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  1. Hello, I am looking to buy a 1958 Buick 2 or 4 Door Hardtop, any model. Looking for driver #3 quality, but will entertain some above and below. Please e-mail me with information, pictures, and phone number at: buickman67 at yahoo com Thank you, David
  2. Hello all, I have a 101k mile 2001 Regal GS and a 92k mile 2001 Ultra. The Regal was in storage for 1 1/2 years awaiting a trans rebuild which is now done. It doesn't seem like the supercharger is providing boost anymore. If I read the dash gauge, it will only go to about 0.5 lbs. at 5000 rpms. But mainly it always stays at 0.0 under most acceleration. I drove my wife's Ultra about 1 month ago and it seemed fine. Drove it today and now it feels like there is no boost at all. No dash gauge to read. Can anyone tell me in a nut shell how the SC works on these cars? Is there anything simple to check? Any common issues with these? Some kind of bad sensor that turns it off? Is there a electrical clutch switch that engages the pulley? Can something be unplugged? Blown fuse? Anything? Both cars run fine otherwise. Thanks, David
  3. I saw this on Craigslist in Chicago: 71-73 BUICK CENTURION Reply to: sale-911086114@craigslist.org [?] Date: 2008-11-08, 2:42PM CST I HAVE THE FRONT 3 GRILLS FOR $200/SET,REAR QUARTER GLASS $45.,TWO WIRE WHEEL HUB CAPS $35. 708/257-3058
  4. If I am not mistaken, the Buick Park Avenue that is to go on sale in China is a rebadged Holden Commadore made in Australia...which is the same car that is coming to the USA as the Pontiac G8.
  5. Hey Smartin, That is an incredible transformation on the exterior of your '66 Wildcat! Goes to show what knowledge, skill, determination, and time can do for you. By the way...I wonder what it will do in the 1/4 mile?
  6. Congratulations Adam! Is it a 401 or 425 engine? So...when do you take this one to the dragstrip? David
  7. Hey RegalWizard, Thanks for all the good information and details. I picked up a sweet '96 Lincoln Continental with 52,000 miles to replace my 132,000 '96 DeVille Concours that I will sell soon. I will have to check with that company to see if they have a 5 sequential light system as this year of Continental has a full width tail light reminiscent of a '60 Buick. If you have seen one of these, you will know what I mean, the trunk has 4 running lights per side and then there are the end signal/brake lights. David
  8. Hello Paul, That sure is a beautiful car. Thanks for volunteering. Unfortunately, it is well out of my price range. However, you can help me out. If I would be so lucky to find a '65 Riv GS 2x4bbl car, what should I look out for? What were some of the issues with your car. What can you teach me so I can have an easier go of it? Thanks, David
  9. Hey tim63riv, I did not notice that at first, but you are correct. It's at $35,000 now with 2 days left. I wonder where it will end up? David
  10. When I have run into starting issues after rain, snow, or very humid cold days in my Buick's, turns out I had either a hairline crack in my distributor cap (could not be seen until I applied pressure inside the cap outward) or I had faulty spark plug wires. Simple easy fixes to try first. David
  11. Hi all, I saw these two '65 Riv's from another post: web page Are these realistic prices? '65 Riv GS 80k $69,500 '65 Riv $32,500 '66 Riv GS $40,000 I know it says that they sold, however, we truely do not know for how much. David
  12. Hey Adam, That is one gorgeous interior! You can't beat black. Looks like all the dash chrome and wood is extremely nice. I can see why you had to have this one. David
  13. Please keep us updated. Also, can you post some interior pictures?
  14. That's very cool! What did the final cost come out. We have a '01 Regal GS that would be perfect.
  15. I didn't see how to retrive the option list, but she sounds like a beautiful car. Personally, I like the lines of most 2DHT's to the convertibles, especially in the late 50's to the early 70's.
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