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  1. Well folks, I just finished the conversion on my '89 TC. I ran all 4 brake lines because of the diagonal safety system of the 4 way proportioning valve. It all works just like a charm. $200.00 for all the parts and 15 hours of my labor :-)
  2. Was the proportioning valve made for 3 lines or did yo have to block one off? I am doing the same on my 1989 TC, but the prop. valve is from a 1989 Lebaron and has fittings for independent rear lines??? Thanks Tom
  3. Why do all the brake lines need to be replaced? Thanks Tom
  4. Which other cars did Chrysler use this system on?
  5. Looking for seats and door panels. Do you have them? Color, condition and prices please. Thank you Tom
  6. Anyone have a pair of tan leather seats for sale?
  7. Are the engine and transmission in the 1989 TC (4 cyl turbo automatic) the same as the Lebaron etc 4 cyl turbos? Thanks Tom
  8. Hello All, I just purchased a 1989 Chrysler TC and am looking forward to playing with it :-) I am familiar with cars and mechanics in general, as well as turbochargers, but not these models and not 4 cylinders. This should be a lot of fun. Of course I purchased this car for my wife to drive - YEAH RIGHT! One thing I am looking for right off the bat is a drivers side reverse lens - sooo if anyone has a spare.... Tom
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