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  1. It doesn't really matter what any magazine, or any broker, or salesman values a car to be - A car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
  2. I have been to the Ford Museum and the Hall of Fame museum twice - and may try to go there again next weekend while we're there for the Auto Show as well. Be sure to plan a minimum of 2 hours for the Hall of Fame - in my opinion it's the most interesting because one learns about all of the companies created due to the invention of the automobile. The first time I went to the Ford Museum I was expecting it to be all about cars but was pleasantly surprised to find that it had much more as well.
  3. Thank you so much, ZondaC12 - I really appreciate it!
  4. Hello, I have a '39 shop manual which has to be used in conjunction with the '38 manual (which I don't have) ... I searched the forum and found the torque lbs. for the cylinder head, but could someone please direct me to where I can find the torque sequence?? Thanks!
  5. With this train of thought, maybe Jag will go back to the Lucas ignition....
  6. Hi, No, you don't have to register to buy or look around. We're going to Hershey this year for the first time as well - looking forward to it!!
  7. I sent you a private message. Please read and send me pics. Thnaks, Neal
  8. I saw this car didn't sell, even though the seller lowered the reserve.... 2 of the bidders retracted their bids as well. I have a question, though, just like the seller did - what DOES X22 mean?? She seem to be dumbfounded or playing dumb when asked that question a couple of times. Thanks, Neal
  9. Hi, I noticed that you said you didn't have time to get to the cosmetics. What does it need cosmetically? mechanically? Pics would be nice. Thanks, Neal
  10. I'm the proud owner of this Reatta. It now calls Ohio its new home. It is keeping my '39 Buick company........
  11. I'm interested in the rear plastic surround that hides the bumper and the black peice underneath which hides the muffler as well as the rear passenger inter fender peice. Thanks, Neal
  12. I could use the rear passenger inner fender and the fiber glass piece under the rear bumper.....
  13. Hi Randy, Thanks for responding. Yes, I do. Please let me know. Thanks, Neal
  14. I'm in need of a water pump for my special 8. Mine cracked during rebuild. Thanks ,
  15. I have rebuild kit. I need the shell. Mine cracked during rebuild Thanks....
  16. Hi superbilly, I'm in need of a water pump '39 special series 40. Thanks,
  17. I need a carter carburator model # 419S or 440S. Thanks, MyFirstBuick
  18. One of the bolts fastening the thermastat housing to the piece below it(pardon my ignorance on part names) was broke off and I tried to retap it. Everything went fine until I tried threading in a new bolt and a piece broke off. Not off the thermastat housing but the piece below it containing the threads. I tried JB Weld but if won't hold. I would appreciate any advise on repairs or location of a possible used part. Thanks,
  19. Thank you both for responding - I will try your suggestion and report back on the results. You've saved me a lot of possible work and unneccessary expense! Neal
  20. Hello, I bought a 39 Buick that had been sitting for a while (last sticker was '98). It turns over fine, and #1 will fire, but that's it. Removed all plugs to turn it over to try to check the compression and oil is coming out of 6 of the 8 spark plug openings. I am thinking that perhaps the rings are frozen - is there anything I can do to try to free them up without pulling off the head? Or, are there any other suggestions - am I in left field? Could it be something else I haven't thought of? Thanks in advance for your help! Neal
  21. Thanks so much for your response. This is my first classic Buick and I was not aware that oil filters were an option item. Regards,
  22. UBB7-ML-254649-ML- myfirstbuick...Welcome to the AACA Forum. Moved your post to the Tech Questions area. Please provide more info, such as year of the buick, possibly a photo attachment, and, anything else to garner a good response from experienced folks on this site. Regards, Peter J. Heizmann
  23. Hello! I feel somewhat stupid asking this question ... I brought home my first Buick yesterday and I've been going through it..and I can't find the OIL FILTER! Where is it??? Thank you!
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