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  1. Paul and Jan, Yes, the car is still available. It is located in Kernersville, NC (between Winston-Salem and Greensboro). I posted the ad for my friend Joe (who is also an AACA member). Give Joe a call or text him at (336) 829-3777 and he can send you some more photos and answer any questions you may have. Thanks, Dave
  2. 1922 Centerdoor - Good Solid Car with Original Paint and Interior, Bud Vases, High Compression Head, Holly straight thru carb, Water Pump, Rocky Mountain Brakes, Ruckstell, Fatman Tilt Wheel, Starts easily on Mag, Runs Strong. $12,500. Call or Text Joe @ (336) 829-3777 in NC.
  3. Thanks for your time and effort Joe. I really appreciate your input. I thought metric hardware should be good for something! Wish it would work on this carb. Thanks Again, Dave T.
  4. Thanks for the tip. The car is an occasional driver and goes to some shows (only 60,000 miles since 1964) but isn't concours. I'll give Bruce a call and see what he has. It runs great and gets decent mileage for a 310hp engine as long as the 2nd two barrels of the carb don't open up so I don't want to use another carb body or top except for last resort. Thanks again. Dave T.
  5. UBB7-ML-248043-ML- Dave...Welcome to the AACA Forum. Moved your post to the "Tech Questions" area. Regards, Peter J. Heizmann
  6. Does anyone know of a good fix for repairing stripped threads on a carb fuel inlet? It's a 1964 Rochester 4-jet with fuel filter in the inlet. Thread size is 7/8-inch diameter with 20 threads per inch. I've tried the epoxy thread repair route and it doesn't hold. The wall thicknes around the top part of the inlet is slightly over 1/8-inch thick so there's not much to work with. If anyone has experienced this and found a workable solution I'd appreciate it. [color:\\"blue\\"]
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