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  1. Thanks for linking that Mc. I saw that in the service manual but discounted it at first, but looked at it again. With the blower running and selecting defrost/floor I figured out that my yellow and red lines were mixed up. Fixed that and vent selection is working fine again.
  2. Hey guys...I'll get back to you on that whole 6 speed thing... Anyway, working on my brother's '90 coupe. He suspected the HVAC programmer to be bad due to the blend door not moving. He picked one up at a salvage yard. Thing is instead of removing the recessed 7mm nut (I think) in the middle of the bunch of vacuum lines, or cutting them and coupling them back together with hose, he moved the cardboard and disconnected the vacuum lines from within. I don't think I have them properly connected and its not doing anything aside from clicking when positions are selected on the climate control cente
  3. With the top nut I'd end up canning the plastic rod cover (probably not the best thing to do), angle-grind a couple flat spots on the rod, and hold it with a pipe wrench.
  4. Or a Transit Connect, minus diesel
  5. Sadly that is not correct. They had Chevrolet 60 degree V6s
  6. Wait was "3500 lbs class" a towing capacity requirement or a curb weight requirement?
  7. I've loved my '07 Subaru Forester but it won't meet your 3500 lbs towing requirement...but check out a CRD Liberty
  8. At least a couple years ago there was a Common Rail Diesel Liberty
  9. How about a Liberty of Grand Cherokee CRD?
  10. I've wanted to cut the roof off one before... I need to find a 99' Mustang GT in that scale to rob the wheels from
  11. I ran my combine in corn once when it was like 5f out and really windy. We didn't leave the cab much
  12. Thanks for the encouragement guys. My tax return will serve as the initial financial push. I've been exchanging emails with SPEC regarding the clutch (they sell such kits now) and a shop called Mr. Axle regarding the CV shafts. Expect a new thread soon. While I don't quite endorse it anymore its interesting to see that the L67/LN3 hybrid supercharger swap thread remains the thread with the most posts here. Perhaps a faster Reatta is what we've all always wanted
  13. I got mine from a load of them sold by a guy out of the trunk of a car...
  14. I would have looked for a '71-73 Riviera but decided a convertible was too important
  15. dang...I guess my little brother got a deal when he got his complete portfolio. It was $600 but it came with a 1 owner, rust free, running and driving '90 coupe with it (despite from front end damage)
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