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  1. Okay, Okay, I know that some of you are getting chest pains and are thinking only horses belong in a trailer but I have decided, at least for the long distance car shows, to trailer my fully restored 48' Lincoln Continental. I would appreciate any suggestions relative to size, make and cost especially used and perhaps one of you know or has one for sale close to the Northern Ohio (Cleveland) area. Okay let the bashing begin!!!
  2. Thank you...I appreciate the information.
  3. Anyone with a recommendation for a radio repair person??
  4. Thanks Rolf, we can always count on you for a response. This post so far has had 28 views but only one response. I don't know maybe those Zephyr boys leave the detailing to the women.
  5. Any of you folks interested in sharing some of your great detailing secrets. Example, best whitewall tire cleaner and method, best polish in terms of ease of application and shine, shortcuts (if any) in engine detailing etc. plus any other hints that makes your car stand out at the shows. Lets hear from you "hot shot" trophy hustlers. Equal Opportunity is extended to the "trailer queens."
  6. I am considering the purchase of a'48 Linc Continental. The V-12 had been completely rebuilt (I saw receipts) after the rebuild the car sat for 3 years due to serious health isues of owner.When I saw the vehicle it did immediately started but smoked.The agent for the estate claims that 3 professional mechanics looked at it and all agree that the rebuilt engine needs to be broken in and that after about 2ooo miles the smoking will stop bcause the rings need to seat.Ive worked very hard for the money to buy this car and would greatly appreciate and thoughts,opinons or advise that you folks can
  7. I am considering the purchase of a '48 Lincoln Continental with a V-12. The engine was completely rebuilt (seen invoices) however, due to serious health issues of owner was not ran after the rebuild and sat idle for 3 years. When I saw the vehicle it started immediately however it did smoke.The person representing the estate claims that the rings have not seated and that the engine needs to be broken in at which time based uporn their mechanics opinon the smoking will stop. I have worked very hard for the money to buy this car and want to make a good decision. I would greatly appreciate any
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