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  1. if i rule out cars that had problems becaused i abused them or didnt know what i was doing when i worked on them i have two.a 1976 duster and a 84 monte carlo.the duster loved not starting from day one.no heat ,just one thing after another.the best was when it got to 10 below the horn would blow[at 3am ] the monte t tops leaked,transmission went,and the ignition lock would lock up.again one thing after another.and if i listed everything that happen to these cars my post would be 5 pages long.they were so bad that i wouldnt even use them as demolition derby cars.
  2. I see all the cars are being auctioned off from Dick Clarks 57 Heaven ,very sad to see such a kool collection scattered.
  3. the last time i was there was about 1990.do they still have The Indian Come Day any more?
  4. Indian Motocycle collection moving to Springfield Museums - MassLive.com
  5. ShopRat,sorry for your loss.sadly so many times those who drive like idiots take the inocent with them.
  6. does anyone here remember the car at the Indian Motocycle Museum in Springfield Mass. it was the only one built by Indian [1928].i know the museum closed a long time ago.anyone know what happened to the car?
  7. personally my years of driving in demolition derby has taught me a lot about what a seatbelt does to keep you from getting hurt. with that being said my 50 desoto doesnt have belts.i have big issue with the big washer school of seatbelt thinking. putting a bolt through a thin piece of floor doesnt seem very safe in the grand scheme of things.i look at cars from the 60s and it looks like the seatbelt mounting points are plated. so when i do put seatbelts in the desoto i will definitely talk to someone who can do that for me. i also agree about the if he hadnt been wearing a belt he would be alive today isnt true ..i have only seen that one time in my life.and that was such a freak thing that it couldnt happen again if you tried to repeat it 1000 times.i do believe that seatbelts save lives.but if you drive like an idiot and drive too fast you will die no matter how many safety devices your car has.
  8. a lot of my parts for my 50 desoto i got from catalogs i orderd from Andy Bernbaum.i got other stuff on ebay.i got nothing from swap meets.now i plan on going to meets again just because i miss looking at parts for real.
  9. New York DMV , I can tell you some stories about the fun i have had there. i found out the best thing is ask for a supervisor first and ask nicely how do i get this done. [dont ask me about the truck load of police bikes from Pa LOL] but nydmv will not help you track down any car.
  10. did they trade them in or did they get sold privately.if you have a name then you try the whitepages.com...or the social serurity death index.if they were traded in then the odds are the dealer has no records back that far.
  11. most states dmv will not give you any info.40 years is a good headstart for the cars to disappear.i always wonder where our family cars we had growing up are.
  12. mostly they see my big fat rottweiler and move along.shes a big loveable old dog.but until she knows you wont hurt the people that shovel cookies into her she is scary.
  13. on Comcast on Demand there is a channel called Something weird video .they have school scare films from the 50s.today i caught one called One Will Die narrated by Jimmy Stewart.looked like early 50s.
  14. cars i wish i could find are the maxwell that my grandparents owned ,the model a my mom learned to drive in [while my uncle was running next to it telling her what to do]that 59 chevy wagon.but i know that those cars dont exist anymore except in family stories.
  15. its hard to say how people will take it when you get in touch with them.myself i would be very happy if some of our family cars were found .that 57 chevy 4 door or the 59 chevy wagon. i would make copies of family picture and tell them a story or two .but some people dont have good memories of growing up so it opens stuff they dont want to remember.
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