats needs to be removed, prepped and repainted black.  The headliner, dash, door panels, etc are all very nice.  I have the original steering wheel that is probably unrepairable it has so many cracks but I have the original wheel off my 67 GS 400 that only has a couple of cracks and I might repair it, repaint it and install it in the wagon.


    My plan is anything I do to the car other than stock will be bolt on and could be removed and the car put back to stock.


    I am coming to Springfield but will probably bring the 1932 Buick.  



  9. I am the proud owner of a 1967 Sport Wagon I bought out of Nebraska one month ago today. I found the car online and over a period of several months chatted online and by phone with the owner. The car was owned by a Nebraska family and then sold at an estate sale, then the owner I bought it from has had it about 7 years.
    The previous owner is a car guy and his business is a resto/rod shop. The wagon is a factory black car and he stripped it to bare metal, found no rust and gave it a $10-15 K PPG single stage black with clear paint job. 

    The wagon is loaded with options including: 

    · Power steering
      Power Brakes 
    · Power windows, 
    · Power tailgate window, 
    · Power seats. 
    · AM/FM radio, 
    · rear seat speaker, 
    · custom seatbelts, 
    · carpet savers and handy mats. 
    · ICE COLD A/C converted to 134, 
    · tinted glass, 
    · electric clock, 
    · luggage locker with lock, 
    · full original wheel covers,(I changed to 67 rally wheels)
    · tilt steering column, 
    · 3rd row seat, 
    · roof rack, 
    · 10 bolt positraction rear end, 
    · protecto plate. 
    · Rare double black car. Professional repaint of a very clean rust free car. 
    · Original black interior in good condition that can use some work
    · 340 4 barrel engine with the super turbine 400 transmission.

    The wagon came with a set of new Firestone radials, drives like a new car, and glides over the bumps in the road. I have had an itch for a wagon every since I had Chevelles and saw guys convert Chevelle wagons to SuperSport clones. I am thinking of putting a GS grille in the car as the red horizontal stripe would look awesome with the black paint.  I also have a couple of GS 400 complete engines and since the 340 in the wagon is not numbers matching I have been thinking about rebuilding one of the 400's and dropping it in the wagon, star-wars air cleaner and all.

    I am looking forward to bringing the interior up to the quality of the exterior this summer. The front seat has been redone and is really nice with the original pleats duplicated and the previous owner even had the embossed trim cut out of the originally seat covers and sewn into the new covering and it looks great. I need to get the back seat and third seat re-done like the front. It also needs new carpet from back of front seat to tail gate and seat hinges and hardware cleaned and painted but that is all minor and I will have fun this summer getting it done. 

    The two things that don't work is the clock (duh) and the self-leveling system which has the components in the rear but no compressor under the hood. It has coil over shocks in the rear which work nicely but I could always add adjustable air shocks.
    I have made the decision to sell the 73 Riviera as soon as I get the dash back in and will now also sell the 89 Reatta as we are not driving it and there is a market for low mileage Reatta's in great shape which this car is.
    I have only had the wagon out on the street three times and have gotten all kinds of thumbs up and comments like " we had a wagon growing up, great car" Others want to know what make and year the wagon is.  The black paint is stunning and I am thinking of a double red pin stripe along the side that would look classy on the shiny black paint. 
    Fun and games ahead and he car is actually practical for running to Home Depot, picnics, etc.
    Have a great weekend,










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  10. I received a notice from this forum that someone tried to enter my account (32Buick67s) at 1;11 AM this morning. They tried a password five times and did not get through. The automatic message I received said it was from URL So, I put that number in the web address line and here is what showed up:

    Also a google search turns up this:

    Apparently this is a hacker from China that has been very active lately trying to access folks accounts all over.

    Too bad we can't find this person and apply American justice.


  11. Glenn, that sounds very clever and is something I would love to try. Right now, my whole frame is suspended from the ceiling with everything else gone. I'm gonna first try a couple things with my standard pulley puller that were mentioned above. I'll bet I've got a hitch ball close by that will do this.

    Last night I found a place on the internet that will make a correct hub puller for $200. I'll try a lot of things before I buy one.

    Thank You,


    I followed up on your internet source and had a long discussion with George McMurtry, a gentleman who has been making hub pullers for years for any particular brand and model. He is going to make a puller for me for my 1932 Model 67 drums and has a no pay clause until one receives the puller, tries it and it works. I am looking forward to receiving my puller in about two weeks after George returns from vacation. A couple of hours fooling aroung with other ways that might work etc. will burn up $200 real quick so I think it is worth having a puller that travels with the car in the trunk and is always available.

    My $0.02 :cool:

  12. For those of you with early 1930's Buicks I am looking for a wheel puller for my 1932 Buick Model 67, a four door sedan. We want to pull the rear drums off and need a special wheel puller to make it happen. If any one out there has the correct wheel puller and would be willing to loan or sell it I would pay for the privilege to use it or buy it. Any unique ideas or previous experience on how to build the puller or adapt a normal one would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.




  13. Found a lightly used pan through a fellow Buick forum member. ;) This Forum is great !

    My pan was damaged sometime in the past 47 years and repaired with a steel plate on the bottom. Talked with TA Performance and their 400/430/455 pan has to be modified because it hits the cross member as current made. There fore sill looking for a decent used pan. Also looking for valve covers for the 67 400.

    Thanks for any leads or contact to send me in the right direction.

  14. Removed the 67 400 oil pan today from the 430 that was in the car and found it has a large patch on the bottom of the pan. Patch is solid and not leaking but is very ugly to say the least and I for one know it is there. Anybody have a line on a 67 400 oil pan or equivalent I could purchase?

    Thanks in advance