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  1. Hey John.. Cam2 is 110 octane gasoline. We have several gas stations around here that sell it.. 3 gallons in a 20 gallon tank brings you close to 98 octane. It's cheaper than the worthless 104 octane booster which costs 10 bucks and only gives you 2 points more octane. Remember Regular gas was 95 octane when our GS's were new. Premium was 100-103 depending on the brand. If you are real lucky you can find 116 octane Cam2.. WhoooHooo!!!
  2. Last time we had a 1929 Marquette there. Now how many of these are driving around still? Just Awesome!!!
  3. For any and all Buicks. Marcus Dairy is located right off I-84 Exit 3 in Danbury, Connecticut. Danbury is right on the New York Border. Located right down the street from the Danbury Fair Mall for all of you shop-aholics. Attached is a map.
  4. Here is a great resource. The AutoColorL...s the 1955 one.
  5. Actually I believe it probably has more to do with taxes. If there is no market for the property it is worth the cost to raze the building and pay tax on an open lot and try to build to suit. Empty or not you pay the same when you own a building. It adds up over the years. Truly a shame but time marches on.
  6. Awesome.. Great job.. This should be in the "Kill Story" section. PS Nice Car.
  7. So?? The BCA will now be taking applications for the position of "Club Curmudgeon" Please remit all applications to: PITA@BCA.COM
  8. I'd love to come up John. I met Paul a few times down at the Savin Rock cruise on Wednesday nights. He brings a different car every week. I'll see if I can get Carl to come with me.
  9. That is true. The cars were 60's models. But they were, as all new models, introduced in October of 59. hehehe..
  10. I believe and correct me if I am wrong but it was 1959 and the three shields represented the three new models Invicta, Lesabre and Electra.
  11. Hey John.. It was great to meet you and your sons. We all had an awesome time. The rain was just a bump in an otherwise smooth road. I posted so pics over at the BPG forum and will be posting a bunch more at BuickThunder come this weekend. Take Care:
  12. Carl Rychlik and I are leaving 7:00am Wednesday morning from Monroe, CT. We'll be traveling out of Connecticut on I-84 west to I-87 north to I-90 west. Should hit town between 2-3pm. Anyone along that route that wants to meet up can email me and gkitty@ntplx.net or Carl at carl_rychlik@sbcglobal.net
  13. No neon tubes present within my vicinity.
  14. We have one applicant. He looks promising.