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  1. Bubba bubbletop needs some fender skirts.Must be complete and in great shape.Thanx Nomo.
  2. Just called S&S about door latches for my 30 Woodie.They get $400 a set of 4. Is there an alternative to these or are we relegated to paying the $400? I'm not building a show car. Any ideas besides a chunk of wood w/a screw in the middle? LOL
  3. Labaron shows a 1/4" thick piece of foam the goes on the wood,then the roof material. (doesn't look like much.) I've seen some that used some sort of cotton material. What sort of padding do YOU recommend and why?
  4. Any idea where I can find some wagon wheel wells? I have inner panels but what I need are the wells.Thanx. fsb1(at)att.net:confused:
  5. Thanx to all who contacted me..Oh wait.....NO-one did. Nice tight group we have here. I'm almost finished w/mine,If anyone has any Questions,feel free to contact me. fsb1(at)att.net
  6. If so,I NEED to pick your brain.I REALLY need to speak to someone that has done the transformation from metal to wood. What should be the easiest thing to do by myself has turned into nightmares. Please PM me or call me 3eight6**eight 4 seven--eight 292, Or e-mail me fsb1 (at) att.net...Or send me your # & I'll call you. Thank You.NOMO
  7. Nomosnow

    1933 hupp

    Sold to a man in France.
  8. Thanks,I just read that after spending 1/2 hour trying to find the "judging standards".I bought these lamps from you and the quality seems to be very good,I just wish that a little scrap of paper w/mounting suggestions came w/them.
  9. I just bought a set of cowl lamps for my 30 Ford sedan.Can/will someone send me a measurement showing how far from the bottom of the cowl they are supposed to be mounted. Thanx.
  10. Both doors are in very good condition and include tinted glass,new window regulators,hinges,handles and latch. Both have a minimum of body filler on the outside bottom.$900. OBO pair. Please email me at fsb1(at) att.net
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