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  1. David, Yes~~Slowly but surely we will get to the end of this puzzle!!!
  2. Shop Rat~~ Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't have Telephone Pioneer Assoc. anywhere close. THanks!!
  3. Any idea to what automobile this would have belonged to???
  4. UBB7-ML-251778-ML- Yvonne...Welcome to the AACA Forum. Moved your interesting query to the Tech Questions area. Thanks for posting the photo... Regards, Peter J. Heizmann
  5. I have been told by several different boards that the item in the center of my picture is a ignition coil box. Dark wooden box with dovetailed sides, brass fixtures and front plate/switch. 2 cylinder engine (???) Pat. dates on front are from 1906-1909, with a plate on front saying Conn. Telephone & Electric. Co. Anyone know what this was used in??? ANY help is greatly appreciated.
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