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    BB-1 carburetor

    Hello Mark, The vacuum tank is rebuilt and tested. It's not a matter of keeping up but rather the head pressure from the tank moving the needle fully off of it's seat to replenish the carburetor float bowl. This only happened during long periods of load. A low pressure electric pump cured this issue. I don't believe the needle and seat in the carburetor is correct for gravity feed and was hoping maybe I could find one that was. Thanks, Dennis
  2. Hello, I have a 22 Buick 6 and currently running a BB-1 in lieu of the Marvel. This is going together as a runner and not a restoration. Restoration may come later. When running on the vacuum tank, it runs out of fuel in the carburetor bowl on a long period under load. A long medium grade. I have fixed this issue by installing a low pressure electric fuel pump. Runs great! I seem to remember that gravity feed needles were available for the BB-1. Was I mistaken or is this the case? I would like to go back to vacuum tank supply if possible. Thanks, Dennis
  3. Thanks Mark, I'll throw some pictures up when I get it together. Dennis
  4. Thanks Mark, Helps a lot. One more question if you will. Does your fuel pickup at the tank have a banjo fitting or flare fittings? Thanks, Dennis
  5. Great pictures Guys. Many thanks. Another question. Hugh's picture clearly shows separate upper straps. Mark, Are those upper straps or part of the frame? I thought my tank clamped against the frame on the top side and just had bottom straps. Car and gas tank are in two separate garages. I'll look closer tonight. Thanks again, Dennis Hugh, My bottom straps were bent over just like your picture. Just didn't look quite right.
  6. Hello, I could not locate a good fuel tank for my 54 sports roadster so we fabricated one. (oval) I have one fuel tank strap believed to be original to the car. On the front end it has a "T" bolt through the frame but the rear of the strap is just placed through a slot and bent over. Is this correct? Was there webbing used on the top of the tank where it contacts the frame? I have a small pump on the drivers side of the tank. Fuel supply line has a banjo fitting on the shaft of this pump. I question whether this pump will allow enough fuel to be drawn to the vacuum tank as the hole only lines up with banjo fitting in one spot. This has me puzzled. Am i missing something? Thanks, Dennis Itching to drive this car but limited to a full vacuum tank of fuel.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I have a modern lip seal in there now. Still seeps. I would really like to know how it was sealed originally. Unfortunately, not much info. in the parts or service manuals. Dennis
  8. Hello, Asking for a friend. He says his 29 Desoto roadster steering is too quick at speed. All steering components are in good condition and the box is adjusted. Some one told him that there were two different lengths of Pittman arms on these cars. Anybody confirm that? Thanks, Dennis
  9. Anybody have dimensions for these parts ? Maybe I could fabricate them. Thanks, Dennia
  10. Which Packard super eight rods are preferred for the Stutz vertical eights? Thanks Dennis
  11. I have had this exact light for years. I picked it up at a swap meet 25 years ago. I have done a bit of research and do not believe they were standard equipment on any car. The Pittsburgh Six auto company quit building cars before electric lights. There does seem to be a connection between the car manufacturer and the accessories manufacturer but I have never been able to confirm. Dennis
  12. Hello, I have a transmission leak on my Big six and need a couple parts. Part # 31924 front pinion bearing oil washer Part # 31925 front pinion bearing washer retainer Part # 31906 ( I think this a felt seal or packing of some sort. Parts book not clear. Anybody know? Thanks, Dennis
  13. dl456

    1917 mitchell

    Hello Layden, That is for a D40 Junior and I have the big six but the price is certainly fair so I will gladly take it. Please let me know the total and I will send you a check or my son can send Paypal. Do you have any Houk or Buffalo wheel parts? Thanks, Dennis Scott, Can you post a photo of your Mitchell for sale? Thanks
  14. I have done two Schebler carbs this summer with this needle. I would lap the needle and seat with very fine grinding compound, clean thoroughly, assemble and check. I would never attempt to run this carb with a electric fuel pump. Vacuum tank or gravity feed only. Dennis
  15. One last try here. Anybody help? Thanks, Dennis
  16. My son just bought a John Deere B out of that barn. (501 cubic inch 2-cylinder gas) No starter!! That will keep you young! There is another Cadillac as well. Luckily, the D fared better. It is currently running. Dennis
  17. Hello Bears fan, I'll take them. Sent you a PM. Thanks, Dennis
  18. This car sold yesterday. According to the seller, he had inquiries from all over the country. Anybody that knows of a good sharknose, I may be interested. Dennis
  19. Thanks Mark, I'll try to get some dimensions. I don't have a tank but I may get some dimensions from the area that it mounts in. It's a roadster and oval shape. Dennis
  20. Just throwing it out there before I start from scratch. Looking for a 1922 6-54 fuel tank . restorable condition. Thanks, Dennis.
  21. Layden, Do you still have this part? I sent you a PM and a E-mail. Thanls, Dennis
  22. Thanks Jim, No go on Rare parts. I checked and they said they don't have them. I'm actually waiting on some parts from them for a 48 Chevy ( which should be easy) but I am wondering if I'll ever receive them. I'll take it apart this weekend and see if I can just install some new bushings. Thanks, Dennis
  23. Layden, I sent you a PM and e-mail. Dennis
  24. Hello, Looking for a source of King pins. I could re-bush existing . Just checking to see if new or NOS may be available. I searched the forum and came up empty. Thanks, Dennis
  25. Hello Mike, Sent you a PM. Thanks, Dennis
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