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  1. Hi Pacewagon! I have a copy of an old newspaper article that shows my grandfather having a dealership that sold Ford, Maxwell, and Harroun automobiles. His facility was located in Springville, PA, and states that he sold in excess of "400 cars". Ironcially, a note written on the side of the margin, from my father, indicates he traveled to Florida in one of the Harroun cars, a trip that took 12 days to get there. Curousity got the best of me on this car, did internet search, and subsequently found this posting. I have never heard of a Harroun car before reading this news article, and it does offer information on the "first" Harroun car, indicating that it "has already sped over 53,000 good miles, and ready for that many more and then some". Just thought you might be interested in it.