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  1. Ahh! It's a BEECH! (Isn't that the truth.) I checked the Henry/Benson build sheet. and.....
  2. Hello, I am in the final stage of restoration. One thing remains, the faux wood paint on the dash and window garnishes. The judging manual shows light gray with a taupe grain overprint. Using a straight grain stencil this looks like driftwood! Any suggestions or pics of a survivor would be greatly appreciated!
  3. No <span style="font-weight: bold">Queen</span> being crowned here! It will be driven. I do believe in the best job possible. I'm not old enough to have been around when these were being built. The snob elite may say it's not a classic. I <span style="text-decoration: underline">always</span> thought the styling timeless. That's why this is a restoration, not a RESTOrod. There is not a pit in the frame (survivor). By the way: 29T/32 Frame Rod, 51 Merc Woodie, (3) 54 Kaiser Darrins, 62 Thunderbird Roadster, 64 Fairlane "ThunderBolt", 67 Galaxie 7 Litre Convert, 68 F350 car hauler. Whoops - 67 Chrysler Newport Convert (As big as a whale, about to set sail.) Not for glory - for the Love of it.
  4. Total restoration of a 41 Zephyr 3 passenger coupe in progress. The build sheet shows it was produced without ANY options. Previous resto added a water heater (mounted in the wrong position), radio (antenna in the wrong spot), mirror (not Zephyr's). Our fantastically skilled restorer (Gordie) insists on leaving the car original. Having the correct parts for the options, and leaving them on the floor, hurts my soul. Help me heal! Please - WWZD? (What would Zephyrists do?) PS: anyone with a 41 trans cluster gear? Tom
  5. There is a 41 coupe on e-bay posted with the main image as the Barret Jackson rod. On the subsequent photos of the actual car, are the emblem/feathers on the fender skirts orig.? Looks like a 38 hood cowl trim.
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