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  1. What a shame! I feel for you guy. I'm the one with the '61 Imperial who responded to your other post. Years ago, before the '61, I had a gorgeous '60 Imperial and foolishly stored some things on the garage rafters above my car. One day, I was moving things around and too lazy to move the car out of the way and something fell on the hood car causing a dent. A paintless dent guy did a fantastic job fixing it. I didn't make a claim as it was my fault, but just wanted to say they can work wonders. I remember he did comment how heavy the metal was on these cars compared to modern giving him a lot of extra muscle work to do, but he loved the car and was happy to restore it.
  2. Jim here again, I find no wording in Illinois that says Y.O.M. plate numbers should be registered, but perhaps not a bad idea. In my opinion, the antique car hobby has changed during my time because so many technically correct antique cars blend into general traffic more than they used to. i.e., 1980s cars that don't look as dramatically different from modern traffic. Back in the '70s I drove a '57 Chevy, a 17 yr. old car at that time and people beeped and yelled positive comments all the time. I like the Florida rule stated above about cars with YOM plates having to be pre-1975. To Amphicar Buyer: I took your advice and, as you said "kindly" wrote to the Chief of Police to report the bad treatment from this officer. Don't mind being stopped EVER, but people in authority need proper people skills training. Many years ago in Chicago, I was stopped in an antique car and the smiling police officer came to my window and said "you are under arrest for having such a nice car".
  3. Thanks for the input everyone. I did look at cyberdriveillinois.com and can see the law has not changed. I'm going to keep doing as I have in the past, but have copied additional information to hand out if I get stopped again. Jim
  4. Love your car!! Delightfully over the top Virgil Exner design; perfect expression of that era. I've owned a '61 Imperial for over 10 yrs and still seems as fresh to me as the day I bought it. I think you're going to feel the same way as the years roll by. 1961 was the last year for Desoto & has got to be rare in any style because, I believe, none were actually made in calendar year '61. A new reserved (and to me, more boring) trend in car design was starting that year with the '61 Lincoln as an example. Ok, that car DID have tons of class, but less fun. Glad to see appreciation for the forward look growing with antique car fans and owners.
  5. I'm new to this forum. Usually follow the "technical", but my question didn't fit. Anyway, had a very unpleasant experience with a police officer last night while on my way to a restaurant driving my '61 Imperial. It was a great weather evening with the car overdue for some exercise. It's a fully restored stock original car and looks great on the road. Lots of thumbs up. I display a matched set of very good condition '61 Illinois license plates on the car. Have been driving it this way for over 12 years. A Police officer stopped me and asked about my plates / registration?? He was very curt and wanted a minimum of conversation. After he checked my drivers license, I presented him with my properly registered IL plate stored under the passenger side floor mat along with my registration and insurance sheets. Also gave him a copy of the IL ordinance that states it's ok to display a matched set of historic plates as long as they match the year of the car, however I made that copy over 10 yrs ago. After a long time, he said he was unaware of the ordinance that allowed these plates, but would "give me the benefit of the doubt" and I was free to go. I was shaken by incident and considered reporting him, not for stopping me, but for a very nasty attitude. He seemed intent on giving me a ticket and angry that I was clean, but, today I see on google, it looks like technically, I should be at or on my way to a car show or something antique car related. Did the rules change? Has anyone else had an experience like this? Should I just put the ugly modern plates on my antique cars and forget the originals? Jim
  6. Jim, This thread was started over 2 years ago and Paul is probably not checking up on it any longer. Maybe someone knowledgeable with cellular rad's will chime in?
