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  1. Hey,Steve-I wrote the address on the envelope as it was written on The Judge's Newsletter and it says "Northridge Rd. W,-Still,I thought through the U.S.Postal service they should have gotten it right from the area code alone!Oh,Well-I will call Gary tomorrow-AACA has always helped me out and it is a great organization-Once again,thank you very much!! Kevin.
  2. I have a problem! I registered for judging at the Warren Ohio meet and sent everything to Chief Judge Gary Ensman and received a RTS(return to sender)at this address-4000 Northridge Road West-Ashtabula,Ohio 44004. I have a hotel room previously obtained for this event-what do I do? Any info would be greatly appreciated-Thanks,Kevin W. Fisher.
  3. Thank all of you for the information! I will be looking forward to meeting Fred,Dave, and quite a few other people. See you there! Kevin W. Fisher.
  4. Hi! I missed the judging school at the national meeting in Philadelphia this year,and would like to attend the one in Greensburg,Pa. Do I have to let anybody know in advance as far as pre-registration goes,or get in contact with the chief judge? Once I attend this school at Greensburg and hopefully complete the course,is it possible to judge there the following day on Saturday? I am planning to attend the meet in Warren,Ohio to judge also. I own my own business and it is tough to get away! Does anybody need help at the meet? I will do what I can. Thank you very much,Kevin.
  5. Many thanks to all of you that have contributed to my question as to unfree a frozen engine.I found a lot of help and information here.Once again,thank you very much-Kevin.
  6. I have a 1936 Ford 1 1/2 ton truck with a frozen engine. Years ago I came across a formula with Marvel Mystery Oil mixed with automatic transmission fluid and kerosene.How or what are the methods/procedures for freeing a frozen engine?Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Kevin.
  7. Thank you also very much,Peter.I attended the national meeting in Philadelphia,and due to problems,didn't arrive at the Wyndham untill 9:00A.M.By the time I registered and got my packet,I missed the school!I finally got my computer back online to find this perfect opportunity to"get started again".Well,missed this one too!There are more schools coming and I'll make it.Once again,thank you all very much!Kevin
  8. Thank you very much,Dave.The school is new and there is also one on April 9th. at Hershey. Now,If I could just find their e-mail addresses. Thanks,Kevin.
  9. Maybe I am too late,but,my wife and I would like to attend this school on Feb.27,Sunday.I tried to make contact with Les Lifton through Gettysburg region to no avail-begining Friday morning.Whom would I have to talk to for availability of registration?Is ther room for two more? Thank you very much-Kevin
  10. Terry, let me tell you something-you should have had 5 gal buckets of it!I read about that year and I understand it was a feat for ANYONE to walk Hershey!! Did'nt phase the "Hard Cores", though-wish I was there-always better to be a has been, then a never was.Kevin.
  11. Ron, I never worried about my vehicles being"road worthy",because I had my Pa. inspection license for a while.I know my vehicles are road worthy because I would not take ANY of my vehicles out unless I personally would condone them as safe.There are a lot of vehicles out there that are on Pa's road as unsafe-current inspection being applicable-I know what I have and they are "safe".The hardest person I have to deal with is me.Your inspection stations in Pa. has no inkling as what to inspect in the first place! They view it as an old car-cool! Kevin.
  12. Thank you,Frank.If it was not for my "good neighbors" mentioning the fact to my government that I had any vehicles at all(none of their business), I would never have had a problem. Actually, I'm looking forward to round 3-by the way, my family name has had this property over 100 years,and my family tree is documented to before the Revolutionary war-newcomers-bah,humbug,Kevin.
  13. Frank,let me tell you about "progress".On two seperate occasions,I was forced through my Township to eliminate vehicles I had outside of my garage.Both times we ended up in court in order to save my "junk" vehicles,losing twice.I liked those cars-they didn't.Those cars got scrapped-I still miss them. Kevin
  14. Antique plates are quite unique because you are exempt from any inspections including emissions for the life of the vehicle. A one time fee for everything-just keep insurance on it-quite reasonable. Yes,make sure you have good pictures because Pennsylvania won't allow "junk cars" on their roads as it was stated to me.Thanks,Kevin.
  15. What is true "originality"? I have read all AACA judging rules and many posts on the forum.The Merriam/Webster Dictionary says 1:First,initial 2:not copied from something else. I understand that you can use parts from other cars and NOS, but,is that the same vehicle that came from the showroom? My definition of original is this:In 1932, a family from West Virginia bought a new Chevy at the tail end of the depression when auto production was at it's lowest.A friend of mine bought it off them after it was barn kept for many years.I have had it for almost 20 years and did nothing with it other than to clean it up.No parts from any other car and no NOS-all pieces of the car is as it was rolled out of the factory and purchased. That is true originality,to me. Long winded,but,thank you,Kevin.
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