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  1. Spell NOVA, Nova Omega Ventura Apollo. GM's idea of names. Have 73, Apollo. Rare now yes with slider sun coupe roof. 71-73-1/2 year X cars ( smaller than 72 skylark) , Tent offered option by dealer to hatch cars, tach on hood like GSX , AC , 455 Buick, 375th with shift kit. Super Sport Buick rims ( painted 71&73 only ) , bucket black interior, console floor automatic . AM/FM Delco radio, rear fan defrost, Tilt column, GS Sport steering wheel, Fast car, have 455 in grill, put Buick 350 on fenders fool drivers at light.
  2. 455 hatchback Ac car 373 posi, buckets, GSX tail ,hatch with tent in dealer box
  3. asking for coupe body, want for a 455 implant car. have a roadhawk and Apollo455 now hatch tent sunroof car. , Have wanted turbo coupe car century, but did not want to hurt an original with motor. If motor and trans are gone, what are you asking where, etc. I am in Minneapolis iced in right now.
  4. would like to find a body minus motor, for century series, coupe, long slant back coupe. buick. I am in minneapolis, , mn midwest? car started no motor would like to hear from you. thx
  5. would like to find a century coupe, 79-80, prefer turbo car body, dont need motor, just body. anyone?? minneapolis mn
  6. what did you do with your roadhawk??? thought of trying to stuff a 455 in one, measures ok, need to put radiator under nose cone, like vette. think your seats were better than mine, but, would like steering wheel, headliner if not chewed by mice. or car??? etc price. location etc. thx
  7. apollo, what is left? prices, place, thx
  8. apollo, anything left over ?? parts??
  9. Buick did have 2 arm rest for 72, limited class and electra class, or std hard arm rest ,the only one that survived time. soft was introduced under Govt mandated softer interiors, the inner car bump around in a accident. However buick kept the cheap std arm rest all the way to 76 if you wanted it . same as Delta 88 and 98 offered. , manual windows was available on all buick electra as std material , electrics were extra. door lamps were extra like Cadillac. corning lamps on fenders were optional all way in buick history till 2002; , radios had 3 am amfm amfm8track, with extra speakers optional to rear and front in stereo 4. option light rear view mirrors, not seen much but are out there. bumper ettes, optional, most were dealer installed. Speed buzz optional all electra, cruise optional too. tilt and tilt tele was available. full power seats options on all cars, electra. power trunk trip was also option. Dual exhaust was factory option, dealer could install if did not have on car at sales date. 1972 also brought out the Radial TIRE, poly glass radial J78-15. 4 star tires were top of the line from 1970-1973, union 76 tire upgrade. only seen one set at a national meet. spot lamp dome was also available, rare. Carpet trunk and full rubber mat also available. Full floor mats inside were optional materials. seats had vinyl, basic, and embroidery style seats for deluxe option. cloth seats were plain and match colors or contrast, were also available. Ralley rims, `15 were not option to ELectra sorry guys. points lost for ralleys on 71-72 electras. However dealers did do switch overs from Riviera to give owners what they wanted. 1973 option was offered to buick electra, chrome ralleys. Only Deluxe hubcaps were offered 1972. 2 different vinyl tops were out, paint surround edge, or full vinyl top, all in pebble grain. 73 first offer 2nd vinyl option, on custom coupe to offer elk grain on double padded roof. , 72 is a transition year, 73 was a loner, 74 started the last roll thru 76. What most owners dont know is 72 is the law passing to assembly plants, to meet 5 mph bumper laws, so many 72 after christmas assembly break, started to add extra reinforcement to front ends that early cars dont have. thus the big bumpers in 73 with pistons. I judge bca bc cars and have a help address at bca for electras, craig geske , mpls mn 1971-1976
  10. OPEL OPEL OPEL, REGAL REGAL REGAL< new cars 2012, all 100% opel yet we call it a BUICK?????? what a minute, lets all go back. in 58 buick introduced the Opel to USA. and had it at dealers, till 1980. Sorry board, but here we go again. A division is not the responsibility of members, but the board should announce they have a division under the club for Opel to participate at national and local / region meets. Put in small guide lines, and examples. open to modified , original, and survivor like Buick has rights too. Yes I know Regal will be built in USA but still is 100% imported parts to assemble here, thus still OPEL. Yes all dealers in 90s joined or merged with foreign makers to do there cars in part or whole foreign car as subsidy to sales. But Buick did it long before any other dealer, and with history, now back at OPEL again we now need to consider at the board level, whether the board can put all this to end, and just create a "division of buick, as opel classification " , and be done with it. SKyhawk was MONZA by chevy, Apollo by Buick was opps a Chevy NOVA. before coming to be part of a 4 part group in x cars. If we have skyhawk and apollo in Buick class's then open your eyes, and allow Opel for sake of History of Buick. ...... settle the issue board, and allow now.
  11. did all measurements, will fit under hood, how ever, is longer than 350 by 2.5 inch. and much longer than 3.8 from bell mount 29.5" , brings water pump to center of radiator. 1 inch deep into radiator. Can I use a "short water pump" or early short non AC car/? if have short pump then just tight fit. if other wise, anyone ever berry the radiator like a VETTE under the nose of skyhawk at an angle close to grill with electric fan?? I want a real eye opener , when you open the hood there sits a 455 under the hood of a sub-compact car. Any advise on fit of 455 in H-body 75-80 skyhawk. please chime in. . . . .note is hatch, frame work , needed help too dont want to twist it , if I do gas it.. thx
  12. rims, due to alum drum on front after rear is in, modern. chop off nub guide pin, use 67-69 Electra chrome rims or prior wildcat big car 64-69, had 4 58's over time.
  13. take out rear end, put in a 71-76 big buick electra rear end, fits, springs same use chevy truck 68-72 trailing arms to control and mount those to the x area of frame. works great on tube drive out, cars,
  14. co in minneapolis makes adapters to modern trannys, mount to buick old motors, go 700r4, for milage and performance,
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