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  1. Steve is correct. I am just so used to that being the rule that I didn't mention it but should have. I wanted to offer the option of leaving the number in the envelope and forgot to tell you to make sure your cellphone was on vibrate. Most Team Captains tell their judges that when they assemble to judge or at the breakfast table they remind them. How old is your son?
  2. In addition, you can leave your judging sheet in the envelope on the dash, or front seat, of your vehicle with a Post-it note attached to the judging sheet with your cellphone number if you have one. When the interior judge or the Team Captain takes the judging sheet out of the envelope they will find the number. That way you are even easier to reach if the Team Captain has a question. I wouldn't recommend putting your cellphone number out on the windshield card where anyone walking by can use it.
  3. Look at the angle from the rear driver's side window through the car, it has to be right hand drive. I believe that the car is in Australia and made for that country according to what I have found so far. The license plate looks like similar ones I have found. Still trying to nail down if it is a 9161 or a 1962 Falcon. Photos of the rears of vehicles are harder to find to match the tail lights and the small trunk emblem. I think it is a 1962 though. Still looking for confirmation.
  4. This was just sent to me by our AACA friend Rodger Woodrum that is also a judge and stays with us in our camper at AACA Meets.
  5. John, I am so very sorry about the loss of your niece and great-nephew. I have three nieces myself, the oldest has two kids, the middle one has one and the youngest has three. I can't even fathom the pain I would have to bear if this had happened to any of them. And I never dreamed that the man and girl would be found about 45 to 50 miles from where we just were visiting my step-son, his wife and their two kids, ages 14 (daughter) and 10 (son). We drove through Cascade on Sunday morning as we left to head to Yellowstone Park. I am sure that they have hiked in that very wilderness area.
  6. First question I would ask her is "Why don't you want to go?" If you have just asked her to go, she said no and you just walked away....you are missing the opportunity to find out why. Dave Mellor mentioned that the only women that show up at his club are usually new wives or new girlfriends, hopefully not both at the same time :eek:. My question is this. Do the wives/S.O.s/girlfriends feel welcome to go and be at the meetings? Are they considered members with voting rights? One of the long standing "local" clubs here is pretty much guys only. The women are welcome to come to the social gatherings because they do most of the cooking, set up the area and the clean up afterward. They are welcome to come help at their once a year car show because they work things like the registration table. The guys do have a once a year event where they do all that to thank the ladies in their lives for what they do the rest of the year. Many women, and I am one of them, will not be happy if their husbands join a club like that where they are not really welcome. Bill has never joined the club because he agrees that it isn't right. Does your vehicle have seatbelts so that she feels safe? I don't ride in any vehicle that doesn't have proper seat belts. If the vehicle doesn't have working A/C, and the weather is hot, humid and miserable, and she is anywhere near the age of menopause, ...dude you are out of luck. Based on what she tells you when you ask her to go along and she says why she doesn't want to, ask her where she would like to go and then take her there in the antique vehicle if she does feel safe in it. I love NASCAR. I love antique vehicles. I am a 102 credit (as of the Carlisle Meet) Senior Master Judge and a Certified Team Captain. I got involved because I got sick and tired of going along and spending all the time Bill was out judging alone in the camper waiting for him to come back. Only to hear his tales of meeting this person or that person. And that he got to judge again with someone he really liked. And how beautiful most of the vehicles are. I wanted to meet some nice people too. And trust me I have. And I wanted to see the beautiful vehicles too. Now I have the pleasure of judging them. Guys, ask your lady why she doesn't want to participate in antique vehicle activities and then see if you can remedy the situation. And some ladies just won't go no matter what. But at least ask.
  7. As someone that has taken allergy shots, one in each arm every week for twelve years, please make sure if you get the cars that you either get rid of anything that the mold cannot be removed 100% from. Or if you only "clean them up for sale" that you disclose that the vehicles had mold in/on them. Indoor and outdoor molds are the highest things on the list of what I took the shots for. MANY people are very allergic to mold, and if they have asthma also like I do, they will end up in the hospital and not know what happened if they aren't told from the get go that the vehicles were moldy.
  8. It's always appreciated by everyone, when someone brings a dog to any event, when they clean up after it and don't let it bark it's head off. Always be a good neighbor and citizen when you travel with a dog, or dogs. The campground where we used to stay for the races at Bristol, we hated the neighbors that were right beside of our RV. Their dog came out of their camper BARKING every time it came out, and I mean no matter what time of day or early morning. And another one NEVER walked their dog on their space, they always walked it on other people's spaces and they NEVER cleaned up as they were supposed to do according to the rules. (
  9. Pluggers Comic Strip, July 11, 2013 on GoComics.com
  10. WOW WHAT A RIDE!!!! Block has got skills for sure. Bill and I were out in San Francisco years ago and so I recognize most of the scenes. You know that DC shoes and gear and the other sponsors paid a backload of money to have all those roads and areas closed to shoot this video.
