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  1. WTB-I have a Dec 13 28 Ford Touring that's all original and is an HPOF class car. I'm looking for an original 28/29 Quail radiator cap. I know it won't be cheap but it would look good on the car. I would also like to buy any original interior of the 29 year color. If you are restoring a car with original upholstery I will buy on piece or complete interior. Greg Tocket 717-574-6319 Cell gtocket@ptd.net
  2. WTB- Still looking for a MATCHED set of rear side springs. My one is replaced and is arched wrong. Also looking for a 1911 switch. Have some 4 cylinder parts to trade. Thanks Greg Tocket 717-574-6319 Cell gtocket@ptd.net
  3. WTB-Still looking for a good MATCHING set of rear side springs. My one was replaced and the arch is wrong. Thanks Greg Tocket 717-574-6319 Cell gtocket@ptd.net
  4. WTB-Still looking for a complete 1931 Pontiac sedan or complete chassis for my 1931 6 wheel convertible coupe. The body is complete but I need allot of chassis parts to replace some of mine. Need good radiator, better splash shields, running boards, ect. Thanks Greg Tocket 717-574-6319 Cell gtocket@ptd.net Can pick up at Hershey Spaces RWM-16 thru 20 in the red field
  5. How about one for a 28/29 Ford model A Touring? Greg 717-574-6319 cell
  6. There is a nice 1916 Overland on ebay. Pictures can be seen at Welcome to Stoneaire Classic Cars. Nice barn find
  7. Picked up a nice cap. Still need allot for this car. Greg
  8. Looking for a good radiator cap and front radiator shell
  9. Sorry, this car has been sold. Thanks Greg Tocket
  10. The part about the refund you have a little wrong!!!! Funny how the guy you never heard of all of a sudden came back in your head. Sorry, but you get no more free rent in my brain. All the best GT
  11. Neil Gerrard, you do know me and we were doing a deal on 1914 Overland parts. Since you are the only person that has ever ripped me off in the forty years of car collecting you are hard to forget. Search your brain, I'm in there. That is unless there are two Neil Gerrard's in Oregon with a 1914 Overland Speedster!!!!!! Who knows, maybe there are two of you. If so you should call the other one and tell him he is giving you a bad reputation. Its been 15 years since I heard the name. Greg Tocket 717-574-6319 Cell
  12. Ron, just rebuilt mine. But thanks Greg
  13. Is this car or the other one going to be for sale. Greg 717-574-6319 cell
  14. WTB-1914 Overland chassis or parts to put my speedster body on. Welcome to Stoneaire Classic Cars. Greg Tocket 717-574-6319 Cell
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