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  1. Bruce, I got my Junior at Hershey on October 8th, 2005. Will I be eligible for my Senior at the May 13, 2006 Tidewater Meet? I know for AGN you have to wait one year after your Senior, correct? Steven
  2. Thank you Bruce, that is great info. Just what I needed. How many cars does this Meet draw and is there a banquet like Hershey? Steven
  3. Can anyone give me a heads up on the Virginia Beach Meet. We want to prepare for our Senior now. Need to find out Host Hotel and other hotels in the area and about trailer parking or what hotels can handle trailers. Thanks, Steven V.
  4. Tommy, thanks for the backing. Please do not take this as a complaint but rather a statement. I fully understand that not every judge knows or is familliar with all cars but this issue with hood insulation has been around so long I assumed that it is a common thing. A friend of mine has 4 points deducted in Carlise because of no insulation which never came from GM to begin with and he was not asked ahead of time like AACA does. It semms that I have to explain this insulation issue at every judged show and thank goodness the AACA head judge asked before any deduction is taken. Some shows shoot first and ask questions later. Since I am bringing this up, should'nt this be addressed at Judging School? Heck, I have a lot more to complain about than a point or two on insulation and it has absolutely nothing to do with the JUDGING. Judging at Hershey last week, in my estimation, was difficult at best given the extreme weather conditions and I do not have one complaint. I almost did not take the car out of the trailer due to the extreme weather but to drive over 400 miles and not compete would have been foolish. As this was our first time there things did not go so well from an organizational standpoint. I will vent later in another forum about the HERCO people. No synergy between them and AACA folks. AACA says one thing and HERCO says somehting 180 dgrees differnt. A special thank you to all the judges who judged my car. Steven
  5. I have a 59 chev. convertible and I was suprised that one of the questions asked was why there was no hood insulation on my car. The 58-60 convertibles (model 1867) do not have insulation under the hood. This is stated in the assembly manual on the insulation page as "Except Model 1867". We did get our first junior and are very pleased, even though it rained hard and their job was even more difficult. Steven
  6. No point deduction now. Just got through changing the exhaust to stock from Schafer's. Went well with no major problems. Jeez, what was GM thinking when they designed thost exhaust hangers? See you in October. Steven
  7. Tommy, at least I now know that I am going it with what I think is a perfect car. Of course, my opinion only, which is not necessarilly that of the judges who will score my car. I have, at least, taken the possibility of a 5 point deduction out of the equation. I feel confortable with that and my decision to change the exhaust back to all stock. What the heck, you cannot take it with you. Thanks to all the individuals who responded the help was greatly appreciated and we will see you all in October. Steven
  8. Now that I decided to change the exhaust to stock, I will encourage all judges to bend down on one or two knees or lay on their backs if they want because this will make my car as correct as they come. (Just having some fun now! Writing the check was not fun as my cost was approx. $120.00 / Point) Glad Tommy talked me into changing this before the AACA meet in October. See ya all in October. Praying for an Indian Summer. Steven
  9. Tommy, you are correct I had Jens post my car pics on CT. I have the catalogs out and will order a complete stock system for my 59 tomorrow. Any ideas on who has the best systems that fit perfect. Thanks to all who responded to this post. No sense driving 9 hours to come away empty. Steven
  10. How many points will you loose for incorrect mufflers. Car is a 59 Chevy Convertible. Thanks, Steven
  11. 20' x 102" 2004 Texas Rollback Trailer with deck lights, drawers under deck, air dam, chrome wheels and spare with chrome wheels. Solid deck and color is black with red pinstriping. Weighs 1800 lbs and is all steel. The Texas Rollback is all mechanical with no hydraulics to go wrong. (See: www.Texasrollback.com ) Used 4 times in 2004. Located in Rehoboth, MA 45 miles South of Boston or 20 miles East of Providence, RI. A $5,300 value for $4,400. Call Steven at 508-962-3267 (cell). If no answer leave message and I will call you.
  12. Excellant set of 348 four barrel valve covers. No dents, scratches or dings. Show condition. $195 + shipping and insurance. Steven
  13. Does anyone have a difinitive answer as the color of the original spiral shocks for a 1959 convertible? Please do not answer unless you have a documented answer. I would hate to remove them, paint them and find out it was someone's personal opinion. Thanks, Steven
  14. How many points will I loose as it is impossible at this stage to remove the body again. Steven
  15. 59 chevrolet Impala Convertible Steven
  16. UBB7-ML-248594-ML- Steven...Welcome to the AACA Forum. Moved your thread to the "Tech Questions" area. Please take the time to scroll down on the Main Page. There is a General Motors section - Chevrolet. Suggestion: Leave your thread here and post an identical one in the G.M. area. Regards, Peter J.
  17. This is my first Post and I hope to have my car ready for next Octobers National and try to earn a 1st Junior National Award. When my car body was restored (I bought it that way) they painted the underbody same as the outside body color. It came from the factory with red oxide. My question, how many points, if any, will I loose?? Thanks, Steven
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