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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/the-1988–91-buick-reatta-is-an-underappreciated-classic/ar-BBYtkYN?ocid=spartanntp#image=BBYtjos|1
  2. My wife and I worked there during the pilot program and we do not know who's in the photo all we can say is that it might be people from the tech center in Warren Mi., that's where our bosses were from, although the guy standing next to the lady on the left looks familiar
  3. No I drilled the holes into the side panel since it wasn't a show car, worked GREAT
  4. I made these for my Reatta'a and never had a problem. They never got in the wife's way and for those smokers out there it doesn't block the ash tray 89-cup-holder.pdf 90-cup-holder.pdf
  5. The Reatta was the only body going thru the paint shop during the years I was there (1987 pilot program and 1988)
  6. When I moved 12 years ago I threw them away
  7. Does anyone know the part number for the oil pressure sensor for the 1990 Reatta?
  8. I agree, I own my Reatta for the pleasure of driving it and the "What kind of car is that" most people are surprised it's a Buick. When the Reatta first came out I said it would have done better if it was priced in the mid to upper teens. People talk about this car being "Hand built" ALL CARS are built by people, yeah I know there are many robots working on the line, the Reatta also had automatic welding machines/welding bucks, etc. and guys standing there with manual weld guns. I think the "Hand Built" comes from the car traveling by A.G.V. system they used to bring the car to a "work stati
  9. I worked on the pilot program and left around Aug. 1988 I pretty much made sure the workers were following the PAD documents, measured body gaps as the car went through the plant to locate problems and when needed designed kits for the tooling.
  10. Just had my Black 1990 Reatta with 63k miles and in VERY GOOD CONDITION appraised and it came in at $6250 I know they didn't make that many over the 4 years (I worked at the Reatta plant for 2 years) but I just don't think they are worth that much. They maybe some what rare, but not a lot of people care about that, unless you are a member on this site.
  11. Not sure what it cost to reproduce, but even with shipping, seems pricey @ $27.99 a letter but I guess if you need them you need them.
  12. This is how I remember the car being built MW 1989: Buick Reatta Craft Center - YouTube
  13. JWC

    Mecum aution

    Padgett we have a total of 8 cars (not all Reatta's) I have enough room to store them all inside and we are still thinking about adding on to our garage to fit more..........just in case, if you have room for a car lift you can store 2 cars in the same space, just put one up and the other under.
  14. JWC

    Mecum aution

    Padgett that is the car
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