  11. Yes, Marty that was a lifetime ago. Things have changed a lot since then. I barely had the required 25 credits, if I remember correctly, to judge at a Grand National MEET. And when Benny Bootle told me to check the fit of hoods and trunks I did what I was told to do. Now we wouldn't dream of having a judge do that.
  12. When I judged at my first AGNM at Dayton, Ohio (a lifetime ago) the famed Benny Bootle was my Team Captain. And yes, he was wearing the equally famous (signed by someone famous on the inside of the bib part) bib overalls. I was the one judging exteriors. He told me to lower every hood and trunk down to check the fit. He said that by the time a vehicle reached Grand National level any issues with fit and finish should have been fixed.
  13. It is my understanding that most of the directors, VPs etc. do not come to the forums. However, some of us have been known, and I am one of them, to contact them and ask their opinion about something and they will answer and we can then put that answer here for them as a quote. But you can contact him yourself and get your specific question answered.
  14. Good job wj and congrats on the win. See you at Hershey.
  15. Sorry wj I just saw this. The touch-up work should be as neat as possible especially if the rest of the paint is nice even if it is an older restoration. But my honest guess is that if something at the factory chipped the paint on the engine they didn't worry about how "perfect" their touch-up work was. They grabbed the handiest brush and dobbed some paint over the chip to keep it from rusting and sent it down the line. I would honestly question an engine judge that came to me with a bunch of points off for paint chip repair in an engine compartment. I would go have a look-see for myself and make sure they weren't nit-picking.
  16. Pluggers Comic Strip, June 25, 2013 on GoComics.com
  17. And attached in a good workmanship fashion. "Less is more" being the way to go rather than a large gaudy display.
  18. Thank you Henry. She was a very good girl. (Passed away last year in August.)
  19. Your probably know this but those outfits are a spin-off of a poem about growing older and not caring what other's think.
  20. Henry, here is the contact information for the Sugar Loaf Mountain Region. You may want to contact them directly. Sugarloaf Mountain Region President - Daniel Lyons 9308 Judge Place Montgomery Village, MD 20886
  21. This is per the Meet Chairman, Jack Kirik. Hello Susan, The Round Table will be at the iwireless Center at 1:00 pm on Friday June 28. We missed that one in the brochure. Jack
  22. Steve beat me to it. But here is the reply from Jack. "Hello Susan, The Round Table will be at the iwireless Center at 1:00 pm on Friday June 28. We missed that one in the brochure. Jack"
  23. I just sent an e-mail to the Meet Chairman, Jack Kirik and asked him where the Round Table Discussion will be held. When I hear back from him I will post his answer. Round Table Discussion are open to all members. It is a place to ask questions, express concerns and offer solutions regarding AACA judging and other matters. Judging School is more for learning about judging and learning about how to be an AACA trained judge. Again, all members are welcome.
  24. Owners do not have to stay with their vehicles. It is nice if they do incase the Team Captain needs to ask a question. But do yourself and your vehicle/vehicles a favor. Before you leave make sure that the windshield card that has your information, your vehicles information and entry number is either under a windshield wiper or on your dashboard where it can be seen. Judges and Team Captains use that information to verify that the information on the judging sheet you have is for the vehicle your brought. Yes, I have found errors and forms that didn't match. That information is also used to identify your vehicle/vehicles on the main judging sheet that all the vehicles are listed on. Leave the judging sheet that comes with the windshield card either on the dash or on the driver's seat where the team can find it. We will not open your glove box or center console to find it. Also, make sure that you leave the fully charged fire extinguisher in a place where we can easily find it. Many owners opt to place it against the front of the driver side tire. Or in the floorboard of the passenger seat area. Vehicles that do not have a fully charged fire extinguisher with them are disqualified and not judged. You must also raise the hood/hoods and the trunk for the judges to judge those areas. If you walk away and you have left the hood/hoods down and/or the trunk lid down you will loose LOTS of points. And, please leave your windows rolled up. Leaving them down a little bit for heat to escape is fine. But the majority of the window should be visible to be judged. Windows that are down are deducted for as if they are missing, all three points per window will be deducted for windows that are left down. If your vehicle has unique features that have been questioned in the past please do stick around to answer any questions and show the Team Captain documentation for questioned items. The burden of proof is on the owner not on the judging team.
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