  7. After doing more research, I think Spinneyhill hit it, the car is not compatible nor is my charger. Back in 2010 those Optima's were great and worked fine and lasted more years than I would have thought. Something has changed with either the new Optima Batteries or the generator rebuild. For now, I'm going back to a 975 cold cranking amp wet battery that's available in 6 volt. Too bad nobody makes a narrow wet 6V battery the size of those Optima's. Jim
  8. Thanks for reassuring me with the quality of the Optima's. The Napa rep mentioned that same thing about charging them, but the generator in the car should be compatible for doing that, no? Am I doing harm by using an external charger? Battery connections are perfectly clean and tight, proper gauge wires. I use a heavy duty battery cut off switch on the plus side (ground) that is always off when the car is not in use. My brother checked that switch with a gauge for any draw or open. It's fine. I did have another thought. After these batteries are charged up again. I could install one in another 6V antique car that I have to see what happens. Jim
  9. Does anyone know if Optima Red Top 6V batteries have changed recently? Here's my frustration; I have a '41 Cadillac. Back in 2010, I installed two Optima batteries in parallel to help with hot starting. They worked great and being narrow, both fit side by side in the cars battery compartment taking up the same room as a normal type battery. To my knowledge Optima is the only brand that makes this size in 6 volt. For six years they maintained a strong charge, but started to weaken, so I changed them last month for a new set. I charged the new one's to 100% with my plug in charger, took the car for a long ride. When I got home, hooked up the charger to check strength and they were down to only 25% charged. Took over 4hrs to recharge. Another ride to a car show, home and same thing again. Just had my generator rebuilt and voltage regulator checked at the same time with it. My brother brought over his Sun Vat40 to test charging system and put a load on it. It is charging 7 1/2 volts. All is responding. Put a fluke meter across batteries while running and it's charging, so batteries were not responding to the charge, I guess. Took them back to Napa and explained all of this. They were very nice and ordered me two fresh batteries with recent date codes. Now, it's the same thing again; new batteries charged to 100%, take a ride and they show about 50% charged with hours to bring them back up. The car is stock with no accessories like a/c or sound system, just ignition and turn signals. Ideas? Jim
  10. Ok, I did what hcris suggested. Fully charged battery disconnected from the car and sat over 24hrs. No loss of charge. Meanwhile, I did find the generator somewhat loose in the lower bracket causing poor ground maybe? Cleaned some wire connections. Also, years ago I added a 12 volt modern radio/cd player in a hidden location with a "positive to negative ground power inverter" hooked up to the ignition and no longer in use. I disconnected that. Next, I reattached the battery cables to a charged battery and let the car sit over 24 hours. It remained fully charged. Next, started the car and ran it for a while, still kept its charge. Seems ok now, but I have to take it for a good ride when time permits and see where I'm at. Just to mention, I found it better with that new radio addition to simply attach a cigar lighter connector to the radio and hook that into a portable battery jumper for use. Completely separate from the car and gives me hours of use. Also good if I want to use my portable gps unit. (Don't have gps on my cheap little cell phone). Thanks again for all the help! Jim
  11. Now, I'm wondering if it isn't my battery, but first about the ammeter. Start the car and with a somewhat fast idle needle goes to charge 10, normal idle down to 0. Headlights "on" with normal idle, needle goes to discharge 10. Faster idle needle goes back to 0. When I originally posted this question, I had a fully charged battery from the night before and took the car over 100 miles round trip that day. When I got home, as I mentioned, the battery was only about half charged according to the battery charger reading. I recharged it to 100% which took maybe... an hour. Moved the car yesterday about 50 feet and started it today for a second time to verify the ammeter readings. Turn car off and put the charger on the battery which shows it drained down to about 25%. Put the charger back on about 40 minutes ago and it is now reading 80% charged. I have a Blains "Farm & Fleet" heavy duty commercial battery purchased Sept. 2015 and car not used all winter (battery disconnected during that time and charged once or twice during its rest). They are the only ones I know of that carry 6V batteries where I can simply go there and purchase. They are inexpensive which makes me a little suspicious.
  12. Thanks Bud. I already took the generator to the rebuilder today. The minute he popped off the band, he said it looked great. He put it on his machine and said there is nothing wrong with it at all. It was putting out 10amps and he raised it to 12 and showed me how to adjust it. Anyway, the problem must be somewhere else. I'm going to check all the wires and connections, ground.... There aren't any accessories on a '30. All original with only added turn signals. Jim
  13. Thank you all for the information and suggestions!! It's a fully restored good looking car, but when there's a sign of a problem I've learned to address it pronto or end up paying for flat bed towing. Try to do repairs myself, but not that knowledgeable, so thanks again for the help. Jim
  14. I have to bring the generator from my stock original '30 Chrysler CJ six to my favorite rebuilder and I know he likes to have the voltage regulator too. I don't see a voltage regulator. Generator wires run to a cluster at the base of the steering column in the engine compartment and that doesn't look like an easy part to pull from the car. The generator doesn't seem to be charging properly and I have another question. I take the car out for a long ride, come home, disconnect the battery wires, hook up the charger and the reading is only half way to "fully charged". Takes an hour or two to bring it back to full charge. Battery is only a few months old. A while back, I moved the 6V battery from under the cabin floor to the trunk for easier access. The car is a business coupe. Was this a mistake lengthening the distance for proper charging? I did use extra heavy battery cable. Jim
  15. Thanks for additional info. Just wanted to be safe and not fry anything.