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  1. Greetings to all, Ok, so I've been driving my '37 zephyr sedan with a 46-48 Flathead V8 59AB for the past 6 years and finally blew the V8, long story short i need a new engine. I will be pulling this engine out soon and hopefully you have answered my questions by then....so here we go... 1. what are the chances i have the original zephyr 3spd trans behind the V8?? and how can i ID it after i remove it. Trans works great i'm hoping it will fit some/all V12 engines. 2. the only visible mod i see is a soldered crossmember where the V8 motormounts sit, when swapping the V12 for the V8 was this ju
  2. i've had the same symptoms before but on a flathead V8 and after changing everything you mentioned plugs, wires, cleaned the carb bowl ect. the problems was still there until finally i was told to change the CONDENSOR and i did and it started running fine once again. Hope this helps since i'm told there is not much difference between the V12 and V8 except for the size. MIKE.
  3. i'm working on getting some pictures very shortly, meanwhile here is a picture i found on the web from when i drove the car to the Fords Forever Show at Knotts in april 9. picture is from Truckrun.net i will have more detailed pictures soon. Thanks
  4. Any interested parties please contact Mike at 323-864-0702 for more details. 1937 Lincoln Zephyr 4door sedan. Ford Flathead V8 59AB powered, runs excellent. 12V negative ground. exterior trim is complete looks nice but can use a little more TLC, few scrathes on paint and 2 dime size dings. seats, headliner and carpet are in great condition. please call for more details. No Overdrive, it runs great at about 40-45 mph. will take best offer. 323-864-0702 mglal@yahoo.com Thanks
  5. Thanks Diz, just got off the phone with Ron placed the order for both inserts and should ship shortly. this IS a great Forum. Mike
  6. any suggestions/recommendations on how to replace the glove box inserts? they're completely gone on my '37 sedan, i need both sides. can these be ordered or can i buy material to build one? any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  7. Dave, thread was on 11/08/05, subject is called "gauges".
  8. Hello, I would appreciate any info on the foot dimmer switch for ?37 4dr sedan: Part#, compatibility years or if any universals available. I?ve seen some on ebay but they usually state ?38-56 For Lincolns and '37-56 For fords. So I?m hesitant to buy. I would also like to thank Rolf and Ray on the helpful hints on cleaning the dash gauges, worked great. Thanks, Mike G.
  9. mglz


    need some input on restoring the gauges, what can be used to clean them up a little remove some of the ageing and stains. or do they need professional restoration. any help will be appreciated. this if for a '37 sedan. thanks. Mike
  10. hi Jeff, I'm interested in your V12, i can be reached at mglal@yahoo.com i have no '40 stuff to trade but hopefully we can make a deal. mike
  11. Gentlemen, I did a few searches in this forum on serial and VIN#?s and found a lot of great helpful stuff. I finally found the numbers on my ?37 sedan on the front cross member near the left motor mount and it doesn?t match most of the numbers listed in the threads, all of your posts had the serial# beginning with ?H? unfortunately I don't see an H on my chassis, the number I found was ?2 7 I 5 2? the middle digit looks more like an "I" than a ONE. is this a Zephyr serial#? or does my car have a different chassis other than a zephyr? I thought ZEPHYRS were UNIBODY I'm confused??? Here
  12. Thanks gentlemen for all your input. I have one of those 3 leg pullers but it just won't work. I'll definitely invest on the KR wilson tool which is exactly what i need looking at Cecil's pictures. Any recommendations on brake shoes suppliers? relining shops?
  13. Hello, i have a '37 4dr sedan. i'm working on the brakes and i'm a little lost. previous owner started a hydraulic brake conversion and got the front wheels done and they work fine, but i have no brakes on the rear tires, the brake line leading to the rear tires is cut and clamped at the master cylinder. i guess the job wasn't finished due to the problem of getting the drums off the rear wich requires that special tool which brings me to my first question: where can i get one of those clamps? secondly where can i find the parts i'll need to finish the job...brake shoes,cylinders,hoses? i bel
  14. Hi, if any of you have the time to check out ebay within 3days of 10/28 and search "vintage door handle window crank" there are 16 auctions listed, i wanted to see if one of you guys can identify auction #8, 9 and 16 to see if these are maybe lincoln zephyr door handles and window crank. please let me know as i'm searching for these for a 1937 4-door sedan. thanks. Mike
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