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  1. List a email adress if you would like to see pics of the car. Thank you
  2. I dont have any pics as of right now but i can get some if you are seriously interested. I will try to get them up by friday.
  3. the hood is the only bad hail damage on the car. the trunk has some damage too but not as bad. the passenger side fender is not damaged. but the driver side is dented in the side fairly good. Im soon to put in a local paper so might not be available for too much longer.
  4. the hail damage isnt real bad but is noticable. The driver side fender is the only bad body damage. Still drives and runs great. Any suggestions on where else to advertive a car like this?
  5. no i cant do much with a rolex but i do really need to get rid of this car if you know anyone intersted let me know i am negotialbe with the price. good lookin car just a little fender damage. thanx for the offer
  6. 70,000 miles runs good ac works hard and soft tops no leaks black with tan leather no pics but could get some if any was interstered some hail damage and minor front driverside fender damage 2500 obo Make me an offer 214-240-5466 LIST UR EMAIL IF INTERSTED IN PICS Justhalbert@aol.com
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