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  1. The whole web is my favorite site! I've used a free wallpaper/screensaver program from Webshots.com for years to categorize my pix and such. I use all the search engines to display images of a particular year or marque I'm hunting for and download them.

    I have about 5,000 pix now. I've found that many images displayed o the net in small scale are actually high pixel and will expand to screen size clearly.

    On any site that will not allow me to download I have a freeware scren snatcher program so I can get any image I want.

  2. I've heard of folks buying used radiators on Ebay and getting something worse than the one they had so that could be a deterrant besides the rarity of your specific application. Most have a good radiator shop they deal with and get theirs repaired/rebuilt locally. So unless someone has a car with noradiator or a destroyed one they're not buying much off Ebay.huh.gif

  3. Even back in the 50s there were "birds" being marketed to be used on other cars' hoods. The seller may think its original Packard just because it's from the period cause they don't know anything about Packard.

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