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  1. And now we have reduced it to $16,000.
  2. I've purchased several similar parts cars here in western North Carolina for around $250 each. I've sold parts on Ebay with limited success. Rare stuff like the headlight switch if reostat is good are hard to find. I'd suggest parting it out.
  3. We have the price reduced to $17,000.00 now. Thanks. -Rick
  4. I have a 1948 Pontiac Streamliner sedan for sale. It was resotored in 1983. Two tone green, AACA Senior, L-head straight eight with hydromatic, could be driven anywhere. Owned for ten years and now have too many toys including a 46' Pontiac and newly aquired 57' Pontiac with limited garage space. Call Rick at 828-586-1467 for more info. $20,000.00 We drove it to Lebanon, TN last year for that AACA meet where it took home preservation. It took a 2nd place at the Grand National in Dover, Deleware.
  5. The grip is the same but there is a difference in the accessory horn ring parts which make the 46 and 47 horn button different from the 48. There are three metal tabs which hold the horn button onto the ring and the placement of them changed for 48. If you want your old grip re-molded, join the 42-48 message board on yahoo at pontiac42to48messageboard : Dedicated to keeping these cars ORIGINAL and talk to Kevin in Cincinnati. He molds all the plastic for 42-48 Pontiacs and is currently working on correct rubber sills which Steele refused to make. Thanks. -Rick
  6. Charles, I have a spare standard tranny under cover out in the back yard, still bolted to an S8. I typically buy any parts cars I can find in WNC to keep both of my old Pontiacs on the road. This one came from one of those parts cars. My home number is 828-586-1467. Maybe we can make a deal for it. I have no idea what it looks like on the inside so I can't give any guarantee. The outside is of course all filthy as you would hope to find one which has not been touched in 50 years. I have no idea how much it weighs for shipping but it's gotta be cheaper than the Hydramatic 4-speed. Thanks. -Rick
  7. I hope not, we just bought a 2008 G6 GT Convertible and hope to get my use out of the warranty. All our vehicles are now Pontiac and GM doesn't make much else we would care to drive. With FWD and V6, the G6 with 25+ MPG has been a good seller for GM. Lets hope they pull their heads out of their butts and keep Pontiac. Otherwise they'll loose this customer forever. -Rick Shoestock
  8. I found the center verical bar on Ebay but never seen the horizontal pieces. Mine appears to have been cut and welded together. I don't know where to get the curved stock from to replace a section. I'd keep an eye on Ebay and post a msg with the Early Times Chapter. Thanks. -Rick
  9. There is much ignorance out there about the S8 L-Head. Mine just turned over 80k and still going strong. I have two spares in the backyard in case I ever need them. I've had mine at 75 mph recently and it's smooth. Who wants another booring V8 when you can keep it original, plus these engines were well engineered and balanced when built. I live on the side of a mountain at almost 3,000 feet here in Western, NC and the S8 L-Head has never failed to get me back home, yet. One ETC member drove his from Utah to Ohio a few years ago to the flathead reunion. Yes, the valves need adjustment, good luck finding anyone who knows how to adjust them anymore. Long live the S8 L-head! -Rick Shoestock
  10. I've got a 48' and 46' with S8 engines and both are leaking in a similar way. I really need to put new seals in as well. I ordered an engine gasket kit from Kanter and it comes with several wooden wedges which are also installed at the rear main seal to prevent oil leaks. The kit does come with the rope seal. I've looked in the repair manual and not found much on replacing it but I'm about to try. I've had the tranny pan off before and the cover to the flywheel but still can't see the seal without removing the oil pan. I was thinking I'd have to raise the front of the engind a bit to get to the pan bolts under the crossmember. I was not planning to raise the rear of the engine. Thanks. Rick in NC 828-586-1467.
  11. According to Hemmings Event List Hemmings is having cruise-in events every saturday in July. Also is having an event July 9-10. Thanks.
  12. Doug, GM (At Least Pontiac) went to the boots on the wires in 1948. That was one of their "New Features" they marketed. I'm not sure if Cadillac, Buick, Olds, Etc. were the same year. Hope this helps, thanks. -Rick
  13. Oops, I should have included Lukey's email .
  14. I was reading in the Early Times Chapter of POCI nesletter about something called the "Flathead Reunion" so I emailed David Luken, ETC president about it and here is his reply. FYI. This sounds like fun. Maybe we'll see you there. What we are doing is having a car event for flathead powered Pontiacs and Oaklands. We will be in Zanesville Ohio. The plan is to arrive on Wednesday, September 7th, if possible and have a social hour that evening, Thursday we would have seminars for the men with speakers to include John Sawruk and Charles Bolten and the ladies could go for a bus trip to Longenberger Baskets. When the ladies return there would be a seminar on period dress and then we are planning on driving out to Ron and Betsy Thomas's (they do the slide shows at the POCI convention) house for a picnic type meal. Friday we will jump in the cars and go on a little tour. Saturday will be a car show with period displays if you desire. There will be no judging per say, aside from a few specialty awards. Everyone would recieve a wooden participation plaque with the date on it that would be added to each time you attend. After the show breaks up we are planning to drive to a period village sort of a tourist attraction where we can feature the cars for a short bit while we have ice cream. Saturday evening we will have a little coffee and cake get together to pass out the awards and Sunday, September 11th we go home.